Trump May Not Get The Impeachment Defense He Wants From Senate Republicans | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

What could happen on the Hill once an impeachment inquiry shifts over to a Senate trial? We talk to Annie Karni and Melanie Zanona. Aired on 12/6/19.
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Trump May Not Get The Impeachment Defense He Wants From Senate Republicans | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Linda Scott Oh I know. I became a Democrat at age 12 when JFK ran for president, even though I was not eligible to vote for another 12 years.

    2. ruth depew what nonsense? Obama has provided ZERO evidence of citizenship and could be the ultimate Manchurian candidate.

  1. The Republican party “is” not a circus…
    … It’s a circus-themed army of killer klowns, here to destroy America, from the highest position of power.

    Calling it a “Circus” would just be an insult to “circuses”…

  2. DjT will continue to undermine our Republic to serve his own personal/political reasons whether he is impeached this year or in six months.
    After he is impeached, and more than likely found not guilty in the Senate, DjT will also continue his rampage on the Constitution until Jan 20, 2021 when he must leave the White House a failed and beaten “ex-president”.

    Our continuing national nightmare will continue because of DjT and his Republican enablers who are cowards.

    1. @Sam Brenna the Democrat party was doomed on election night. Trump will not be merciful. They have decades of failure to answer for.

    2. @Beachdudeca he won those swing states by a tiny margin (78,000 votes over 3 states) by making promises to end corruption and bring back manufacturing jobs. Most new manufacturing jobs went to California; those states have not seen an economic resurgence. With numerous associates in jail or on their way there, multiple cabinet members who resigned in disgrace for abusing our tax dollars, not to mention Trump and his family using the WH to expand their businesses, he has failed to keep his promise to end corruption. And that’s not even counting the impeachment process which shows abuses of power for corrupt purposes.

      He may win because Rethuglicans cheat, the Russians are still interfering and his followers are zombified morons who don’t understand their own economic interests, they’re just being taught to hate “elites” so they don’t think.

    3. @Linda Scott , btw there is No Evidence that the Trump family used the WH as a to Cash In , there is Evidence that Biden and Obama did though 🙂

    4. Moody’s predicts a win for Trump in 2020 unless the economy tanks (recession is predicted) and 💙 voters turn out in record numbers. So please vote, and offer someone a lift to the polling place. Let’s see if we can match HK’S record turnout (71%).

      As for assertions re Obama, Biden, Clinton: Sources, please.

    1. @Linda Scott Oh please, elaborate what laws in your twisted reality did Trump break in the Constitution. I’ll wait.

    2. Man Spider Emoluments Clause, Obstruction of Justice, Abuse of Power. By the way, Mueller listed 10 possible instances of obstruction of justice.

      But I doubt you have read the Mueller Report.

    3. @Keith Mc The Muller report was an international joke. I’m surprised you’re still clinging on to that. There’s literally zero proof of Trump committed any crimes. I highly doubt you actually watched the hearing and read the report. If so then reading and comprehension obviously isn’t your strong suit.

  3. Ted Cruz chooses the man that insulted his wife and accused his father of murdering JFK. Teddy has No balls let alone scruples to abide by an oath to defend the Constitution.

    1. And the same thing for every presidential candidate in 2016. Mr Trump made a point of humiliating them after he won. I think this was too eliminate them as possible competitors.

      Romney will always be Reek.

    2. @Logan McLean so funny since we never see policy positions from you Rethuglicans, just silly “lifestyle” nonsense and name calling – emotions not facts or thoughtful opinions about the issues that face us as a country.

  4. The entire establishment Republican Party is mentally ill. Having a crazy president is one thing. Defending his craziness before the entire world is an entirely different matter.

    1. Frank Winkhorst … you sir are delusional and will be exposed to the truth soon… Demonrats and Rino’s arrested and convicted for their crimes… the FAKE LameStream Media is deceiving you.

  5. The Constitution says when the Senate is trying an Impeachment, they shall be under Oath or Affirmation. If Republicans try to lie for Trump, they are subject to perjury charges.

    I would also hope Chief Justice Roberts would not let a blanket Executive Privilege claim stand or a blanket Attorney Client Privilege claim stand either. Especially since neither can legally be used to cover up crimes and both are limited in scope. Just ask Flynn, Manafort, Gates, and Michael Cohen about whether or not those blanket claims work in a courtroom. “All the President’s men” went to jail for Nixon and he was required by the Supreme Court to turn over the tapes.

    1. ~Amen!~💞~ Very Well Spoken~I Don’t Think They Want To Mess With Chief Justice Roberts In Front Of The World…..”THE OUTCOME WON’T BE A PRETTY SIGHT”!~🙏💞🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. A lot of the problems we have now would not exist if Twitter banned his Twitter account.
    If I said 1% of the hateful rhetoric he uses on my Twitter account I would be banned.

    1. No doubt when this is all over, Jack Dorsey should have to answer a few questions and maybe spend a few months in jail.

  7. Miss Lindsey Graham needs to get her walking papers next election and any other Rethugliklan senators up for re-election.

    1. @Dolphin Man Hillary means nothing to me. I never supported her and I didn’t vote for her. I am not a Democrat.

  8. Real life crisis ahead for Chief Justice John Roberts, who will preside at the Senate “trial.” How will a reputable jurist deal with Republicans’ frivolous conspiracy theories and other attempt to cloud the truth? How can a venerated Supreme Court Chief Justice tolerate a ” jury” in which the majority of “jurors” are openly biased and violate their oath? Will Roberts put his name on a false judgment of acquittal?
    No ordinary criminal trial could proceed on this basis.

  9. Fox knows that their viewers do not have the attention span to view the entire senate hearing so will present “highlights” and interviews which unsurprisingly will have a pro-Trump slant.


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