Trump grants more than 140 pardons on final day in office 1

Trump grants more than 140 pardons on final day in office


Here's a look at some of the notable people outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump pardoned on his final day in office.

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    1. @Stefanus Normandus Delacroix dit Langevin
      As the fool Einstein once said – All generalization are false.Including this one.

    2. @Stefanus Normandus Delacroix dit Langevin from the Confederacy? Kinda, it was really when it came back around like some bad vomit that everyone realized how ‘developed delayed’ your citizens are.

    3. @Stefanus Normandus Delacroix dit Langevin I have a few American friends. Being Canadian doesn’t make me ignorant :). Just thought it was funny.

    4. @Stefanus Normandus Delacroix dit Langevin Bro America is the laugh of everyone in the world right now xd
      dont blame canadians or anyone
      blame yourself ^^

    1. I guess L’il Wayne was supposed to just stop you in your tracks. None of that remaining 130 is more important than him. 😀

    2. @Easy There You don’t “get” sarcasm huh? OK, my bad. It was a joke, a sarcastic joke.

      sarcasm – A biting taunt or gibe, or the use of such a taunt; a bitter, cutting expression; a satirical remark or expression, uttered with scorn or contempt; in rhetoric, a form of irony; bitter irony.

    3. @Kael Shade Maybe he’s JFK Jr, or is that Juan O Savin? No, can’t be….. Juan O Savin’s name is Wayne Ronald Willott, and he’s definitely not JFK Jr. He does have Federal connections and is a Private Investigator……. Who’s the fireman?

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