1. Donald tRump is stoking & fanning these flames & now wants to pretend he’s Presidential & a FireFighter while he’s an arsonist!

    1. imagine if trump supporters were out burning down black communities and looting these immigrant businesses.

    2. i mean he’s just talking . I’m sure you would do the same and send in military if you found out people are burning down the city

    1. Forget the voting crap. What you suggest would send a message to the next group of wannabe “leaders”.

    1. @Sovereign Butterfly If you would have typed riots in Target and Autozone on youtube that would have showed you what I was talking about and it would have shown you that I was talking about Minneapolis I guess you just assumed that I wasn’t talking about Minneapolis.

    1. @Manu Takuira have you Stood in the shoes of a black man have you stood in the Shoes of a busssiness owner who had thier life stripped away from riots I doubt that. I dont give a Dam about these 4 Cops. Those cops are Crooks and Those 4 Cops are Murderers and need to be Charged for murdering george floyd who is blacked and unarmed.

    2. I was merely stating a fact. If the CIA will really waste their time tracing my account, they will be able to confirm that I’m not a threat to your fake president. They should be a bit more concerned about the people already there.

    1. @Home Slice
      Time to do our part. If anyone you know is a trump supporter, now is the time to make their names and home addresses public. Let the protesters know who the enemies of the people are.

    2. BTIsaac check out this Trumpet Troll here : “War Hawk”. He is on every comment sections trolling and praising Trump! Just watch for his replies.
      Let’s get everyone to Troll him back!!!

    1. Sound like you so blinded with hate that you cant see the big picture of whats really going on right now, god bless you

  2. 🇬🇧 I thought your Constitution forbade the military being raised against the population.

    1. @Mark Halgunseth – Ahhh … hit a nerve, did I? Where did I mention race? Wow. Calm down. Let your hands stop shaking before you reply to me.

    2. ra5928 Your reference to color that’s where. On top of that, you’re not smart enough to “hit my nerve”. China puppet

      Trump 2020

    1. I think you might want to start with the person who used to sit in the oval office. TRUMP 2020!

    2. They’re not going to arrest Obama, he has to many people in the FBI working overtime covering up for his illegal activity

    1. @MyName Jeff please! He was born into immense wealth and dpent his adulthood as a con artist. You call that a life well lived?

    2. I wouldnt either if that state tried to make me pay 10 times what every other politician ever had to pay because you want to silence me

  3. “…I’ve never seen anything so horrible and stupid in my life.”
    Look in the mirror.

    1. @War Hawk He was elected by the people. He works for the people. If we find his actions questionable then we are going to question his actions.

    2. @War Hawk When you repeat the third grade, pay attention. They teach you how to make real sentences and all that. Maybe then you’ll have some comprehension of what democracy means.

    3. SkyGemini when you’re running a business and doing big things you tend to forget the little things they taught in the 3rd grade but I’m glad being the teachers pet worked out for you. I’m sure you are living the dream with your higher education 🙄

    4. @Nåmen, tilbage til TIBETSAGEN Is it true Alex Jones is wearing your panties as a “mask”?

  4. I love how he talks about the election. He owes Minneapolis almost a million dollars for the maga rallies that he held there. In fact he owes multiple cities money.

    1. Oh! Trust me! The Hongkongers would Love him. They would literally grovel at Trump’s feet and kiss it!!!
      You know how Trump can win the next election easily? Bring the Hongkongers over and vote! But of course he wouldn’t want to because the Hongkongers are way too STUPID and IDIOTIC for Trump!

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