1. If you’re against Trump, you are for:
    More wars, higher taxes, illegal aliens over legal, Marxism, communism, NWO, infanticide, body mutilations (children too now), immorality, bigger gov’t, crime & chaos. …and more.

    1. Dude, I believe you at some point were sucked into the FoxNews wormhole and now see and understand everything to be in total opposite of how reality factually works for the rest of the worlds population.

    2. @Steven Jamison Notice not one of you can actually argue his point! LOL Everything travis wrote is correct! Name a candidate on the left who doesn’t support these things and we can have a debate.

    1. @shadow dragon I agree, but he was found guilty not long ago for mis-using funds from a vet charity to help fund his last presidential campaign.

  2. Lol! I can’t wait to see liberals heads explode when he gets re-elected in a landslide in 2020. Grab the popcorn and get ready for a laugh.

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