Trump DHS Bought Luxury Furniture While Claiming Budget Shortage | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Trump DHS Bought Luxury Furniture While Claiming Budget Shortage | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


The Daily Beast has reported Homeland Security officials have spent $120M on luxury furniture, despite claiming resources have been too short to house immigrant families, forcing many migrants to sleep on the floor. Congressman Ruben Gallego argues the DHS is also ‘raiding’ other efforts, including ‘FEMA fund’ and ‘The Coast Guard.’
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Trump DHS Bought Luxury Furniture While Claiming Budget Shortage | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. @Angelo Arrifano You should still protest. All the countries of Europe have some group that deports immigrants but buys furniture for themselves.

    1. Zorak0515 EXACTLY…’s the NEW ” normal” now !! He and his administration do WHATEVER they WANT !! People just complain about his ROT and keep it MOVIN’ …. SAD but TRUE !!

  1. WHY would THIS surprise ANYONE ?!! His ROT and those around him are as CORRUPT as it gets !! It’s become the ” normal” now !!

    1. No one is surprised .. yet outrage is still appropriate ! And it needs to be called out . EVERY single time it is uncovered .. !

    1. That’s exactly what I was going to reply. Smh. This corrupt administration needs to be dropped kicked straight into prison.

    1. @SanJose
      If they Deport all the Latino’s who will do all the work that Americans refuse to do? And what the Latino marines who are away fighting for this country? Are they not worthy to be here?

    2. @SanJose yeah theyre taking away the jobs no americans want . Lets just see if farmers can get americans to pick their crops for 4 dollars an hour. Good luck with that.

    3. When tRump “pays back taxpayers” it’s gonna be his last time ever! F–k tRump. Organize and take those racist bigots down already!

  2. Too bad Americans don’t do anything about the terrorists that control the country.
    Neo Nazi America, and the whole world knows it.

    1. When thousands are dead because this goofball instigates another terrorist attack…guess you will sleep at night knowing you were PLANNING to vote NEXT YEAR using our Russian compromised election process. Great. This must be North Korea since you seem to think you have no power like one does in a DEMOCRACY to act NOW not next year when we are all dead because of sone trump goof.

      Unless you dont really think he is insane which is why you are comfortable doing nothing for 3 years? Ahhh

    2. @Debate Me! not an effective way to get someone over to your side, but you do you, internet YouTube warrior

    3. @manillascissor I’m not on a side. The only side is United States of America. All this identity politics and labels it’s nonsense

    1. I see your comment has changed the World. Now maybe go out into the real World and do something about it, as a collective.

    2. @Always Watching I’ve also see your comment. And possibly it would change the universe. Now go to another Galaxy and spread your wisdom.. (u see now how ridiculous and baseless your comment sounds?) Facepalm

  3. Herman Miller is the most expensive office furniture. I can’t even afford a Herman Miller office chair and I am middle class.

    1. Is the gilded name “Trump” branded into each piece of furniture too? These purchases are offensive to the point of being intolerable when there is no money to give migrant children sleeping in close quarters flu shots and basic toiletries to clean themselves. Let these self-important people buy their furniture at Costco or Staples, like the rest of us who actually have to pay for it. The Trump administration is truly corrupt and disgusting and has brought shame on Americans.

  4. Trump’s aim? To replace honest people in his administration with lapdogs and get as much cash out of the treasury by whatever means necessary.

  5. NEW RULE: NO new furniture for ANY of these Washington clowns…gotta bring your own, folks…like students at a dorm…oh, and bring a bag lunch from now on…

  6. The agencies and military should protest as much as possible because the republicans are out of control. We have to get rid of these guys

    1. @Septembers Whisper hey man youre stupid. What evidence fo you have thatvtrump is pro god. Progod people dont cheat on their wives make fun of hadicapped people or be racist. Pro life then why does he deregulate protcols put in pace to protect us from contaninants in the air and toxic waste in our waters. Pro jobs . Trump is only concerned with the wealthy and they benefitted more from the tax cuts than the poor or middle class. Pro military. Trump promised the military would get a 10 percent raise in pay which as usual was a lie. He got on stage in helsinki on the world stage and dissed our military and intelligence agencies andsided wit a murderous dictator then took money from the military budget to build a wall that he promised mexico would pay for. Sounds to me you have this clown confused with someone else.

    2. Those kids were already starving before the got here. That’s why their parents brought them. For us to pay for their meals and accommodation.

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