Trump Doesn’t Want To Be ‘Distracted’ By Pandemic Adviser Tells WAPO | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The Washington Post is out with a new report quoting a Trump adviser who says the president has turned his attention away from the coronavirus pandemic. Aired on 7/17/2020.
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Trump Doesn't Want To Be 'Distracted' By Pandemic Adviser Tells WAPO | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Scotch Morrison Well I certainly know more than you. For example, I don’t watch CNN. OK now list 5 good things he’s done.

    2. @Scotch Morrison I think you are deflecting just like Trump and it is rather you that is the puppet.
      Tell me one positive thing Trump has achieved (I can tell you dozens of negative ones). No person with a couple of working brain cells needs “CNN” or any other media to ralise what a charlatan this Trump is. Just listen to what he is telling you and do some basic fact checks and you will know.
      He is tweeting 24 hours a day, holding stupid rallies and plays golf. You tell me, where he would find the time to do any actual work.
      This man has, by his criminal negligence, contributed significantly to the exorbitant death toll in the US and is in fact guilty of involuntary manslaughter by very definition.
      You are obviously one of those zombies following blindly a cult that is destroying the nation.

  1. Not working on it anymore? When exactly did this ridiculous administration work on this pandemic to begin with?

    1. yup, it’s his biggest achievement ever! Winning WAY more than any other country! Gold medal for covid!

    1. @Darth Ellok
      So the next time you have surgery, you’re going to tell that surgeon not to waste his time putting on a mask, because it’s not gonna work? No PPE for you! You’re gonna take it like a man! Heck, you can’t see them thar germs anyways!

    2. Connie Plum ohh ok I didn’t realize that was the same thing as everyday ppl wearing them wow now I know. Stupid f***

    3. Connie Plum that’s cute. Makes sense that that’s you’re only defense against the argument. The left always has to resort to either insults or calling ppl racist when they don’t have any facts to back themselves

    4. PENCE, as head of the coronavirus task Force, needs to be called before Congress to respond to questions on why social distancing was implemented so slowly as well as reports of Russia hacking coronavirus research.

    1. ​@Crystal Giddens Bottom line….what a freaking MESS.
      Florida 4,804 dea (population 21 million)
      Australia 118 dead (population 25 million)

    2. @Crystal Giddens And…again….​
      Bottom line….what a freaking MESS.
      Florida 4,804 dea (population 21 million)
      Australia 118 dead (population 25 million)

    3. PENCE, as head of the coronavirus task Force, needs to be called before Congress to respond to questions on why social distancing was implemented so slowly as well as reports of Russia hacking coronavirus research.

    4. @Colleen B. Kelly, Author *Inflated Numbers: Dr. Birx Confirms Anyone Who Dies Chi-Com Virus, Regardless of Any Underlying Health Condition, is Being Counted as a Chi-Com Virus Death* However, there’s another secondary code, U07.2, “for clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where a laboratory confirmation is *inconclusive or not available,” the CDC guidelines read.* “The underlying cause depends upon *what and where conditions are reported* on the death certificate. However, *the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID- 19 being the underlying cause more often than not,”* the guidelines read. WITH
      Dr. Birx on Tuesday told a reporter during a Coronavirus task force briefing, *“We’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality.”*
      “Can you talk about your concerns about deaths being misreported by Coronavirus because of either testing or standards for how they are characterized?” the reporter asked Birx.
      “If someone dies COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” Birx said.
      – There is a big difference between dying *with* the virus and dying *from* the virus. 98% survive the virus , most with no symptoms yet every death of someone *”with”* the virus is counted as a death *”from”* the virus? Bogus death count 4 sure.

    5. @Colleen B. Kelly, Author *How did Australia lose its grip on covid-19 and can it get it back?* › article › 2249150-how-did-au…
      1 day ago – Australia was close to eliminating covid-19 but is now experiencing a large outbreak that spread from hotels, which are being used to .

  2. This is horrible. Absolutely horrible. The country is dying the person who’s supposed to be running it is asleep at the couch or playing golf.

    1. This sounds to me like a lot of propaganda. There are people who can pay attention to multiple things at a time. Bill Clinton was one of those people. Was everything falling down around him he was still able to concentrate on other things. Clearly Trump is one of these people also who understands that it’s necessary to put scientist in charge to fight the pandemic, ramp up industry to manufacture critical equipment, get briefing reports but he also make sure that we are educating our children and we are re-opening for business.
      National security is also an issue and it was good to know that he had ordered the electronica destruction of at least three Russian hacking operations.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Trump’s entire presidency is just undoing what president Obama did. He’s done nothing to fight the virus. He just thinks it’ll go away magically.

    3. Trash That’s not entirely accurate except perhaps the part about undoing a lot of what President Obama did. Very early on when the Chinese and the world health organization were lying to us it was clear that the USA and other countries were keeping an eye on what was going on in China. As soon as it became clear how easy the virus could be transmitted Trump took the first step of closing travel between China and the USA. For doing that she was called a racist and a xenophobe.
      New medical equipment was necessary, he ramped up American industry to produce medical equipment. We know the story about Ford in the ventilators. He also shut down a supercharged economy that in many ways was the envy of the world. I rather think that was a mistake but nevertheless he shut down the economy to lower the curve of the epidemic.
      He conducted daily briefings from the White House with doctors, scientists, researchers, statisticians and others to keep the public informed on the progress we were making. I was most impressed with some of the briefing is made by our black surgeon general. We now have over 400 medical treatments for this virus and we have tens of thousands of people who have recovered from it. It is very likely that a vaccine will soon be produced, several are being tested. One at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and another one at the University of Georgia.
      So we have seen a Herculean effort to combat this virus that was sent to us by our communist Chinese friends. It was interesting early on that Joe Biden was asked what he would have done. Joe listed a number of things which were exactly the same thing that Trump did with the exception of closing down travel to and from China.

    4. Remember when this child declared himself a “wartime president” to fight the war against the virus? Now, just a few months later, he doesn’t want to be bothered, while over 140k and counting Americans die. Some “wartime president”. If this child were president in 1941, we’d be speaking Japanese or German today.

  3. America is so dumb! How can we give one man so much power? How is he able to tell the director of the CDC that he can’t speak!? This is ridiculous!

    1. Its an utter failure of a country. Add to that 106.5 trillion debt, religion, 40% supporting trump and these MORONS who refuse to wear a mask….. idiocracy

    2. I agree how many things are we going to allow him to do? Why is it he goes on and on everyone knows he is an outlaw no American would be allowed to continue like this? It’s insane.

    3. Can’t Speak, gag Fauci, fired a top disease expert that wouldn’t push his chloroquine, now manipulating the case numbers.. He is testing Herd immunity on the USA

    1. @Pat B No one should Vote Trump or GOP except Billionaire Oligarcs who are greedy & hate Democracy .
      Illinformed People are easy marks for Con Men , that’s why Trump idiots also love Alex Jones ! 😂😂😂

    2. @Matt Plutocracy GOP 🚽 Party of Spooky 💀😱👿 factless garbage will never again get my vote.
      I still believe in Government & Democracy !
      I’m an idealist & studied Economics at Rutgers.

    3. @Matt Yeah ok !
      Professor Hanity has taught you well .
      Billionaires oligarcs need you Subservience SLAVE 😜.
      Do as your told !

    4. @Matt BTW Communism is something you should study , before you just throw the word out without any knowledge of it’s meaning.
      Marxist is the same .
      Join REALITY 😥 it’s waiting for you !

    5. PENCE, as head of the coronavirus task Force, needs to be called before Congress to respond to questions on why social distancing was implemented so slowly as well as reports of Russia hacking coronavirus research.

    1. @Connie Plum Snortin whiskey and drinkin cocaine,why? You are either high or fitshaced on alcohol.You must be jelly.Are you jelly? Yeah, you’re definitely jelly.Stay in the house and do as you are told.I have some livin to do.Without a mask.

    2. All you Democrackheads are sad.You live off of gloom doom negativity dispare and hate.Hate is not healthy.Hate rules your days.Yeah, I couldn’t live like that.

    3. PENCE, as head of the coronavirus task Force, needs to be called before Congress to respond to questions on why social distancing was implemented so slowly as well as reports of Russia hacking coronavirus research.

    4. @Tristen Cochran
      Who runs this country?
      The president or the secret service?
      If t’arump had balls then he can tell them no. If he can’t tell them no then he doesn’t really run this country, does he?

  4. Instead of the very old quote: “Let them eat cake!!” – our “leader” prefers: “Let them eat Covid!!!”
    ~Evil is as evil does.

  5. How many more needless deaths will it take before Trump is dragged out of WH?

    How many more????

  6. I see it this way, if the house can’t hear what the CDC has to say, then no school should open, plain and simple

    1. Very much so. And the federal Government should be working together to create a guideline. Kids and seniors should be no brainer areas where politicians can actually leave partisanship out of it. There’s no way that the federal government should be do hands off, telling governor’s and mayors to figure it out, yet threatening to take funding.

    2. Amen to that! I hope parents are looking at what’s ahead for our children. If they go ahead and send them in “its like trying to get rid of them ” Thats how I see it. That is similar to trumps idea of getting rid of people. I know it sounds eerie but think about it. For about 3 or 4 months parents working together with teachers, FINISHED classes on line. Whats wrong with this s idea continuing?Let trump figure his own dilema out,he’s not going to resign,he’s hanging on till the bitter end, who knows what else hes got in mind.

    3. 31% of 54,000 kids tested in FL tested positive. Parents around the world could have predicted that, knowing that schools and young children are petri dishes for whatever is going around. My prediction: if the schools open, the parents will keep their kids at home and the teachers won’t turn up for work.

    4. As a parent, I will not send my kid back to school until there is a vaccine and it’s safe. THE MORON CAN ORDER SCHOOLS TO OPEN BUT PARENTS WILL DECIDE.

    5. No offense but why isn’t there a plan? They knew at some point schools needed to be reopened. They knew teachers & parents were going to need answers. They knew they would need a protocol. Schools were closed, it was an opportunity to clean, organize & prepare. We are 4 mos deep & NOW we are talking about safety & plans? Idk I’m not in the teaching community but I do have some wee ones in my extended family. Most teachers love their jobs & students & aren’t in it for the money ( that’s a different fight lol). Geez they hammered earthquake drills in my day & yet we have scared parents & teachers out there with no direction. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. On November 3rd, regardless of the outcome, we still have at least 2.5 months of this. Can you believe that? If he is doing nothing now (except maybe plundering the relief packages) then imagine how much less he will be doing then?

    2. All trump is doing is funneling anything and everything he can into numbered accounts so he can afford to pay for the lawyers he’s gonna need when he’s being prosecuted for all the crimes he’s committed while in office

    1. @Craig Mosdell
      That could only have happened if the Republican Senate had grown a set and voted to impeach him. You can blame them!

    2. Yes he should have been, but had that happened, he’d be martyred and then there’s the question of just what a president pence would have done instead. I’m happy for November 3rd to go solid blue and send him into oblivion come January 20th.

    3. He should’ve never been elected in the first place. Those of you who voted for him, are you tired of winning yet?

    1. I don’t Believe the WH Controls the CDC Information , That’s Why Trump Asked the Hospitals to bypass the CDC and Send the data to Them at the WH

  7. While we get sick and die, our glorious leader can’t be bothered with it….how can anyone support this jerk?

    1. I wonder if his glorious news supporters are telling his kool-aid drinking followers that he is bored


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