Trump Defends Russia, Ups His China Trade War… And Tweets About Bed Bugs | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

With a trade war with China souring markets and the fallout of his defense of Russia at the G7, Trump spent his day tweeting about all kinds of things including a denial there are bed bugs at his resort near Miami where he just suggested the 2020 G7 should be held.
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Trump Defends Russia, Ups His China Trade War… And Tweets About Bed Bugs | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Pardons. By the time those workers would be in court Don will be out of office. The Bizarro Channel. Paid for by America’s farmers.

    1. @sclogse1 – Hopefully, but due to a quirk of American law a president can pardon someone _before_ a conviction.
      “[the pardon] may be exercised at any time after [the act’s] commission, either before legal proceedings are taken or during their pendency or after conviction and judgment.”

      So, he could ask his lackeys to break the law and pardon them the day after they’ve complied.

  2. Those subordinates are gonna look great in their “I lied, cheated, and stole for Donald Trump and all I got was a prison sentence!” t-shirts! Trump just loves to get people to break the law for him, and sometimes, with him. What a disgrace.

    1. @Aj Meyers If he can suborn crimes with premature pardons, it’s time for the “Felonies for Trump” program. He can order bank robberies to solve his debt problems and murders to secure his reign for life.

  3. Trump’s been dangling the PROSPECTS of this great trade deal in front of the markets
    and the voters WITHOUT any substance.
    Is Trump simply trying to do DAMAGE CONTROL by tweeting up the markets?
    How much LONGER are the markets going to buy this?
    For now, they continue to trade on EVERY TWEET
    but at some points they have to REALISE that NO progress is being made.

  4. Are the trade talks already dead? China can fight a 30-year trade war with the US
    but the US like to win wars fast & easy.
    Another trillion added to the deficit with NOTHING to show for it!
    NO infrastructure, NO healthcare, NO middle class tax cut,
    NO new manufacturing jobs and now everything costs MORE!
    WHERE did all that money go?

  5. The US and the media claimed that many countries, specially CHINA, should have taken ADVANTAGE of the US?
    Really? CHEAP PRODUCTS from China made many US companies RICH.
    Unfortunately, they DIDN’T share much with their workers in China.
    Chinese workers get paid less than $2/hr, works 6 days a week,
    hundreds miles away from their families and lived in the dorm with 4-6 others.
    Oh and they only go home once a year while the Americans enjoy the CHEAP GOODS.
    The $450 billion goods from China are actually sold as much as 3-5X the import price.
    Many US companies OUTSOURCE their products to China.
    US companies made a huge profit WITHOUT investing on infrastructure, labor laws, pollution…
    Now, who’s the WINNER and who’s the LOSER here?

  6. China is INNOVATING faster than you imagine.
    China is turning from PRODUCTION into engineering, innovation and technology sectors.
    Many innovative Chinese companies don’t need to look for international markets

    because there is so MUCH ROOM to grow in China.
    China builds and installs more ROBOTS in their factories.
    DEMAND for robots is being driven by the consumer electronics and car manufacturing industries.

    1. Thats precisely the reason for the hamhanded actions against Huawei a few months ago: they shat bricks because they were afraid Huawei could get a lot of the 5g infrastructure contracts, one of the most lucrative markets worldwide of the next decade.

    1. Donald Trump is Israel’s puppet remember whatever Israel says Donald Trump does look what happened to Golan Heights he took that from Siri and gave it to Israel you tell me who’s working for who

    2. @Timmy Carl
      No body want a relationship with Communist Russia , that is except for the traitorous deplorables. traitorous

  7. By selecting Doral for the next G7, Trump has merely brought attention to one of his failing properties and highlighted its history of bedbugs. What an effing genius!

    1. @Tiffany Bonilla  Thanks. But there’s nothing about there being bedbugs there now, which is the current story.

    2. Well rule of thumb. If it had bed bugs chances are they are still lingering. I like how Trump is denying any of it at all.. it’s public record.. it did indeed happen!!!! #liarliarpantsonfire

    3. @Tiffany Bonilla  If Trump is denying the incident from 2017 then it’s yet another lie from him. But it doesn’t follow from a hotel having bedbugs in 2017 that ‘chances are they are still lingering’. Quite the opposite; having to pay a settlement more likely led to getting rid of the bugs.

  8. It’s sad that we have to fact check and debunk every single thing our POTUS says. I can’t wait until we have a President that isn’t a compulsive liar.

    1. Jeremy Backup – just assume everything he says is a lie- that’s much quicker and just as accurate as fact checking him. If by some weird fluke he says something truthful thank god for witnessing a miracle!

  9. Doral has a history of bedbugs and cockroaches. Good to hear they’ve got it under control. Check the Health Code violations. The rumours can be confirmed.

    1. Trumps not in the tent anyways. And when he still is he either doesn’t understand what the grown ups are talking about. Or he is throwing a hissy fit cause its not in line with the wishes of his handlers. He is trying to undermine international relationships and international interactions. Untill the USA sends someone sane they better not be there at all.

  10. Did I interpret that correctly – President of the USA has directed people to break the law and has offered them pardons? Outrageous.

  11. Surprised the President did not advise Brazil that the fires were caused by not raking up the underbrush.

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