Trump Kept Two Sets Of Books For Trump Tower | All In | MSNBC

Trump Kept Two Sets Of Books For Trump Tower | All In | MSNBC 1


Chris Hayes talks to the reporter for ProPublica who acquired documents that detail what some experts are calling ‘fraud’ Aired on 11/27/19.
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Trump Kept Two Sets Of Books For Trump Tower | All In | MSNBC

84 Comments on "Trump Kept Two Sets Of Books For Trump Tower | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Typical crook!

  2. When are we going to hear from the Trump who agreed to talk? He worked for both Trumps and probably knows EVERYTHING.

  3. Kathleen Lackman | November 28, 2019 at 1:06 AM | Reply

    I am embarrassed so called Americans elected this person into office

    • @Orlando Rivera
      Some sing I am Poseidon . Some say Neptune , some sing John is a Deity an Eastern God .
      The real Messiah of Jesus .
      I miss u 2 namewee video say I am The Papa Jew Daddy Israel .the chosen one .

    • @Orlando Rivera ahh yes the race card from an illegal alien wanting freebies. I’m praying you get a visit from ICE..BTW I’m a black American …sinor go back to your sh!thole country

    • @john patterson and with that we all know why you are a trump supporter!😂 thank you so much!! I’m sure that your chosen dictator can’t wait to meet you and thank you for your support. People take a good look at this man, what he says and what he looks like and you will understand why these trump supporters don’t care why Donald the con man Trump is a treasonous pig.

  4. What? Trump is a tax fraud and a cheat. I’da never guessed..

  5. And this is the president? What an embarrassment

  6. If them taxes ever get released he is screwed.

    • Its none of your business. dude ran a global, that means businesses around the world, understand dope. dude owns a 767 Jet, look that up maroon. don’t worry about Trump take care of your own business.

    • @J Boat If you think that you’re a moron. If there were anything illegal on those documents, the IRS would have already handled it. Do you really not think they dont put every millionaire and billionaire under a microscope? Really? Come on now, you cant be that naive can you?

    • S H We hired him to be a wrecking ball, not snow white or Prince charming .

  7. Sajith Channadathu | November 28, 2019 at 1:29 AM | Reply

    The oldest game in the business, So who is suprised

  8. This is how the rich get richer and the rest get screwed.

  9. Commander in Thief….. 🇺🇸

  10. His own personal attorney confesses under Oath Trump kept 2 sets of books. Yet the attorney goes to jail 🤔

    • @Nancy Mesek That was a political calculation on Pelosi’s part. The Ukraine revelations pushed it over the edge where national security became an issue that couldn’t be ignored. Pay attention.

    • @Nancy Mesek You are correct. Corporate Establishment. Smh too.

    • There was more than enough in the Mueller report to impeach him on. This should have BEEN handled. It’s all about donors and lobbyists to the corporate establishment ( both sides) . Pelosi ignored the intelligence community for political purposes which is sad because DJT is making America weaker by the day and Putin loves it. Could have saved countless lives. Politics is never a reason not to do the right thing. Vote for Integrity 2020!!!

    • @Nancy Mesek they needed a full backpac of evidence

    • @Dirty Bird I think Pelosi picked her moment perfectly. She know that impeachment will get through the House, but the Senate will block it. But, by doing it now, and dragging it out through 2020, it’ll destroy trumps reputation while not allowing the GOP time to primary him effectively. Hence, blue wave.
      Just need the DNC not to screw Bernie again…

  11. The guy you people elected to endorse our laws is the same guy who has spent the better part of his life circumventing them…..

  12. One reason Drumpf is trying so hard to keep his taxes hidden is that he overvalues his assets for loan purposes (which is felony loan fraud) but undervalues them when he has to pay taxes on them (tax evasion). If those taxes ever come out Don The Don is Done.

  13. The day trump is out of office he will be hit by a landslide of indictments….. SDNY is patiently waiting; justice is sure – though it may be slow.

    • @Bobby Kirl – I still have hope. Bernie Madoff ended up in the pokey.

    • Yeah, maybe, but I’m sure it’ll make you happy if it does. Watch your own back.
      Your kind of hate is magnetic.

    • @Chris Machabee Not sure what you mean by “hate”.. But i do believe (1) in the rule of law and (2) that no one should be above the law.. I guess you don’t believe in these two things? Bet you would be all for this if it were against Obama right? The GOP hypocrisy is astounding.

    • @Chris Machabee – hey assbag…since when is wishing for justice to be done the same thing as hate? You’re just butthurt because you know Dear Leader Trump is as crooked as 10 miles of bad road and he’s finally going to be held accountable for his crimes.

    • @Doug Martin i wouldn’t run to moscow if i were him, Vladimir will have no use for trump once he is no longer president. …

  14. Yes it is fraud
    Yes everyone in real estate is doing it
    Yes we live in a corrupt society

    • “everyone in real estate is doing it” Not everyone. Although I wasn’t a wealthy investor, just a person who owned a couple of duplexes, I always reported my total income and assets honestly. I assume my accountant took advantage of any deductions that could legally be taken, but I never hid anything from him or the IRS.

  15. NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP | November 28, 2019 at 2:24 AM | Reply

    😶 by the year 2000 Trump couldn’t borrow from any u.s. banks covfefe

    • Correct, this is when he started getting involved with the Russians, they they had pots of money and wanted to spend it.

  16. Trump also keeps two books about impeachment. At his rallies, he claims his lawyer isn’t allowed to testify. In reality, he refuses to let his lawyer testify.

    • He’s gonna have to start saving discount coupon books now cause he’s gonna be a broke MOTHA FUCKA SOON

    • Another genius. Hey you ever heard of Attoney-client privilege? It’s a right. like is a policeman asks to search your car and you say no. You don’t have to.
      You, however will say sure,because rights mean nothing to you.

    • @Ali Alnakash Or both… obviously. (In the case of Cohen)

    • McGahn will be testify. The judge said Trump is not a king

    • @Chris Machabee Attorney-client privilege is not an absolute… There are limits. People in this thread have said that.
      Just like your right to refuse a policeman to search your car has limits.

  17. david broughton | November 28, 2019 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    It’ll be called Putin Tower soon.

  18. Trump was NEVER a billionaire! He’s a millionaire in debt!!

    • Yeah, I don’t get it. Why does a “billionaire” even need to borrow money, much less cheat while doing it?

    • @csmith286 Because NO one ammases millions or billions through honest work.
      Cheating created U.S.A. , it’s called finance capitalism.

    • And what are you? How much you carrying? Proud of that?

    • Sooo confused! A billionaire or millionaire in debt, yet people are interested of his tax record? Why and what for? Do thee want Trump to pay more taxes for being in debt? Or they are against Trump when he’s paying more than he should? Either way, haters could not even move on with it that they whine about it every waking hour of their lives! Why don’t they rest for now and prepare for that great great whining to come in 2020! I predict it could be eye popping and jaw breaking, so save your energy!

  19. Do you know why DT is so bad at lying?

    Because he’s never told the truth and he doesn’t know what it sounds like.

  20. Nothing surprises anymore with this “President.”

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