Trump Drops In Polls As Protests Hit 14th Day After George Floyd’s Death | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. you can always tell when he has learned a new word..he uses it all the time….endlessly…until you are ready to puke when he says it

    1. @Vincent Graham fun fact vincent over the last 53 years there have been 28 republican administrations and 25 democrat administrations there have been 3 democrats indicted for corruption i was convicted and served a prison sentence there have been 120 republicans indicted for corruption 89 were convicted and 34 served prison sentences you were saying moron

    1. Let blVk communities police their own areas ND pay for it. Then they LL get the clue that criminals prey on their own people as well as other races. Get real folks.

    1. Said Saeed ya and it’s all on the Dems side!!! Russia and then the very wrong impeachment!!!!

    2. @Jeff Bradley In fact,both sides are same:
      In US, it is corrupt politicians and billionaires (with the support of greedy media) who ELECT their favourite 2 candidates and impose them on people to SELECT one. What else can be done? Americans then try to SELECT the less bad candidate, according to what they SEE and HEAR!

    3. @Said Saeed don’t speak to him as if he cares about the truth. Anyone who thinks only one “side” is responsible for everything does not care about facts.

      And this is the problem with this country, everything is turned into a left and right issue.

  1. they need to require body cams that cannot shut off video or sound from start to end of shift, and data sent to state database.

  2. Watching this , every day has become like having your daily dose of a mad circus, we are sick and tired, he has become obsolete to so many of us, we are just counting the days for him to be out of there and be put to rest, in a nut house, a golf course or retirement home somewhere.j

    1. Akey Ob Yeah because you can’t control this pandemic IT SPREADS IF YOU DONT HAVE A VACCINE let me guess well you are the type to say well it’s trumps fault hey guess what it’s not your welcome.

    2. @alex Bissing the world health organization and the cdc confirmed quarantine and masks are a total lie. The cdc and world health organization released the statement, “asymptomatic transmission is very unlikely.” last week. We have been wearing masks and quarantined for months for no reason at all. The entire mask and quarantine were because transmission and contagion were unbelievable.

    3. bad bad mc bad Yeah we know that masks don’t do anything and they still complain about it with Trump for some reason hmmm?

  3. I love how barr acts like he’s actually concerned about poor communities.miss me with that bullshitb

    1. Barrs only there because hes perfect for Trumps campaign he’ll say whatever Trump wants to hear to save his own bacon.

  4. To the 52 senators who ran away and left us to this nightmare . We will remember in November ! usa usa usa

    1. All enablers of this low life gtifter wi be out of a job in November but a ND the he s d yurd will b we home because we he s a piece of c r a p who has fisgrac e d our country.

    2. @Alic4444 Vote young? You mean vote delusional, racist, anti-white SJWs who are pro-open borders, pro communist/socialist who want to destroy the USA?

    1. drew pedersen You go ahead and call him with your little names but he has no choice if he is in danger the secret service moves him but you don’t like the truth sooo.

  5. Part of it is them using their job, but most of them abuse that power and go overboard. Derek Chauvin is a crazy man and went way to overboard

    1. Way too “overboard”? He murdered a man! That’s not getting carried away, that is murder.
      And we all watched it.

    2. Lorrie I was saying that relative to him because he has many complaints and extreme complaints besides the murderof George Floyd filed against him

  6. I can´t understand why he is not embarassed himself when he hears how he is talking! Poor guy. He is sick and he does not realize it.

    1. Von – poor guy? Are you for real? He is wickedness and every evil imaginable and full of hatred for humankind.

    2. Embarrassed? No. He believes that most of his supporters (the people he presides over as president), are racist individuals who are fighting a sort of culture war….and he is their savior. He knows he has them gaslit. The 1st rule of any dictator is to get the people to believe that all media is fake except the one he sponsors- state-run media / Fox News, same thing. With Trump it’s all about appearances and the “reality” that you can get the people to believe. In his book “Art of The Deal” (as well as in Ivanka’s book) he states “perception is more important than reality”. It is what he lives by and why he is so good at marketing. But like marketing, he is all exaggeration and lies

      Things that embarrass him are things that show him to be weak, like hiding in a bunker or saying things that go against the alt-right talking points, like when he said “take guns first, worry about due process second”. LMFAO OOPS…his DICKtator was showing but THIS time his supporters noticed, so he back stepped. LOL to think how worried they were that Democrats were going to take their guns away. They have no idea how dangerous this man will be in his second term when he no longer will need their votes. God help us all.

      Vote in November like our lives and country depend on it, because it does.

    3. We know your Biden needs help no need to make yourself so known about it don’t worry 😉

    4. @alex Bissing The only person, besides Trump, that needs help is you…and your grammar 😉

      Biden’s looking pretty good in the polls. You should know his doing good whenever your Dear Leader is silent about poll numbers and whenever asked, he responds to them with “Fake News!”

    5. susan ivy Well it’s true look what happened in 2016 the polls said the exact same thing and they said “Hillary has a 98% chance of winning”. That’s why you wait and see what happens not trust the polls.

  7. *”This country was built on gangs.*
    *This country is still running on gangs.* *Republicans, Democrats, the police department, the f.b.i, the c.i.a.*

    1. @Adi-LMNOP If we got you a full refund for your little red hat, would you stop being awful?
      You should get down on your knees & beg Jesus to forgive you for falling for that false, orange profit.

    1. Says the rich white male.
      Of course, that’s HIS experience with the police, NOT OURS!!!

  8. I just can’t bear to watch or even listen to this clown, he makes me physically sick. VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    1. @James Williams Dems are happy somebody died? Do you realizes just how ignorant that sounds?

    2. Steven Cooper he makes millions of people sick. It means you Trump have turned some of the police into the violent police you told them they could be. We’re in a recession Trump, your recession. It wii always be remembered as your recession for another Democrat to have to fix. Just like Obama had to fix a Republicans

    3. Samantha McLeod you are happy that a man who has a loving family is dead. What kind of woman are you?

    4. Melanie, I think Samantha was agreeing with the original comment about Trump making her feel sick, too. She wasn’t being disrespectful to George Floyd, his family or his memory.
      You keep safe Melanie, along with every single person commenting on this video, as we’ve still got the Covid-19 virus trying to pick us all off….
      I’ve lost a very close friend to the virus, and we live in a small country village in England, so please, let’s try to stop the fighting, and start changing the the world, so it’s a safer place for our children and grandchildren to grow up in….
      Take care everyone here🙏

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