‘Trump Has Put His Head In The Sand’: Schumer Rips U.S. Coronavirus Response | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Steve Logue, seriously?!?!? That’s hilarious!! Also, embarrassing for us normal Americans, but still funny!!

  1. Thank you take action, action, action, a nationwide mask requirement, another lockdown if you’ve got a better solution let it be heard

    1. @WeTheProgressives #VoteBlue sending prayers. OMG you’re on the news daily – what a mess! #ProgressivesRock

    2. Coming from someone, whose country only allowed women to control their own bodies last year, your denigration of our whole country is rather putrid and hypocritical. We are a huge country, and some states have done rather well.

  2. “I’m a very stable genius”
    “I alone can fix it”
    “I take no responsibility”
    Trump is a petulant manchild.

  3. When we drag him out of the WH and he stands trial for his crimes could we put him in a pillory out in front of the WH!! Pretty please!! Him and all his goons…

  4. I’m from Europe and, believe me or not, if I had to choose between moving to the US or an African country, I would NOT go to the US. Hatred and stupidity have reached such levels over there, I’d prefer anything else…

    1. BTW no disrespect to Africa, I just think you get a lot less comfort down there if you’re not a millionaire, which I’m not.

  5. Looks like the self-proclaimed “wartime president” has surrendered.
    Nice pick there, republicans! 😆😅😂

  6. Welcome to the sandbox. Let me introduce your playmates. They’ve been here for about 2-3 months now.

  7. Trump is unable to lead us in any crisis. Mentally everything is about him always was always will be. His oath at the inauguration was a lie as there was no way he could fulfill it.

  8. Feb 27: 15 cases
    Today: 4 million cases, 145,000 dead.

    This isn’t the China virus.
    This is the Trump virus.

  9. No worries, Chuck. Donald tweeted a picture of himself wearing a mask and he’ll soon be starting up his press conferences again, having rerouted CDC information. Faux News will say Donald always advocated masks, as did they, and had always taken the virus seriously since day one.

  10. In the old days they would TAR and FEATHER them, haha they need to be HELD accountable for their actions

  11. If Hillary Clinton was president, we would be back to living our normal lives. The virus would be contained.

  12. Ari is a #Canadian who we can look up 2….solid career in front of the 🎤..🇨🇦❤❤🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  13. pubs always mess the economy up and they want a dem in there to take the heat on the slow recovery. You know, because having to govern like a fiscal conservative is slow and restricted by discipline. The worst thing about that is the voter always forgets within 8 years and they figure that into their game.

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