Trump Firings At US Global Media Risk Damaging High Standards | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. we conservatives do not think he fires quick enough. We would have fired sessions in a second, bolton, meuller, and the list goes on Esper…. The faster you fire the treasonist betrayers of the constitution the faster you can get someone to replace the insurgents!

    2. @DAVID JACKSON So where are all the “competent” people he hired in 2016 ?
      As he will shortly be.
      Not so competent were they ?
      Nor is The Cowardly Impeached Orange Bunker Whiner.

    3. @Wigg Licker You’ve lost the plot and are head deep in the Trump propaganda if you truly believe what you just said. Trump is the devil incarnate and you are worshipping him. How does it feel to be completely suckered into his cult? You are part of the problem.

  1. Welcome to the TRUMPSTER FIRE. No, kids. DO NOT roast your marshmallows over this flame because it is TOXIC!

    1. BAD BIRD Another anonymous Trumpublican who has to resort to name calling because he/she/they/it canโ€™t use logic to disprove anything. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    1. all news spewed by msnbc is predictable conspiracy theory … remember meuller investigation all conspiracy but in actuality a factual conspiracy where they should live out their lives in gitmo.

    2. This move is a sure sign of a desperate man, who knows heโ€™s losing the presidency this fall. So pathetic.

    1. I call it brown shirt news since it lacks evidence, lacks facts, lacks ethics morals and is hive minded.

    2. @15k DOW 2022 Sorry man msnbc is one of the most trusted news organizations in the world. Go back to your fake Fox News freak show.

    3. @15k DOW 2022 Trump is owned by foreign dictators and the ultra-rich, so TRUMP is a GLOBALIST PUPPET.

  2. The problem with working in the t’rump administration is that it’s filled with people willing to work in the t’rump administration. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ

    1. because we are making america the most beautiful nation on the planet great again and you test at the fibers of america.

    1. @Deplorable The Bible is not Fake News-
      It warned us about the Anti Christ that fits Trump perfectly.
      Republicans have given this devil all their power and with that power Trump spreads hate across the World.
      Again- I will know I am correct on 7/20/20

    2. @Elmosweed
      You’re completely confused.
      You’ve been drawn into the fake news.
      The only thing the Democrats are going to bring is death and destruction.
      Go back and rethink.

    3. @Deplorable ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸคฃThat is Trump supporters problem- they allow Trump to do the thinking for them.

    1. @Deplorable When a person needs help a true person with morals will help that person.
      Selfish fks like you want to know what is in it for yourself first- If you gain nothing than you walk away.

  3. Dumb and incompetent people with power cant stand smart and competent people around them – it makes them look as weak as they truly are.

    1. are you in fact talking about the mayor of portland, seattle and minnenapolis because actually I agree that they appear very immature to the rest of us.

    1. Absolutely all & any help in denouncing his recent actions from those WE still consider our allies is most welcome!

    2. If you can help just get rid of the new trademarked voting machines Trump made for this election. that would be great

    1. If that’s how he wants it, that’s how it will go. And there will becTHOUSANDS of pictures & videos of him being drug out ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. The march of Trump’s “Beast People” accelerates its pace on its agenda to destroy America and destabilize the planet.

    1. Obama’s the one who ON PURPOSE was destroying America into a high joblessness, high poverty, government dependent and highly divided society with the whole World on Fire headed for World War 3, with daily Decapitations, Terroristic and State sanctioned Mass Murders using Chemical Weaponry and Large Cage Drownings, Russia controlling Syrian airspace and causing Havoc everywhere they can, Egypt on the Brink, North Korea’s Rocket Man Shooting missiles all over the South Pacific and much, much more Insanity!
      – It was President Trump who brought the economy roaring back with Historic record breaking employment for everyone, especially American minorities!
      – It was President Trump who quickly stabilized the World into a more Peaceful State than many of us have ever seen!
      – It was President Trump who renegotiated many International relationships to make them fairer to Americans!
      – And it’s President Trump who has china especially on notice that Americans are in need of more jobs, so changes will be made!
      – Everything President Trump does is focused on making an environment so Americans can have a better life!

    2. @Rand Kocher Great fiction. Do you have your resume ready, when youโ€™re laid off from the minimum wage Kushner troll farm?

    3. @Cort,
      You have a very short memory or maybe no memory at all!
      – Name one thing I said that’s wrong?

  5. So VOA and Radio Free Europe hae gone from being among the most trusted in the world to among the least trusted. They are now in the same group as Pravda, Voice of Korea, and China Radio International. Good to know.

    1. @Mueller Time Little Vladimir was scared scheissless of President Obama, which is why he bought Donald Trump.

    2. @Mueller Time Trump’s entire store of knowledge about the U.S. and the world would fit on the label of a can of borscht. You do label your borscht cans, don’t you, Igor?

    3. @Mueller Time Get in line
      tRump will be clogging the system Barr instituted clearing his own name.
      And how is knowing what your opponent is doing “treasonous”, and yet soliciting political aid from two foreign powers not ?
      You have a rather twisted idea on what is or is not treasonous.
      But not to worry…

  6. Putin has found a way to make America complicit in his fight against freedom and democracy around the world and establish dictatorships everywhere.

    1. Remember when Bob Mueller debunked your Russian conspiracy circus when he released Mueller Time? Was justice served ice cold?

    2. Mueller Time republicans being too cowardly to do their job is NOTHING to brag about…but as a trump mouth breather I donโ€™t expect any different from you. Fake name for a real coward

    3. @Mueller Time Remember when the Mueller report explicitly said it did not exonerate the President, yet all his sycophants could say was that it did. If you have facts, I’ll hear you out, but as a veteran, I prefer my government to be honest about the flaws and mistakes it makes. Thus far they only seem to want to shift blame rather than hold themselves accountable.

    4. @Fighter Pilot Nobody has been a stronger Putin Puppet than the guy he bought with dirty money and blackmail, Donald the Sociopath. Those Americans he hasn’t brainwashed have Putin’s number, and that’s the MAJORITY of Americans, Igor. Be afraid.

  7. This is some thing North Korea and Russia would do and now our thin skinned little dictator Trump wants to do it to

    1. @Cliff Medina 1,000,000
      Virus carriers, willing to sacrifice their health for Trumps America. Trumps idea of Republican rule,which will destroy all working class and poor people . Regardless of skin colour or political party.

    2. @Cort over a million patriots want to come out and see the greatest president in history.
      A biden rally…ALL FLIES

  8. Remember the Cold War — when the goal was for the USA to show the world a stark difference between ourselves and the oppressive Soviets..? _Ahhh…. the good ol’ days._

    1. WE WON THAT WAR…๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ˜†…


  9. Plot and stay in power.

    Trump and his supporters are united in the “Make America Great Again” agenda, all the while scheming with his Complicit Republican Enablers, to shut down investigations, punish negative media and remove anyone who opposes him, adding on to his Rightwing Political Appointee’s, and all that is left is to plot and stay in power.

    1. There is a monopoly on the media owned by six corporations that is why it is called mockingbird media. They mimick each other. There is no journalistic research. It is anarchy journalism.

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