Trump found liable in Carroll case, both parties react to verdict | USA TODAY

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan was appointed by President Bill Clinton. Other claims by former President Donald Trump have not been substantiated.

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Carroll, a professional writer, had sued Trump for defamation, saying he lied about a 1996 sexual assault in a New York City department store and disparaged her character in doing so.

The sexual abuse verdict comes as Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican presidential campaign in 2024.

This is not the first legal setback for Trump, who is under criminal indictment in New York City over a hush money case; the former president remains under criminal investigation in at least three other cases, two of them involving efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss.

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  1. Trump…The TRUTH will come out and those against you will pay the price,divine justice is real.Have Faith❤🎉

  2. *Remember when the GOP had ethics, integrity, honor and respected the Rule of Law and our Constitution?*

    Me neither.

    1. Remember when politicans didnt use the justice sytem to go after their opponent?The good ol days

  3. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Donald trump…. Whoops that was Bill Clinton.

  4. It won’t put even a tiny dent in his support. Trump 2024!!! Did you happen to see Comers press release today? 😆

  5. She doesn’t strike me as a traumatized woman who has finally received justice, her smirk looks to me more like someone who has publicly gotten over on someone using a popular scam. Another sign of the times. The coming collapse should surprise no one.

    1. Buckle Up Buttercup !!! It was just one of many Victory Laps !!! You ain’t seen nothing yet !!!😆

    2. Hell, I would smirk too if I was her. He’s FINALLY been held accountable for his actions. He talks crap about Pro Clinton bla bla bla, Yet he lived there. He really needs stop that hypocritical b.s and stfu!

  6. So does this mean all SA victims can have their predator locked up and charged. I would really like to know so I can bring charges to several family and their friends.

  7. This was not a sexual abuse case. It was ONLY defamation. Stop lying. He was found liable for defamation only.

  8. If this happened I’m sorry for the victim, but I have hard time believing it. He doesn’t drink, he’s a Billionaire, to my knowledge hes never been stranded on a one woman Island. Not to mention he’s married to about the most Elegant and Beautiful Woman I’ve ever seen. At her age, this would only be about hurting him in the next election .

  9. Interesting situation, the criminal case is dropped for no evidence of crime and she can’t remember any details, but a civil court tries to pin him with defamation for denying a crime that can’t be proven.

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