Trump orders U.S. company 3M to stop sending N95 masks to Canada 1

Trump orders U.S. company 3M to stop sending N95 masks to Canada


U.S. President Trump has asked the company 3M to stop sending N95 masks to Canada. Michel Boyer has the latest.

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    1. @Ixights uh huh. With 20% of the parts coming from China. But feel free to make it all in America. I’m sure millions will be lining up to work 14 hrs a day for 4$. Thats after American corporations spend the billions required to set up the infrastructure and the population increases 3 fold to have enough workers. America has always relied on some form of slave system to maintain its consumer appetite and corporate greed. It’s bred into the psych. Don’t always believe the hype, use logic after all that’s what got ivanka all her Chinese pattens, and daddy’s cheap shirts and ties

    2. @Ixights the usa makes those masks using canadian pulp
      .usa relies on canadian goods materials considerably..

    3. You can say that about almost everything: car, computer, software, cloud service, etc. That’s why China embraces self-reliance policies. Even western countries stab each other in the back in such case. China can’t rely on western countries for its own prosperity. Trump at the moment is hindering China’s semiconductor industry, but China will overcome this obstacle in the long run.

    4. @PA G how pray tell is Trudeau turning our country into a 3rd world. The americans, china and saudis are treating Canada like the new Africa. That has nothing to do with Trudeau. If you disagree give me some examples.

    1. It *is* confusing. Because they do call them “N95 ventilators” for some reason. Maybe it tests better in marketing studies? Not sure.

    2. You bash President Trump then wonder why he’s not helping. Your morons, you deserve what you get.

  1. We have our own companies that make masks etc here in Canada.
    Zenith-Safety-Products and some others make masks etc. I bought N95, N100 P100 masks at regular prices

    1. Rose Stewart Can’t afford it, Trudeau needed a raise and the illegals need room service and dental care.

  2. This is why we as Canadians need to manufacturer our own things and protect our manufacturers from leaving Canada!

    1. TJMCMASTER pretty sure 3m does not manufacture masks in the Canadian plants. Mostly just office and building supplies.

    2. chris So what the problem when China gaining power ? Canada will be Canada, nothing will be effected

  3. Look who’s panicking and hoarding now.
    He’s like a month too late. Next month he’ll be looking for respirators.

  4. This coronavirus is a tragedy for sure, but honestly Im glad its showing Corporate Capitalism and Globalism for what it really is.

    1. Crood everyone should have known America was the most selfish garbage country in the world, I mean it’s been obvious for so many years. This shouldn’t be shocking to anybody

    2. kinda new this before but having this time to think and realizing soberingly that human life in “civilized countries ” is all just making money ?? money money !! looking out for each other ?? nah money money !!

  5. There is a 3M manufacturing plant in Ontario. Why doesn’t Trudeau order them to produce masks?

    1. Blue Marbel because Trudeau is a do nothing pm who values Muslims over natural born Canadians and only protects pedos. Your dollar is tanking and your tax is %15. Enjoy voting him back in.

    1. Should Canada manufacture everything we need and cut imports to zero? Even if stuff is cheaper elsewhere?

    2. @ExPFC Wintergreen v2.0 Like I said in other posts…Wages are too high in Canada. They should be taken back to the 1960 level and cut wasted government spending elsewhere.

    3. Roger Weir this is why trump got elected but the democrats for 3 years have prevented him from trying and laughing at him

    4. I’m glad to see these comments… Has Canadians spread the word never forget. The truth was exposed our countries cannot produce anything because factories were dismantled jobs lost for the cheap labor overseas… Now look where we are a country that cannot fend for itself. Great comments here today

    1. @Shaq Kobe Dont throw it away after using it. You can sanitize it after use and re-use it again. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide can be used to sanitize it without degrading its integrity. But if you dont have a vaporizer…. u can always try to mist out a bottle of hydrogen peroxide onto a mask.

    1. Hiecrashgeek Studios …why can we not make alot of things ourselves…have green house on large scale to grow veggies etc.. Lets make Canada proud…do things for ourselves…Maybe we should build a wall? Lol…just kiddin…did Donald finish the wall? Hope there was enough masks for the poor cement workers…Lets work with what we have…amaybe Mr. Trudeau would go with that…everyone always runs him down…must be hard for him to even try…sad..

    2. @Joe Smo …I beg to differ with you…I already know the kind I want…with the attached sun glasses, big nose and furry eye brows! …I think that would make a person look intelligent…and serve to make a statement!

    3. cuckservatards are so narrow and simple minded. You can’t just setup a random building and let anyone make medical grade masks, not to mention automation and machinery reduces the need to hire every moron avaiable

    1. @Stay Positive But we don’t need to. You act like we can’t be independent. We have all the resources we need to make PPE. My mom can make PPE easy. Stop acting like we need to count on Canada or any other country when we don’t. PLASTIC AND FABRIC aren’t super rare!

    2. @Stay Positive the paper for the n95 IS made in Canada…and yes Canada will be starting making n95 mask …sorry brainless clown !

    3. @Nebula One those mask are made with a special wood pulp whos coming from here so ok will m1ke our own and youll create those mask from thin air since will keep it for ourself

    1. Your economy would buckle. 3/4ths of your exports go to the United States. We could cut off military protection and you would have to increase military spending, further straining your economy. Say goodbye to that free health care you value so much. Crazy that you think we’re in the wrong for putting our citizens first. Canada has 14,000 cases compared to 311,000 in the USA, yet 3M would rather sell to Canada.

    2. @Ole Tim Herr Why doesn’t Trudeau stop that??? It works BOTH WAYS you know. Trump is playing dirty. Time to teach HIM a lesson.

    3. @Guess Who I don’t understand WHY 3M IN Canada, is following Trump’s rules. If they are in Canada.. they SHOULD BE FOLLOWING Canada’s rules.

    4. no Canada is bigger than trump we should show resolve and be what we are THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD Canada is already great and we are better than his ideals

  6. “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” — Lily Tomlin

  7. Trump looks pretty high on what ever he taking,everyday trump comes up really short on anything

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