Trump Card For Manhattan D.A.? Money Man Eyed In Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Trump Card For Manhattan D.A.? Money Man Eyed In Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


The pressure against citizen Trump is rising as his former lawyer Michael Cohen speaks with the New York’s D.A. office for the eighth time for their probe into the former president’s finances. Cohen has revealed investigators are asking about the Trump Organization's CFO Allen Weisselberg. At the same time, Weisselberg's former daughter-in-law is cooperating with investigators and speaking out on the probe in a new NBC News exclusive. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber and MSNBC analyst Joyce White Vance discuss the developments. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Trump Card For Manhattan D.A.? Money Man Eyed In Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. @Tranja Vanadbia If you are jealous of Ms.Vance you could better yourself by getting a law degree. Go back under your bridge, nasty troll.

    2. @Howard Moon Message to all: DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will naturally implode 🙂

  1. trump didn’t find loopholes.he broke the law and these are the loopholes that are now suspected crimes.

    1. The loophole for Ttump was not voluntarily disclosing his taxes when he became a candidate-unlike every other candidate since Watergate and then “ran the clock” until the Sureme Court -twice-ruled Trump had to turn over his taxes. Trump brought all of this on himself -and will be wearing an orange jumpsuit within the year

    2. @Ann Smith The IRS has had all of his tax returns. There is no crime. Just more fake news to keep you libs stirred up.

    3. @Rod Nice try.. The IRS has his taxes, true. However, they hadn’t investigated the legitimacy of his reporting. It’s called tax fraud – a felony.

    1. @donnie henderson Thought we were Socialists? , SMH, lol go study, if you’re going to try to do a battle of wits, you’re completely unarmed.

  2. Trump begged for this to happen when he forced himself on everyone else and opened himself up to public scrutiny.

    1. @True Thought The only thing Trumps gonna have in 2024 is a golden toilet paid for by We The People in a special suite at Rikers Island.

    2. @Absolute Longplay Arrest Pres. Biden for what? I guess I must have missed the News on him being Charged for anything? Please share whatever FACTS that You think You may have. Facts ONLY please!

  3. They have been working on nailing the slime ball for years before he ever decide to run for President. Trump is a lifelong fraud, it is not a recent development.

    1. Too damned many enablers crooked members of legal system WHO LOOKED THE OTHER WAY OR WERE PAID OFF!

    1. Anyone who asks if he can pardon himself and family, may be worried about crimes committed. As they all said, “the BEST is yet to happen”

    2. @wysetech2000 so SO hopeful
      Believing in Karma more and more everyday….AND in punishment for many crimes committed

    3. @Katherine Raven Biden has created more unemployment faster than any presiden in history, he bombed Syria and less than a month later a man from Syria killed 10 Americians in a mass shooting in Boulder COLORADO now Joe is talking about gun control,,, it looks like the guy who needs his guns controlled is Joe Biden. The human trafficking at the border has seen a massive increase since the election. Oh and incase you missed it Trump was not convicted on impeachment charges for the second time. How many more times will democrats insist on losing, I’m sure several more, I can’t wait for the mid term elections I bet we will hit 5$ gas first and the people will reward the democrats.

  4. It will take years for America to recover from the lies, deceptions, conspiracies, and crimes of this orange liar and his criminal family. But one day it will happen. And then the anger and rage of the American people turn to all the senators and house representatives who knew that Orange was a liar and a criminal, but deliberately concealed the truth from the people and collaborated with this criminal. That day will come one day.

    1. I hope you’re right …… but who’s behind him? Who has been aiding and abetting him? That’s what is also important to know. The public officials that looked the other way. The bankers who kept financing him? The money men who own, operate and control the banks, who are/were they? Where are they? There’s a whole ecosystem of corruption behind the guy at the top…. like the head of a carbuncle or boil, there’s a whole infrastructure of infection behind it, giving it life.

    2. in a perfect world with intelligent informed citizens and responsible media, in other words, aint gonna happen, everyone’s already forgotten, Bush the war criminal is forgotten, Reagan’s treason is forgotten etc…

  5. Captain Spanky had well over 4,000 lawsuits when he was elected by the Electoral College back in 2016, I’m sure it’s close to 5,000 now.

    1. @Hi Ho Silver Trump is being investigated in New York and Georgia. He is asking for donations. Most of his followers sold their houses to help him defray the cost of the lawsuits. He is waiting for your donations. Trump is thankful.

    2. @Hi Ho Silver If you had actually read the Mueller report you would have read that there were multiple contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign. Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer about removing sanctions in exchange for help in the election and Jr. saying “I love it if you could do it at the end if the summer”. Jr. had direct contact with WikiLeaks. Sessions and Kushner lied multiple times about contact with the Russian Ambassador on their security clearance. Kushner met with a sanctioned Russian banker and tried to set up secret back channel directly in the Russian Embassy. Manafort exchanged sensitive polling information on swing States in exchange for working off his $19 million debt. The campaign had over 140 contacts with Russians and were willing to accept help. That in interviewing them they were uncooperative, pleaded the Fifth, destroyed evidence and used encyrpted apps. That although further evidence could change the outcome…though highly unethical, it didn’t cross criminality.
      Last August, a Republican led bipartisan Senate Committee on Russian activity in the 2016 election concluded…
      “Trump and his associates participation in and enabling of Russian activity in the 2016 election posed the most grave counterintelligence threat to US national security in this modern era.”. This was signed off by Republicans. You can download this report.
      Two weeks ago, the National Security Department came out with a report that said Russia again interfered in the US election spreading disinformstion information to Russian assets Guiliani, Nunes, and Johnson. Again..the report is online.
      Trump was actually impeached “twice”.
      A sitting President cannot be indicted. In fact, the second part of the Mueller Report memorialized ten different obstruction of Justice for either the House to impeach or to be indicted at the end of his term.
      The reason NY was able to get a subpoena on his taxes are questions such as he bought property in Westchester for $7.5 million…a year or two later he applied for a loan with Deutsche and valued the property at $291 million…if that’s true, that’s bank fraud. He reimbursed Cohen for hush money payments…there could be a problem on how it was reported and remember…Cohen is it n jail right now for this and Trump was named co conspirator..but couldn’t be indicted then because he was President. Cohen told investigators that he also lied to insurance companies to get better deals…The good thing for Trump about this is that if he did everything right he had nothing to worry about…numbers don’t lie…follow the money…if numbers match up..there’s no problem. But one has to wonder why Trump was holding on to his taxes so tightly…now that Vance has the returns…he’s hired a racketeering lawyer. So we will just have to let it play out.

    3. The Mueller report is in S. District and is being used in the indictments. The new AG is investigating those who refused to answer to the subpoenas.
      It ain’t over till it’s over! – some baseball dude.

    1. I believe it was adderall that trump takes. Don Jr on the other hand….he has a bad case of cocaine nostril. In his interviews his right nostril (your left in the video) is always bright red. A tell tale sign of cocaine use. It’s always the same nostril in the interviews.

    2. @Judy Beckner trump sold all his properties and book all flights to Mars for his followers. As a result, all his followers are celebrating the best news.

  6. We need Joyce Vance back on the job in the DAs office down here in Alabama to expose and clean up the corruption that is still happening.

    1. But also just like dominos, sometimes justice doesn’t finish falling to the end. In other words, Trump’s not going to be held accountable, unfortunately…

    1. Try listening to the podcast MEA CULPA WITH MICHAEL COHEN. At least 55 episodes so far, and most are 1 hr., 20 minutes long. Many interviews with experts and insiders. Not for young or delicate ears.

  7. He could’ve stopped the “witch hunt” if he showed his taxes himself & provided evidence of innocence but that’s not what happened.

    1. I wouldn’t expect him to prove his innocence, but Trump should have cleared out a lot of minor cases while he was still in office and had some protection and leverage – now they are all hitting at once, literally from over a dozen different directions.

  8. This escalated once Trump’s niece provided the financial data for that big NYT article in 2019.

    1. Ms. Chandler, the documents published by the NYT did not come from Mary Trump. They were released some 12 months prior by Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt in secret. The documents were leaked from that point. Mary Trump would never have such recent, private documents.

    1. @Simon Cow Pres.Trump was a great President. You respect a weak senile coward that can’t muster up the courage to talk to Putin after mouthing off?You respect a goof that can’t remember the name of his Chief of Staff?You respect a Jerk that invite children to our country and they throws them in cages,probably to be sniffed later? LOL You respect a slug that makes you look dumber everyday?

  9. You know who else cried “witch hunt”? Pablo Escobar, and this was after he’d bombed busy shopping malls and assassinated judges.

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