Trump Issues Slew Of Pardons And Digs In On Election Attacks | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Issues Slew Of Pardons And Digs In On Election Attacks | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With Covid-19 deaths continuing to soar, the president issued a slew of pardons including for some convicted of murder and fraud while he keeps digging in on his election conspiracy theories. Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Trump Issues Slew Of Pardons And Digs In On Election Attacks | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Gary Kubodera But Its ok to steal the election? Bidens ok with taking the office when everybody-
      knows he didn’t really win? You know it too. Why are you ok with that?

    2. @Gary Kubodera no, your not. Those people need to be talked to that way. They rob us. The covid bill today proves that. 600 bucks? 4/5ths of the money is going to sit Lanka, Brazil, oh- and 100 million for the comedy clubs. Why didn’t Seinfeld himself just give em the 100 million?? Resturaunts and bars close, but you can still go to the casinos and big box stores.?

    3. @Ge Mum abortion numbers in a year?
      What is scary about COVID is that this president intentionally misled the American people. Ask why he did not promote mask use as they learned the benefits about wearing them? Other than HE met with other Country’s leaders, and didn’t want to. Us Americans were out spreading it amongst ourselves, unwittingly. Their would be no harm, in the prevention of a 100 year pandemic to wear a mask. If only to stop the spread. Look how inundated the hospitals and healthcare workers are today. The WORST is yet to come. At least the vaccines are coming out.

  1. Trump’s just trying to erase the Mueller investigation. Still an impeached president and a complete failure in leadership

    1. Mueller’s investigation proved not a single thing the Steele Dosier claimed. He wasn’t fully impeached obviously because he’s still serving as president of the United States. What exactly did he do to provide failed leadership? Democrats like to spout out non-sense based on their feelings because fake news tells them to. Give me some fact based info instead of personal bias and I’ll listen. Until then… I’ll take the record low unemployment, lifting millions out of poverty and no new wars occuring while negotiating several peace deals. That’s leadership.

    1. @Jules King I wear 2 masks and a face shield. The stupidity is mainly in flyover states that voted for Trump. The co19 count is high in red states and people listened to trump and won’t wears masks. Natural selection happens.

    1. @Gian Sabo lol thru a book deal….Biden has released his tax returns. Trump is the one surrounded by criminals and the one hiding his taxes.
      You can find what I mentioned on tje internet. Last time I checked Trump is the one still under investigation, not Biden.

    2. @Judy Bargenquast he just repeats the same old Trump propaganda and blind worship. Like the rest of the cult.

    3. @Gian Sabo ” who did he bribe,”
      roger stone, the president of ukraine.
      “when did he obstruct, conspiracy?”
      during the Russia probe, and during the impeachment.

      “trump is a criminal but can’t say that crime he committed.”
      fraud- his university and charity.
      obstruction of congress- beforre and during the impeachment investigation.
      soliciting voter fraud- during the 2020 campaign.

      “No but Biden ”
      when Biden is president we can talk about his crimes. right now we are talking about trump’s many many crimes.

    4. @V for Wombat Biden was the one who bribed the president of Ukraine. Trump’s phone call was found to be perfect and the 3 year Russia investigation showed that trump is not a “Russian spy or colluded with the Russians” obstruction was never found. You are been brainwashed by the Midia and your own bios. Biden, Hillary, Bill, are corrupt to the core, but everybody chooses to look the other way. The U.S is going to become another Venezuela if the left keeps been elected.

    5. @Gian Sabo “Biden was the one”
      not really. all he did was act as the hatchet man for the entire western world, which wanted the man gone.

      right wingers tend to ignore the fact that almost all of Europe, the WTO the US government, and republicans in Congress ALL wanted Biden to get that man fired.

      ” Trump’s phone call”
      it wasn’t found to be perfect. what a f__king STUPID thing to say- that phone call had everyone who heard it either running to their lawyers to see if they were complicit or actively working to hide the call and cover it up.
      in any case, the bribery wasn’t just the phone call, it had been going on for MONTHS.

      “obstruction was never found.”
      funny you should say that because Mueller all but begged Congress to impeach trump on the 10-11 acts of obstruction he found.
      he all but said trump should be criminally charged with obstruction once he leaves thew White house.
      seems you really haven’t been paying any attention.

    1. @MJB “Every single year, the near equivalent of 3 holocausts – nearly 20 million people – are killed by the inefficiency inherent to global capitalism and its mathematical inevitability to create large class divisions and resulting human deprivation.”
      ― Peter Joseph

    1. @Sheila Boston
      Trump can not READ ,how the he’ll he knows what’s in the stimulus plan ,he is not going to sign anything ,when ever they change the money to 2,000.00 ,He will find another excuse to not sign the Bill.
      TOTAL LOOSER!!!!

    2. @Margotina J
      Why people can’t realise that they are in a cult until they get out of the CULT,
      Could you answer this question????

    3. @Derrick Smith Dude, they literally included a 10 year felony penalty for anyone that gets hit with a copyright strike on twitch or YouTube for the bill. Even if you hate the man you should be on board with his veto.

    4. He will probabĺy ask the military, one’s loyal only to him, to help him overturn the results of the election. And you know that some of the Military will be loyal to him, personally.

    5. It’s just propaganda. At this point, I don’t think he believes that. Not sure why he is saying that, but who knows what’s really going on?

  2. The whole arrangement of presidential pardons needs to be totally removed from America. The pardoned people have run the gauntlet of the legal system involving educated and experienced judges and judiciary. The criminals must take the consequences of their actions. Then one total ignoramus of law forgives them – and they are free of sanction! This is ridiculous beyond comprehension. Surely America can do something to inactivate this evil man!

  3. There is no low too low for Trumpists. New e-book: ‘Right Wingers Duped’ sheds light on a slew Trump’s dire failings.

    1. @Christopher Browne get real there’s only one reason that everyone was upset about Obama… It wasn’t his tan suit or Obamacare…I’m figuring it’s the same reason why everybody in your neighborhood looks just like you…
      the reason why Trump got elected was after having the first black president then tried to have the first female president and nobody was going to run with that. If it has been a moderate male Democrat, Trump would not have won. same reason he lost this election because he’s way too far off on the right or should I say Reich?

  4. Anybody on the pardon list needs to be investigated immediately. So keep on putting out your list can’t wait till your children are on that list

  5. Surely most of America must want Trump gone. It’s hard to imagine so many people being carried along on a wave of hysteria and continuing to support his actions which go against what the USA is supposed to stand for

  6. It just blows my mind that this selfish, arrogant, ignorant excuse for a human being can be allowed to continue on with his path of destruction. I don’t know much about politics but is it just his decision to pardon whoever he wants without anyone else having a say in the end? He is very evil. Have to wonder what his young son is thinking about him during this time – a little Donnie in the making or horrified that this is his father? This is not the end by any means, Every day is another punch in the stomach to Americans and the world.

    1. He’s been pardoning then since he took office. But CNN hasn’t reported them you fall for classic media mind slavery.

    2. People don’t realize he is setting up for when he is out of office so these people can’t tell on him or won’t if they are pardoned.. kind of like all the tax breaks he gave to the rich people and everybody that actually read what they passed and what he passed these past four years only for his interest and his millionaire friends but hey it is what it is right

    3. Papadopoulos is innocent. Moron. Ever hear about this bs lie started by liberals pretending they were hacked by Russians. Yea learn some instead of watching the news

    4. if anyone was proven factually innocent-they wouldnt need a pardon. HOW do you KNOW, they are innocent? No court agrees with you.

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