Trump Denies Report He'd Pardon Aides Over Wall | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Denies Report He’d Pardon Aides Over Wall | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president is denying repoting from the Washington Post that he is so willing to build portions of the border wall before 2020 he will pardon staff for '…any potential wrongdoing should they have to break laws to get the barriers built quickly.'
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Trump Denies Report He'd Pardon Aides Over Wall | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Fat NumNuts Obama, wow, it really was great having an excellent President like Obama. Traitor Trump is beyond jealously obsessed with him, talks about him constantly – I bet he dreams about him too

    2. @Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! What did Obama do, I bet he did 1 major thing in 8 YEARS. All he did was putting us trillions of dollars in debt. People just like because “he was cool”. Thats not a good reason to like Obama.

  1. “Don’t meddle in our elections”, said Trump jokingly.
    “I won’t”, replied Putin to a joke with a joke.

    1. I’m wondering if we amputated his arms he’ll never lie again, because he couldn’t talk anymore, hence no more lies. I am sick of seeing those hands being waved in front of the cameras ( maybe I should stop looking at the screen when he is being interviewed) .

    2. It was ABOVE YOUR WORTHLESS HEAD.. But it was a dig at that Manchurian Candidate, Tranny Loving nasty assed President Obummer….. When he GHETTO TALKED to Putin and said “Cut it out!” You stupid lil fool!!!!

    3. @Rich Myers Desperately transparent and flimsy justification there, Rich Myers. A dig at Obama would at least require the same words that Obama used. Trump just repeated to Putin the words in the reporters question. Dummy.

  2. Many tRump supporters actually believe that the wall is currently under construction. This is not true. tRump lies to you by showing you photos of the REPAIR of the existing barrier.

    It will take YEARS before any real construction can EVEN START!!

    First, the govt, is going to have to purchase the land and that is going to involve a lot of court cases when people refuse to sell their land. That could take years.

    After the court cases are settled Environmental Impact Studies will have to be initiated and then completed. This can take anywhere between 6 months to a year.

    the govt. will have to put out petitions for bids because the Corps of Engineers can not actually do the work. This process can take between 3 to 6 months before a contractor is selected.

    Once the contractor is chosen he/she will have to start purchasing the materials needed. That will require many weeks to determine the best price.

    Once the supplier is identified, he will need to pre-fab the sections of the wall. This will take weeks to get the FIRST sections completed.

    The pre-fab sections will need to be delivered to the worksite.

    Then construction can begin but by then tRump will no longer be in office and the democrat president can shut it all down as a waste of money and resources.

    1. Also a road needs to be built to transport the supplies, machinery, such as clearing boulders and debris, smoothing the area, laying gravel and pavement to allow access of the workers who has to clear the area and lay the asphalt. All of this needs to be done, before the wall builders even begins.

    2. Just tell Trump supporters that the wall has been built. They’re so dumb, they’ll believe anything.

  3. Of course he denies it he cannot own one lie he tells. He is a compulsive liar and that is his only claim to fame.

  4. Pardons come with the territory when you’re working for a criminal organization like Trump’s administration. Going to prison becomes a real possibility.

    1. Like Obama’s more than 300 pardons and the commuted sentences of over 1,900 Federal criminal felons?

    2. @Dave Schultz No, wrong again Delusional Dave. They have a VOTE. And next November, the rest of the Republicon cult will be kicked to the curb just like last November. Remember the 40 seats that the Democrats won! That was a joke compared to what’s coming. And as you can see from the triggered puppet in the WH the wheels are already falling off the con man’s carnival.

  5. I would really LOVE to hear the joke in it’s original form. It must have been a real knee-slapper. Unfortunately, “I will pardon staff for any potential wrongdoing should they have to break laws to get the barriers built quickly” seems to have lost something in translation.

    1. Greg Hill …. I thought it was just me , seems like ” ol’Yeller’s ” joke went over my head , clearly it’s genius high brow humor …. too complex for me anyways !!!

    1. Trump thinks of himself as a celebrity. He’s doesn’t understand what a real President should be doing. He is willingly ignorant and is illiterate! His tweets have always been done by an aide which he use to admit and doesn’t any more. I know when Barron was living with him his Father would get him up extra early to help him with the tweets. I know this because of the fact that the tweets capitalize words that shouldn’t be capitalize. My students use to do it all the time between themselves. It was their own way of writing that the important words to them would get capitalized. There will come out a book one day that will tell about all the aides that have helped him. He’s like me and has a spelling deficit and I believe like me he’s dyslexic. That means that when he’s tired he flips the vowels in a word like, “heal.” When I’m tired my brain has a glitch in it which makes me write that word like this, “hael.” I’d get so frustrated! After my kids when to sleep was the only time I had to study and write my reports. But in the morning I’d look at my report and the words weren’t spelled correctly and I couldn’t figure out why. 🙁 While getting my second degree and in my last quarter of college I took a class where the Professor talked about what a spelling deficit was and what dy was. FINALLY! Finally I understood why it was so difficult for me to get it right. At last I knew what was wrong with me. And unlike Trump I’ve read thousands of books while growing up and after I got married. We didn’t have a TV so my family read books. Our daughter even ran a used book store at one time. We love to read. But Trump did the opposite. He refused to learn. Can you imagine? Tony Schwartz wrote the book, “The Art of the Deal.” For Trump because Trump couldn’t do it no matter what he says. And in the 18 months he was in Trump’s apartments and even in Marlago he said he never saw ONE BOOK in any of those places. Trump would rather watch TV for six to seven hours a day! That’s what he does when he finally shows up at 11 am in the morning. It takes him that long to get into the Oval Office. And then when he does he sits and watches TV for most of his shift!! Can you imagine abusing a job that way? You go to work when you want to and then instead of getting anything done you should deal with you just sit on a sofa or easy chair and watch TV for six or seven hours? If it would be MY employee he’d be fired in a second. We STILL don’t have American Ambassadors to many countries because the man is SO lazy that after two and a half years he’s just not done it. It’s an insult to the country who is our ally. Look it up. It’s 22 or 23 countries that still don’t have an American Ambassador. Empty American Agencies all over the world. All because this spoiled brat is now concentrating on getting elected again. And after all this time he STILL refuses to show us his tax returns and I know why. Before he was elected he use to brag that he hadn’t paid taxes for 18 years! Remember? Then on his first Veterans Day in office he was in Hanoi! The draft dodger who had lied to get out of serving his country was meeting Putin in a communist country. Putin hates America and has known Trump for 34 or 35 years. He was supposed to be there for a summit but once he talked to Putin privately he left. Putin wouldn’t let him attend the summit that was supposed to be the reason he went to the Viet Cong country. I’m sure Putin and laughed about blackmailing Trump to do that. I lived in South Vietnam in the late 50’s and 1965 and we all knew Russia gave the Viet Cong billions in their money. They trained the VC and gave them helicopters and all kinds of weapons. AK 47’s were frequently taken on dead Viet Cong’s. And Putin was and still is a communist. It was like he spit on America and all of the dead Americans who fought in that, “police action.” Congress hadn’t approved the war so Nixon, Kissinger and Ralph McNamara did it so their friends could make billions on building war machines and Jeeps and ammunition. Over 68,000 American died in that war. All for the worship of money. And Ralph apologized for years afterward. We weren’t allowed to win that war. And the poor Russian people suffered horribly for it. They were famous for only having cabbage soup to eat because there just wasn’t any food in Russia! The plan was to win the war and then get all the food from Vietnam. And all the rubber plantations and many more things. South Vietnam was called, “The food basket,” of Asia! And the Viet Cong wanted it too. And when Trump went there Putin must have told him to shut up about bragging about not having paid taxes for 18 years. And to pretend to read the document his aides wanted him to read. He talked about both on Air Force One while going to the Philippines. It’s like Putin’s his Dad. Not only us did Putin and Trump spit on but our allies who fought that war with us. I met some of them. Auzzies, Brits and American G.I.’s who my Mother invited to dinner. She worked at the American Embassy in Saigon. And South Korea as well fought in that war. An American President who betrayed us by stepping one foot on that soil when he should have stayed at home and celebrated that sacred day to show respect to our dead. 🙁 I loath him for doing that. And Putin told Xi and Kim what to do with Trump. He doesn’t love anyone but himself. He’s a sociopath. Not even his kids or his grandchildren!! And I can prove it. When Junior’s wife Laura had a baby Trump was furious. He was angry that he went to the hospital! He told people around him and his son that they’d had too many brats and he didn’t understand why they had any! Look it up. It’s true. Our kids are in their 40’s now and neither have married. I will never know what it’s like to be a Grandmother and it’s hurts a great deal. I want them to marry for love but they haven’t found anyone. To me having a grandchild would be SO wonderful I can’t tell you. And Trump calls them brats?? Can you imagine those children growing up and finding out their own Grandfather said that about them? And they will find out. I feel sorry for all of his kids. He didn’t deserve to have any of them. He loves humiliating people and he did it to Mike Cohen all the time. Makes him feel big somehow. He is a worthless person and a blackhole of humanity. Having psychopaths like Putin, and Kim as friends just makes me sick. And that monster who is the President of the Philippines? His goal is to slaughter (I’m quoting) 3,000,000 people!! He use to brag about murdering his first man when he was 16 years old! And he bragged about killing three men after that. And Trump in the Oval Office agreed with him. Trump wanted to murder all drug dealers and all drug takers! And Duterte has murdered over 24,000 people so far. And he and his Chief of Police have become filthy rich by taking the drug dealers money! And the vigilantes? One was sitting on a smaller motorcycle and got into an argument with a man and just drew his gun and shot him! Then he threw down a cardboard sign that said, “drug dealer,” on it! It’s here on YouTube. His wife holding her innocent husband in her arms and no one did anything to get that man and woman justice because the police are murderers along with the President! And when Trump was there (this in on YouTube to or it was) Duterte gave him a glass of wine and Trump drank it!! He says he doesn’t drink because his older brother died from being an alcoholic. And if you look at the pictures of him sitting next to Kim Jung un you’ll notice his eyes look like he’s stoned! Look at it. He’s either been drinking or he’s taken valium. He’s lives in luxury on our dime. Look up how much it costs to fly Air Force One and those helicopters and all the cars that are used to protect Trump. It will shock you. There is a video about that on here too. And he uses it to fly to visit his own personal golf course in Scotland and in Ireland. I think it’s Ireland. And we pay for him abusing the office he’s been entrusted with. Over and over. He’s now bragging about pardoning 15 people! One was a convicted criminal. Another bigot who’d already gone through the count system. But he’s given Trump a million for his campaign so Trump pardoned him. A criminal. He abused his office to do that. Pardons aren’t to be used that way to help old friends out. Every single day I wonder what new evil Trump will do because that’s what he is. Evil. The good book says that Satan is the Father of lies. Well Trump is a son of his. Two weeks ago they documents that while in office Trump has told 12,046 lies. And Trump doesn’t believe he lies! He just lives in his own fantasy land and is totally delusional. That’s why he refuses to see a psychiatrist. See the video of when Bill Gates met Trump for the first time. It will creep you out. He is literally crazy. 🙁 Songs

    2. @Dave Schultz He’s not. And will never be. Putin’s Puppet is an illegitimate low life con man installed by Russia and you deplorable are too stupid to realize it.

  6. How can his base continue to believe him when he says ‘we’re building it right now, a big beautiful wall’. When the fact is not one single foot of wall has been added since he’s been in office? Please tell me they’re not that stupid or that deluded. Just brainwashed and can’t snap out of it??

    1. Oh they are that stupid and deluded, brainwashed. When confronted they get nasty and start with the insults. Just like their leader.

    1. @Dave S It was quoted to me Trump is not a human, he doesn’t have a spirit of reasoning. People keep hoping that he would act like a human being, how can you act like a human when you have know human instinct?

    1. I was thinking a little more on this, which to be honest, isn’t really my strong suit. But, the people they’ll try to take land from are good ol fashioned, true blue, Lone Star, Republic of Texas, land owning cowboys. This is where it becomes a problem for the government, our second amendment keeps them honest(ish). They really shouldn’t try to take that land away. The government might just pull back a bloody stump.

    2. yes well lets make sure our native brothers use there second amendment maybe they can get there land back

    1. A puppet of the Putin Russian state. Fake president. Having a portrait in the White House of it is a subject for debate.
      Maybe, so future generations learn what happened. That is if he doesn’t blow us up first with one of his distractions

    2. Even that’s to good..his buddy Jeff got a out by doin himself in..
      This jerk deserves to be jailed amount the country worst convicts so he has to lie so that others give him scraps to eat.
      Or better yet put him in a cell with MS13 CONVICTS


    1. @DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS Says a CROOKED/SOROS bot… OMG.. You pathetic lil dwindling bunch of IDIOTS! GET READY TO LOSE BIGLY…. President Trump will WIN ALL THE STATES HE DID… Plus he will ADD.. NV,NH,MN,ME,CO,NM,VA FOR SURE… More than great chance win OR, WA, CT. & RI….. you foolish peasants are truly so stupid and dense it’s actually SAD!!!!

    2. @Rich Myers you’re time is up. No Republican will ever occupy the white house again. You will hang your heads in shame for your betrayal.

  8. Isn’t a joke supposed to be funny? If he is serious when he says something, he can’t come back and say oh I was just joking.

  9. As if any of us who lives in true reality – not trumpist delusional reality – would believe anything this buffon says

  10. Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disordered people have no sense of humor. He never jokes. Trump is deadly serious and we are in deadly danger.

    1. That’s why he loves Baby Huey Kim. Kim does to his enemies what Trump would love to do to his. Skulls on pikes lining 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? His wet dream.

    1. It’s not a joke.. he is testing the waters… just like Jesus did but walking is not his thing.. perhaps crossing the lake in a golfcart?
      Hopefully his lifeguards can walk on water to. If he is smart use Melanoma as a Floates.

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