Trump has failed to protect to the people he's supposed to lead - Legendary journalist Bob Woodward 1

Trump has failed to protect to the people he’s supposed to lead – Legendary journalist Bob Woodward


Legendary journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein talk to Anderson Cooper about President Trump's legacy and his remaining time in office.

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  1. Putin and Xi don’t have to fight war’s with the US, the US doesn’t need enemies to destroy the country, the enemy is already within

    1. @Ambrose Mnemopolous so I’m curious what you mean by the mainstream media not covering this? Who is covering it? Is the BBC, Aljezeera? Is the Indian government covering it? Maybe it is non-news or if it is important I would agree and ask them why they’re not covering it. But I doubt your reasoning is legit; they may not cover it because next to trump truing America intoma sh&%hole country being laughed at by the world they feel they must cover what is in the USA

    2. @Dave McDaniel list the damage he has done created a strong economy stood up for our country aided every minority in this country why are you and the others that think like you so blind biden will not be my president RISE up, RESIST, REVOLT stand for the constitution and the greatest country ever created by man

  2. Anyone else would have been stopped by now. They would not be allowed to continue with these dangerous, outrageous lies

    1. REALLY! So right!
      Letting a sour loser stay on for TWO MONTHS after he started a Nation destroying “poor little victim” Tantrum??? How can a political system NOT have some way to address something like this? Is the President MORE IMPORTANT than the Nation? Its NOT very democratic…
      I am a Canadian and its just a JOKE to us. WE have a system to get rid of buffoons like that and we used it pretty often. One vote on a motion of no confidence and its over the same DAY! Moot point, because HERE, the man would never have been elected…


    3. @Daughter of Gaia yes sir and you’re living in LaLa land somewhere far away… you’re brainwashed completely beyond return…

    4. @Daughter of Gaia Trump, his administration, and cult boot licking followers are the habitual liars right when the truth is in their face. Trump lies about BS that he knows he’s recorded saying something totally different and can’t be blamed or lied on Fake News period… talking about gaslighting, take 2 seats, pay attention, and learn something, better yet unclog your brain so reality can get through

    1. @How big is the Specific Ocean? As a Canadian, I have a hard time believing 73 million Americans voted for Trump…

      I remember Trump saying to his supporters to vote twice… Perhaps you Americans should be looking for voter fraud in the States Trump won handedly. I have a hunch that you’ll find that “massive fraud” in those States…

    1. @Diego A Well no. It sounds like your problems were with the republicans because those are the ones that put that in the crime bill. Biden wrote the violence against women act, but you keep whining about all the wife beaters that got in legal trouble because of Biden.

    2. Exactly… 4 years is a ways off. No one knows where they will be at that time. We don’t even know what else is coming down the pipe for the US. Attacks, poverty, virus…. ain’t nobody thinking about Trump.

    3. @Vibez stop being naive… never be foolish enough to say you truly trust anyone. Most politicians mean well but once you’re in the system as a politician the promises go out the window. Do your homework.

    1. @David Carter give it a rest..::!your sims fool of a president has a body count. A body count. He’s a murderer.

    2. @Support your Troops & Athletes word…. banking some stupid stuff while Trump is public enemy #1 and has a body count higher than Viet Nam.


    4. @Daughter of Gaia why do you write in all caps? Are you mad? That doesn’t sound very healthy for you.

  3. Most of Republicans in the power corridor are totally complicit in this corruption. Shame on them & their selfish motives

    1. @Jason Strange, how many times must some healthcare worker or Public Health epidemiologist or infections disease expert say ‘this is NOT a political issue’ before it is understood? What part of “no” do you (and others) not understand? The healthcare profession is represented by many political parties, and yet they are out there, not asking what party they belong to before treating the victims. Republicans are dying, also. And whatever bad voodoo trump and his merry band of ‘thugs’ inflict in this last 40 days will also severely impact Republicans- many who probably voted for him.
      I have always been a pacifist up until the last year. Now, anytime someone says this pandemic is political, I want to cut out their tongue! Will you be first in line?

    2. @Jason Strange there are at least 2 sides to every story. Congress and Senate need to stay after ‘school’ and at the same time, same place, same speakers hear all sides of the story like grownups and then have that discussion shown to the country. I take no pride in much of the antics the Democrats have played these last four years. However, the Republicans need to learn to put their ‘big boys/ and girls’ underoos on and learn the art of truth, how not to fear someone, what tragic harm ‘group think’ causes (remember the Challenger Shuttle- blown up by ‘group think’), and then they need to go meditate in a monastery on a cliff for the rest of their lives- without each other and without all their ‘perks’ we taxpayers have paid for. Maybe we can just ‘defund’ Congress and Senate, etc. It must be something about the expensive suits and ties, free gyms, own lunchrooms, expensive hotels and travel, and ‘fame’ (or not), and expansive houses that adelpates their minds. No career politicians should be a rule.

    3. @Margaret Nicol you need to travel the world-MOST Americans need to serve somewhere overseas and see how others live in various countries and what they have to put up with. I think it should be like a mandatory ‘Peace Corps’ all Americans must do right after school, whether they are drop outs, HS only, or college. I wish I had seen more than just the Middle East and parts of Europe. Did you think countries were either just 1st world or 3rd world with nothing in between? Our educational system is definitely broken!

    4. But, with all due respect, they’re complicit because they have no choice. The “elephant in the room”, and I continue to say this, remains the ever so threatening right wing media to Republicans who choose not to “goose-step” with Trump. And those who don’t, can kiss they’re polical careers goodbye forever. Much also realize, these media outlets wouldn’t exist without an enormous audience of uneducated, fearful, deluded, & misguided NATIVISTS!!

    5. @Ginger Golden Allgire I’ve been around but your mandatory Peace Corps is a very good idea. Some Americans haven’t even been to another state!

  4. Hes spiteful, vengeful, and a traitor!!! We’re not going to know his damage until too late.. where are the decent and sane people that are supposed to protect us??

    1. @Ευρωτας1988 ευρωτας Good grief, you are delusional. Seek help and maybe find out how to use a spell-checker.

    2. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

  5. This could take decades to restore sanity to the American people. Knowledge is power; start teaching critical thinking in the school system, as early as possible

    1. @Bradley Valentine These are not “deeply confused men” but well respected journalists. You obviously have not lived through the horrible Nixon days and and see how he pales in comparison of the dark, despicable liar.

    2. Im sorry. U r the one who is poorly informed if u listen to can anyone with half a. brain ever beleive what him or fox news say its been proven they r all liars

    3. U know what u got it all wrong it kinda sounds like u r the one who trump has brainwashed no deep state the right is the problem we can even get help for the people that r suffering from the virus that trump says its a hoax tell that to the 278k who lost theur lives and their famlies

    1. Election fraud is on video and was exposed and CNN/MSM won’t cover it because CNN is fake left wing propaganda.

    2. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

    1. @Desiree Hall ..he’s a dam..block the flow…like water ..caring ..must flow.. putrifies

  6. What a powerful discussion these guys were having! I wish it hadn’t finished! So good! So much insight there.

    1. What They Want You To Believe:
      That the Man who proclaims “America First” is bad for our country.
      The Man who fights against The Swamp, is the corrupt one.
      The man who facilitated the US to become Energy Independent for the first time since 1957, lower all fuel prices and create many new energy jobs, does not care about the working people.
      The Man who says we should stand for the National Anthem, is a tyrant and a dictator.
      The Man recently nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes is an existential threat to the World.
      The Man bringing US troops home and brought peace to the Middle East, doesn’t care about our Military
      The Man who fixed the VA thinks people wounded or killed in battle, are “losers and suckers”.
      The Man who increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is a Racist
      The Man who created Opportunity Zones to revitalize distressed inner-city communities, hates minorities.
      The Man who champions School Choice, hates the poor.
      The Man who presided over the largest increase in low and middle-income workers’ earnings in decades, only cares about the rich
      The Man whose policies helped lift millions of minorities out of poverty is, yes, a Racist
      The Man who created millions of low- and middle-income jobs, (prior to COVID), does not care about working people.
      That the Man who saw his net worth go down while in Office – the first in history to do so – only took the job to enrich himself and his Family.
      The Man who doesn’t take a salary as President, only cares about himself
      The Man who instituted prison reform and criminal justice reform is a Racist.
      The Man who had a record number of small donations to his Campaign is owned by Wall Street and the Billionaire Elite.
      The Man who began closing the Wealth Gap is only in it for his own financial gain.
      The Man who became the first President to appoint an openly gay person to his Cabinet, is homophobic.
      The Man who held Communist China to account, was wrong to do so.
      The Man that created more favorable Trade Deals, to help the US Worker, is dumb
      The Man who attempts to enforce existing laws, is a dictator.
      The Man that banned travel to-and-from China in Jan, 2020, was a “Racist and Xenophobe” for doing so
      The Man who followed the Constitution and allowed the States to create their own Coronavirus Policies – and then provided them everything they needed – is to blame for all Coronavirus deaths.
      The Man who created the strongest US economy in history – and now has the economy back to just 6.9% unemployment – is not capable of leading us out of the COVID Recession
      The Man who told his supporters to “vote in person”, to avoid possible cheating, is trying to steal the election.
      The Man that has been investigated more than any other President in history, is a crook
      The Man who has been the most transparent President in history, has not been straight with the American people
      The Man who has a devoted patriotic following, who had hundreds of campaign rallies with thousands in attendance, received less votes than a rival who rarely campaigned, who rarely left his basement, who relied on a teleprompter whenever giving speeches, who made serious gaffs nearly every time he spoke, who rarely gave interviews over 5 minutes and who’s best rally attendance was a couple handfuls of people in their cars honking their horns!
      The List goes on……….
      This is what “THEY” want you to believe about president Donald Trump!
      Don’t act like sheep!
      Wake up!! Please feel free to add to and share! If you use a laptop or desktop you can copy/ paste. Let’s help preserve our freedom and stop the steal! Trump 2020!!!

    2. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

    1. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

    2. @Ambrose Mnemopolous The mainstream media ignores any real news. Its just “orange man bad” every hour of every day. You haven’t learned that yet? If it doesn’t fit their narrative, it doesn’t matter.

    1. @Cheater Ellect Joe Smell You Biden I have nothing to do with CNN. I’m just asking you questions. You made an glaring allegation, it should be easy to back it up.

  7. Looking back: Omg! We put a madman in the Oval Office for 4 years and 74M Americans (and the GOP) think its OK.

    1. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

    2. @sue JesusistheLord Look at the username. Could [hostile] also be promoting superstition in order to undermine traditional values? The Cold War continues to evolve, and most Americans seriously believe it’s over- also that they won… Civilization is impossible without education.

    3. @Luigi/MR L Gaming Can you be any more ill-informed, One soul killed one person, Multiple deaths occurred and the good people of America stood up and said no more senseless killings! You are ill-informed because you undoubtedly watch one news station, fake news, yes you know the one.
      I didn’t read any more of your spew because the first sentence was so off the mark that I knew the rest would be just as ridiculous!

    1. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

    1. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

    1. The mainstream media has ignored a 1/4 billion people strike protest in India, fearing it may inspire a peoples’ awakening. Look up India Strike 2020 and share with everyone.

    2. More like depraved indifference homicide. Negligence presupposes a person should have known better, but didn’t, and then people died because of that ignorance.

      Trump wasn’t ignorant of the fact that this virus was deadly as evidenced by the Woodward interviews. He just didn’t and still doesn’t give a crap about the immense suffering he has and is still causing. He’s a depraved, solipsistic psychopath surrounded and supported by throngs of just as criminally insane enablers. Those enablers have scores of firearms and are members of right wing militias.

      Michael Flynn just advocated for Trump to declare martial law. They’re all evil. Just look at the naked despotism they’re displaying. When they holler freedom, they really mean we are free to bow down to them or else.

    1. @sue JesusistheLord Really? I had not read the order in full, but it says just what environmental groups have said it says. And it does nothing specific to protect the environment.

      By reducing “undue burden”, this order reduces regulations protecting the environment and, thereby, protecting humans and wildlife. The “undue burden” is in regards to the loss of profit by private companies seeking to exploit our natural resources. Increase in resource extraction of any kind may temporarily increase jobs in that region, but, by its very nature, is not sustainable. That has been the problem with this country and this administration. We look not to a sustainable future, but to the immediate financial reward which, face it, goes 90% of the time to the already wealthy. In fact, when developing environmental impact statements or determining protected status of vulnerable species, environmental and wildlife managers have to take into consideration the economic impact (or costs or loss of profits) on the company now. Does that sound environmentally and wildlife friendly?

      I encourage you to check out the following organizations to find out the true meaning of this order (and others):

      The Sierra Club
      The Center for Biological Diversity
      Defenders of Wildlife
      The Nature Conservancy
      The League of Conservation Voters
      The Natural Resources Defense Council
      (There are many others, but this is a start)

      For animal welfare, see the following organizations:
      Mercy for Animals
      The ASPCA
      White Coat Waste
      In Defense of Animals
      The Humane League

      (I will give you, one area we have made some improvements on is getting animals out of labs. The FDA and EPA are starting to phase out required tests for cosmetics and some chemicals.)

    2. Agree every other day he adds more fuel… And is not caring about covid and huge food lines.. Very sad Lynn?

    3. @sue JesusistheLord No, the car argument had to do with CA and other states wanting to adhere to mpg standards set forth under Obama and the willingness of 3 major automotive companies to also comply. Trump lowered the vehicle mpg standard and has told CA et al that they cannot set their own higher standard. He has filed a suit against them concerning this which, if he succeeds, will negate states’ rights in this case. Hopefully, after Jan. 20 it will be a moot point.

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