Trump Cornered? Witness Told Prosecutors Trump Was Involved In Tax Scheme 1

Trump Cornered? Witness Told Prosecutors Trump Was Involved In Tax Scheme


While the legal filings in the criminal probe into the Trump Organization do not directly prove Trump’s knowledge of the alleged crimes, the former daughter-in-law of Trump’s money man is now doing just that. Jennifer Weisselberg told prosecutors Trump personally guaranteed the scheme to hide employee income through school costs and that she saw Trump do so in 2012, according to the Daily Beast. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by former federal prosecutor John Flannery to discuss this major revelation and why it’s not mentioned in the indictment. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Cody at least he didn’t go up the stairs with toilet paper stuck to his shoes. remember when donald did that captain selective memory.

    2. @Brady Stewart The world is laughing at all u commie supporters for believing all this crap they feed u

    3. Sad! No One is Buying Tickets to Donald Trump’s Pity Party “History Tour Trump’s upcoming “History Tour” with Bill O’Reilly is having a hard time selling tickets. It is all over for orange man but he still wants his cult members money … Lol

    4. No they are laughing at you for even listening to this garbage salad.
      Who tells you the have no evidence of anything, then attempts to Sell it to you anyway? MSNBC, that’s who.
      Don’t hold your Breath waiting for the Big reveal. You might turn Blue and Die.

  1. …and here’s this: when you sign your tax return you legally agree that everything in it is correct. This, regardless of who prepares it. So, no matter what he or they must have signed the returns! Just saying…

    1. @H K S as the i.r.s. has said on many occasions, being under audit does not preclude one from showing their taxes. But Trump brought this , Like everything else upon himself. When you brag to millions of people how you cheat, someone is going to listen

    2. @Fifer McGee Thats what happens when signing stuff before reading it. It wouldn’t be a first for trump.

  2. The guy bragged about how evading taxes made him “smart” live on national television. I mean, come on.

    1. @Erin What does enjoyment have to do with anything? There are plenty of responsibilities in life that I don’t enjoy, but they have to be done regardless of whether I find them fun. Maybe *you* enjoy giving away hard earned cash to pay rent or a mortgage so that you have somewhere to live, but I don’t. That doesn’t mean I can choose not to pay and expect to suffer no consequences. Seriously, grow up.

    2. @Michael Osterman Busch and mostly Obama corrupted the DOJ,FBI,NSA.IRS behond repair. Barr was corrupt. He should have appointed Micheal Savage

    3. Who in their right mind wants to subsidize career baby mommas, gender dysphoria in Pakistan, the rampant graft in state and local governments, bail outs for the 1%, healthcare for junkies (let alone state-sanctioned Opiate “procurement”) or the ETERNAL WAR MACHINE?

      I challenge you to list your full name in the reply.

  3. Anyone making a salary knows this is illegal. You don’t need an accounting degree to solve this case.

    1. @Dan Hardy Ohhh I see now. You’re a QAnon follower with all the conspiracy theories (which have been debunked time and time again). Bless your heart.

    2. @Oppressed Speaker of truth Sad to say but you are right. His lawyer did what he has told at Trump’s direction yet Cohen went to jail and Trump is not even charged. Why? Wealthy folk are not like us. They can and do get away with murder.

    3. @Joseline Tejada-Young you don’t make any sense to me, I am a true American, bible toting, gun carrying, patriot. That’s all , you my friend are homosexual loving, abortion supporting, climate is changing, open boarder ect, bottom line you are without any morals

    4. @Oppressed Speaker of truth This is the tip of the iceberg; he will be indicted but unlikely to serve time in jail

  4. I don’t believe anything goes on in that company that Trump does’nt know about, albeit in a round or about way

    1. @Benjamin Burris You mean the audit that is being led by a diehard Trump supporter? The audit where they are hiding who is funding the audit? The one by people who’ve never performed an audit and lack basic understanding of how elections are conducted? The audit that was going to be done in May yet is still ongoing due to their incompetence? Oh yeah, we’re all waiting with bated breath for the Trump supporters performing the audit to give us our take. There have already been 2 independent audits that found nothing and so far even the sham audit has only found under 200 irregularities and some of these were for Republicans either way far from enough to make Donald Trump’s case. Get your news from somewhere other than social media. Looking like a sheep believing these nonsensical fools.

    2. @Benjamin Burris the entire world says to you, no sir we’re not looking the other way!
      Part two of this story is going to be way better than part one!

    3. @wyskass they did the same with the weapons of mass destruction lie.
      They keep repeating it until stupid people believe that it’s true. .

    4. @kathleen gallagher because truth and established confirmed facts have no place in this bought and paid for brainwash.

    1. While President his life of deceit was given a pass only because he was President. He’s no longer President.

  5. “I know more about the tax code than maybe anybody in America”…yup, donnie, I agree. You KNEW you were breaking the law..intent=guilty.

  6. What’s sad is he’s done this for so long, and he got away with it, I want to know how he was allowed to do this….

    1. He just doesn’t care, because all he did was bragged about cheating the tax man, so of course he knew.

    1. Of course he does. He is a scrooge, he knows where every single penny is. He’s the type of cretin who would push the elderly woman out of the way so he could dive for a nickel on the sidewalk.

      You can’t convince me without it being written in stone that he actually “donated” his presidential salary to anywhere but his own Org. He’s already accepted his $65K pension.

      I’m guessing his phony inauguration in August wasn’t raking in the $$ on his grift so he started the bogus suits against the social media companies, for maximum fleecing of his cult.

      His worthless lawyers have to know it’s a completely frivolous lawsuit and the law is not on their side.

    2. @Michael B. keep watching. This is just the beginning. The inaugural investigations are still happening.

    3. @Michael B. No, you have your blinders on !? He ALSO said “not paying taxes, makes me smart”; same debate with Clinton. !? You can’t justify the “unjustified” …
      Trump never employed a tax specialist, why would he?, when he had Weisselberg !!??

  7. Here’s what Trump will say in the near future-“Al Wiseelman? I don’t know him. I think he brought coffee to a meeting once. I couldn’t pick him out in a small room with a few people.”

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