Trump is allegedly anticipating this element of possibly being arrested

New York Times reporter and CNN political contributor Maggie Haberman and CNN's Kaitlan Collins discuss what we could see if former President Donald Trump is indicted. #CNN #News


  1. If I had a nickel for every time I heard “the walls are closing in on Trump” I’d have a whole bunch of nickels.

    1. DUMP and his underpaid Legal Team have one heck of a job on.
      Only they can get him out of this Huge Ness

  2. He wants to do the perp walk because he can use that to get more donations from his supporters.

    1. Ummm, the dude literally donated every cent he made as a president. Soooo….your point is hate and void

    2. @Lea Garner is that seriously all you have? He didn’t credit the sources for the images? Read more books. Plenty of them don’t do that, and he’s under no obligation to do so.

  3. There is no way he’s been worried about being arrested, for decades. He’s been secure knowing others throw themselves under the bus. Do we even know if there ever was a pocket pardon? He needs to be imprisoned for the rest of his days; be they limited.

    1. Chicken Little News Network strikes again…
      “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

      Teflon Don for a reason, gr00mies.

  4. It’s more easy a guy go to jail and be prosecuted for stealing food at Walmart to feed he’s family than this guy go to jail for breaking the law.

    1. My husband has worked for Walmart for over 20 years. Yes, there are people who steal food. It happens all the time. Walmart doesn’t tend to prosecute food thieves because it’s bad optics and because loss of food items doesn’t affect the bottom line profits as much as non food items.

    2. Do you really think he broke the law and if that is the case why is he not in jail yet? Since his been through two impeachments with rigorous investigations into his tax returns business dealings ext. Why giving the results of the impeachment and the fact that they have strong intent to jail him for political reasons, is he not in jail yet? Honestly just a curious question. Would like to hear your opinion.

  5. 50 some years from now, were all gonna look back at this and think about how fucking wild this all was.

  6. “Indelible image” is an understatement.
    It’s amusing to hear how he wants to turn it into theater: is it resisting arrest if he just insists on a “press conference”, rather than going in as a person being booked.
    And several billion people want to see him hustled out of a black van, in Orange jumpsuit, in full chains and a black hood. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  7. “It’s so weird, they’re like we haven’t even seen the charges, we don’t know what he’s charged with” yeah because HE HASN’T BEEN CHARGED

  8. Being serious here…DJT Looks Younger since he hasn’t been sitting in the ” Oval Office” 🤔 Amazing!

  9. Sadly, the animatronic Joe Biden in EPCOT’s Hall of Presidents had to be taken off exhibit. Damn thing kept mumbling incoherently, wetting itself, and trying to shake hands with an armchair.

  10. This brings to mind the Chapelle show sketch where the drug dealer is given the aristocratic treatment and a slap on the wrist. very useful information

  11. #1 Looks very similar to a tool I own designed to cut the copper crimp rings off of PEX fittings so they can be re-used. this could be used similarly to recover hydraulic fittings which have been crimped onto rubber hoses. As the hose broke down, you could break the crimp, and recover proprietary fittings, for use in construction a new hose. Instead of paying five times the real value, to by the genuine, CAT or John Deere hose.

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  12. “We’ve got Trump now!
    He’s had it!
    He’s done!
    We have the smoking gun! It’s all over for Trump!
    THIS time we have him!
    We do!
    No, THIS time we really do!”


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