Trump Defends Withholding Intel On Iran From Congressional Briefings | MSNBC

President Trump defended his administration's briefings on Iran to Congress and the decision to withhold some intelligence that led to the decision to strike Qassem Soleimani. Aired on 1/9/20.
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Trump Defends Withholding Intel On Iran From Congressional Briefings | MSNBC


    1. Trump won’t tell congress or the gang of eight he’s taking out a General, but he certainly makes sure he tells Lindsey Graham on the golf course. I see it now standing there addressing the ball with the club over his head,
      “Oh BTW Lindsey I’m starting WWIII” ………..SWING!!!!!

    1. Lee-Anne Xx right they way he was describing these soldiers and saying how 5 years ago they wouldn’t of been able to live is just sick

  1. This liar just can’t control himself.
    People have been injured and killed because of Trump, would he be ok with being killed over it, or is he just being hypocritical as usual?

    1. @Kevin stevens a liberal calling another person a tool. Didn’t know that was even possible coming from the group that is the King of the tools.

    2. @Kevin stevens also I love the “little Seany”… you sound very similar to someone I know you love o soooo much little Kev.

    3. Sean Kenny laughable little Seany. You started the whole thing. Look at your turd response to the other poster. Where is your argument with him? Yeah let’s talk about the economy. All I will get from you is how great Trumpy is and how it is the best ever. When little Seany that just isn’t true. Btw turd boy I am no liberal. I am an independent and former republican who has voted with both sides of the aisle in my lifetime. Funny how anyone you disagree with is liberal. That proves what a useless tool you are

    4. Sean Kenny well I cal you little Seany cause your responses are like the ones I get from my 5 YO grandson. LMAO

    1. So why did we leave Syria? I thought it was to bring troops home? Looks like that was a lie.

      Of course we all know he wants to keep his hotels in Turkey that’s why when Erdogan said he needed American troops out Trump listened. The only thing that matters to 45 is his money and his power. His kids come after that. Anything else means absolutely nothing including America.

    2. U gotta love all those calls from Congress men and women telling him how great he was. 😂 #45makesmesick

    1. John Webb , absolutely. Have you seen the look in our solders eyes when he uses them for photo ops. Unbelievable he was allowed to do this. What happened to owe Checks and balances?

  2. Actually we attacked first. Of course the pathological liar in chief can’t get the most basic facts straight

  3. There are monarchists in this government and they are using this steak salesman to increase the power of the executive to unconstitutional levels.

  4. I reiterate my comment from a couple of days ago “How does he have that intelligence, his administration is on record as not trusting his own Intel community!”

  5. Who called and said it was the best? How about you name them? Worst President ever, worst liar ever, and biggest national disgrace ever

  6. I literally can’t stand to see him or hear his voice. I just can’t. He’s such an embarrassment. I just want him gone!

    1. I realize because he’s the president they have to report on what he says, and he thrives on that, but I really wish they could show less of his b.s.. can’t stand that even the minute garbage from his mouth gets shown over and over.

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