Trump ‘Engaged In Incitement To Domestic Terrorism’ With Comments About MI Governor | MSNBC

Trump ‘Engaged In Incitement To Domestic Terrorism’ With Comments About MI Governor | MSNBC 1


MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann expresses disgust over Trump’s aggressive rhetoric at his rally in Michigan this weekend towards the state’s Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer. Aired on 10/19/2020.
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Trump ‘Engaged In Incitement To Domestic Terrorism’ With Comments About MI Governor | MSNBC

81 Comments on "Trump ‘Engaged In Incitement To Domestic Terrorism’ With Comments About MI Governor | MSNBC"

  1. A psychopath willing to let his most adamant followers die for a rally; will have no qualms letting random strangers die for lack of healthcare

  2. Kristi Stevens | October 19, 2020 at 7:24 PM | Reply

    So when does he become considered a threat. How much more does he get to do?

    • I believe there could be civil war before the 2020 Election especially if Russia does come into the USA through the back door by the King & his Court – there will first be a complete & total power blackout of the USA including all communication (internet, radio, TV, hacking of many online bank accounts, etc.) through connections with this corrupt Republican Party & take it from there with COVID-19 running wild just what will happen to the USA after that just before the 2020 Election.This is the best time for all this to happen & not after the King gets reelected by say a fixed illegal Post Office sorting mail machine, illegal voting of red States being registered by a voter many times & voting many times by a single voter, Supreme Court, etc. because there is more of a chance the King & the Family will be bumped off by others like VP Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, etc. from their own Republican party doing the deed for extreme power & wealth also like the King they worship for (they all should have jumped ship already from this corrupt Republican Party). I believe he needs Russia more than ever right now. Most of the extreme Debt by the King & his family were transferred to Russia probably through the Deutsche Bank to pay for wealthy housing in New York, Florida, etc. (so its now Russia who owe’s a huge amount of money to the USA & the State of New York, etc. but was never paid to the IRS, etc. I believe). It will be the women that the King fooled around with which will destroy him eternally together with all those religious fanatics & their so called “Christian” values through his Taxes. That huge Moscow Trump Tower could also be used for ICBM rockets with rocket launching pads & rocket launchers – ICBM rockets on their way to Chicago & Detroit, etc. The Mueller report never did any counterintelligence report or even financial report on Russia & the King even with other Family members, all were off limits ordered by the King I believe. All the convictions they did get were merely pawns. The AG & the King had a field day with that report to the American public. I believe the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Charles Rettig (appointment by the King) will be in deep deep trouble with also the entire IRS once all the Tax records come out (this was merely the first report by NYT, in the future also maybe big connections through contractors from other countries like maybe Israel used by the King for his buildings). Then it will be time to get all his Tax records that go way back to the wealthy Father from New York. Just even more reasons I believe Russia (big financial friend of the King, etc.) will come in & stop that 2020 Election in November & promote the King from President to Dictator (a dream come true for most people) so he will never leave office for a long time with huge power & wealth which he needs lightning fast now because of huge massive Debt but will be payed now to Russia through big private Tax Payer Money coming from the 30 billionaires & other rich Republicans who Did support him. You can be quite sure they all will be stopped from leaving the USA. And If Russia does not come to the rescue – the King blew it big time with the children & there will be contracts on all of them.

    • @Karen Byrd I shudder to think

    • Glenn kirschner
      Watch “Trump’s Last Ditch Effort to Hide Tax Returns from DA Vance. Seeks Second Supreme Court Review.” on YouTube

    • What exactly has he done? There is no evidence of anything illegal. But Biden can use his son to blackmail a Ukrainian leader and you don’t seem to care? There have been 3 years of false allegations against him to get him impeached and he’s still president because there is no evidence to support impeachment. The right just wants the left to have discussions so we can explain what’s going on and the left seems to want to incite violence, call for murder, riots and civil war. Yet the right get called evil?

    • It’s truly ahocking….trump is the leader of a domestic terror group

  3. If and when Democrats take control and arrest President Trump for any or many of his crimes against humanity,
    I hope they have the desire and imagination to stand up in the House and Senate and chant “Lock him up”.
    Not only would that be very satisfying for viewers who had to put up with Trump and his ugly rally chants,
    it would redefine the attitude of those words and partially de-fragment their power in his supporters’ brains.

    • @SPZ Aruba I’s pretty easy for “nothing to come of it” when you install a mob structured administration – Bill BArr will spend his life in jail or absentia

    • @Karasene 13 NO – Justice calls

    • @Big Billy Wallace 1237 sorry sunshine. The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but donald reckoning is a coming. Such treason can never be forgiven or forgotten.

    • @AlexYounger Backing up in your well stated indictment, Trump committed OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE innocent men don’t do that. It “proves” the crime before any evidence is needed, and there is
      plenty of it.
      Yes, he has acted as an oligarch and authoritarian – BUT – your initial points are the most salient. It’s not a matter of not prosecuting fascists who would use that as an ‘excuse’ to not leave office, it’s a matter of law. The OBSTRUCTION of the Mueller probe IS THE POINT
      Guilty – even without the evidence, the charging memo, or the federalist society-packed courts, or Vilhelm Varr.
      We are in an existential crisis and WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS
      Vote him out and see how many half-brainwashed folks stick with him – 18%
      See how they enjoy their “time in the barrel”

    • Glenn kirschner
      Watch “Trump’s Last Ditch Effort to Hide Tax Returns from DA Vance. Seeks Second Supreme Court Review.” on YouTube

  4. Trump is naturally attracted to evil, and evil is naturally attracted to him.
    Trump has proven himself to be an injurious and malevolent affliction on this nation and on everyone around him. He is a cloven hoofed agent of chaos and malice, leaving a trail of destruction wherever he goes.

    • Deborah Marchant | October 19, 2020 at 8:15 PM | Reply

      @Sam Harris

      Go deeper and see how focusing on blaming is beside the point. Death anxiety is influencing we humans, subconsciously, consciously, constructive and destructively, and explains the seemingly endless defensive comments here and elsewhere online.

    • Michel Di Sclafani | October 19, 2020 at 8:15 PM | Reply

      The battle of this election is fought by Trump like the one in 2016. You expect a boxer kmown to be writehanded to fight mainly with his write hand. Trump makes his attack apparently like he should, his people do the attack with left until comes the conclusive moment in which he will atrack to everubody surprise with the left hand, like is doing with his false pretense tbat conora virus can be cufed in 24 hrs. He was never really sick of tbe virus, may be he had a cold. But the comedy was perfect, even if the people around kim became really sick. He must have had some medicinal from his friend Putin no to catch the virus, and make his blind follovers that he is superman. What a tragic comedu.!

    • @D MP if he stays in office America will suffer through acts of God. I don’t know don’t know why people can’t see he is a plague on this country. Nothing good has come of him being in office.

    • @Sam Harris remember when trump got in trouble for refusing to rent to blacks or called for exonerated men to remain in jail
      Remember when he praised china for transparency and response to corona

    • Perfect

  5. trump whines that Obama was “grossly incompetent”! This from a man who left the nation totally vulnerable and in a place of “catch up” instead of “prevention” to the pandemic crisis. This from the a who recklessly and deliberately dismantled all the important measures the previous administration had taken to protect the nation from the 2014 Ebola infection crisis and guard against other possible infection situations in the future. And this from a man who who now is actually blocking the capacity for national action to contain the current mess! Talk about gross incompetence!
    The nation is living through a failure of presidential leadership so epic, so sweeping that recovery will be a formidable task. Every facet of the trump legacy is so toxic that it must be expunged and destroyed completely.

    • Insignificant360 | October 19, 2020 at 9:23 PM | Reply

      Spanky has to project his own faults and weaknesses onto others. It’s his coping mechanism.

    • Ohhh… you mean the Socialism 19 virus created by Socialists in Socialist China that Socialists are 100% responsible for? Not that it matters overmuch since Socialists can’t even tie their shoes correctly. They created a pandemic virus that is only 0.06% lethal and has HALF the numbers of deaths that the Democrats are reporting according to the CDC. You are more likely to get into a car accident than you are to die from Socialism 19. That’s not a joke. It’s a fact. There are 100,000 legitimate Socialism 19 deaths according to the CDC and THREE MILLION traffic accidents every year. Cancer and heart disease aren’t even contagious and they are both FIVE TIMES as deadly.

    • @Nonya Bidness if it was half that number, trump would be shouting it.

    • @Nonya Bidness We all gotta die of something, don’t we.
      Protect yourself is not a socialist concept is a basic human reaction. At least for people with a normal brain.
      That leaves Trump and the GOP out of the loop.

    • Unfortunately it will take America 100 years before it can get back on its feet, be known as a competent leading country and expunge what orange faced umpa lumpa trump and his administration has done to America and the world

  6. This Russian agent is destroying the United States of America ordered by his master Putin

  7. I wonder if Gov Whitmer has grounds to sue private citizen Trump next year for inciting violence against her.

    • @Len Ovo umm. Pretty sure she does.

    • @Peter T well he can be impeached. .. for abuse of power ( again)… and bring criminal charges .. post election. .. who cares if it doesn’t stick.

    • @Paul Schramm Unless the senate majority switches, I hope it does, impeaching Trump for a second time is worthless. The GOP senate would only have another farce and say, “Donny knows he’s been a bad boy and has learned his lesson.”

      The ONLY way to fix this is for everyone to VOTE.
      I hope in that case Democrats would then hold all three branches of government and then they could actually hold Trump and Co accountable.

    • Peter T At a rally, campaigning for his reelection… I don’t think that counts as “acting in the president’s official capacity”. I remember seeing an interview with the mayor of Tucson where she mentioned Trump coming for a rally for his campaign, and she said that since he wasn’t coming in an official capacity, that the city shouldn’t have to pay for the location or the security or the event (can’t remember exactly which). So unless that was a misuse of the distinction, it seems things done for his campaign shouldn’t be considered a president’s official capacity…

    • Trump IS the HOAX | October 19, 2020 at 10:13 PM | Reply

      @Nonya Bidness She is not up for reelection so she has two more years.

  8. Civil war is coming . trump will hold on to power to stay out of jail !

  9. The purge is coming.

  10. I guess the only recourse is to impeach him again. I wonder if there’s time to do it before he’s kicked out of office.

    • Ubx Dark Matter | October 19, 2020 at 8:05 PM | Reply

      Even if he gets impeached again, it will do nothing. His Republican Senators will STILL keep him in office just like the first time. The goal is to remove the criminal/conman in the “Presidency”.

    • No…its a long process….just send him to prison.

    • robert dall Can’t impeach him now… there’s not time. But he will be indicted by SDNY; he will be convicted; he will do prison time. Just wait… . . . . .

  11. patrick ganley | October 19, 2020 at 7:47 PM | Reply

    trump has already said what he going to do when he loses. He going to try and move to russia. Take his passport now, he must pay for his crimes and spend the rest of his life in prison!

  12. There are more GOOD people in the world then BAD.

    • And the I’m so grateful! there are more good people, then bad. I voted 🗳 a blue wave 🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸 today.

    • Thier used to be but under Trump he’s bringing out and promoting bad that’s bringing out hate groups and undersirable people whom want to do harm. 4 more years of Trump and nothing but trouble will follow.

    • @Betsy Bird the only people looting, burning and murdering is the left. These aren’t Trump supporters, they are BLM and Antifa Marxists.

    • @mik3ymomo you help made up my mind I’m voting blue in November! Thank you✌

    • @mcglover78 everyone chooses their own fate.

  13. The ENABLERS are the most disgusting part of this scenario…GOP moscow mitch, barr, graham, and many others allowing the demise of a great nation!

  14. He will try to destroy America if he loses, between November and January. I hope he doesn’t succeed.

    • Helene Flamand | October 19, 2020 at 8:13 PM | Reply

      Hopefully, the GOP may decide it’s finally time to say or do something, but I am not holding my breadth.

    • @Helene Flamand No, I wouldn’t either. I feel it’s the end of an era. America was so grand, so great for the rest of us before Trump and now, it’s sort of become a country where ignorance and blind allegiance to any god is rife. I just feel so disapppointed.

    • If he _really_ wants to destroy America, he’s always got the nuclear option.

  15. Notice how quickly his own people were saying that she is trying to get rid of him. The wanna be dictator is projecting on her

  16. Trump reaffirms daily that he is about the worse example of humanity our species can vomit up! VOTE HIM OUT

  17. Jeannie Tollison | October 19, 2020 at 8:18 PM | Reply

    That’s just it, he has NO MORAL sense, or COMMON for that matter.

  18. hold Trump accountable for destroying American

  19. Sandra Salcedo | October 19, 2020 at 8:30 PM | Reply

    Trump is enabling all of this. Somebody needs to stop him, the problem is everyone’s too afraid of him. I can’t wait until all of this is over. The blue Wave is coming soon🌊🌊🌊

  20. It’s crazy!! Donald Trump is scary. How could he wish death on other politicians. No one should accept that.

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