1. @Jose Robles I can read popular mechanics and government documents pertaining to the specs. Does that count?

    2. @Jose Robles enough to know what’s in it. Since we are using questions with “do you really think”—you really think a 75 year old fatty could manage to roll down the partition (if one exists) grab a steering wheel through a gap the size equivalent of a large storm drain?

  1. Yeah we all believe your words without facts or proof… lol – okay – From the backseat in the Beast which is fortified – He jumped through and grabbed the wheel. Hearsay

    1. You DO realize the window in the ‘Beast’ has the ability to go up and down, which simply infers the window was in the down position, allowing the A**hole to reach through to the driver’s cab.

    2. @Jim M. you do realize it’s not a normal limo bulkhead and being able to reach from the back to the steering wheel over someone’s shoulder would be nearly impossible

  2. Trump drives golf carts across greens, so he should keep his hands off the steering wheel of the beast.

  3. If he was in the back of a limo, how, exactly could he reach all the way to the front to grab the steering wheel?

    Like the Dems, thats really reaching!

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