Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg Pleads Not Guilty To Tax Charges 1

Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg Pleads Not Guilty To Tax Charges


Trump Organization chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, pleaded not guilty to tax charges in a Manhattan court after a grand jury indicted him and former President Donald Trump's company in a case over its business dealings.

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    1. @soujourne Even if the entire trump family tries to lay it on Weisselberg, it won’t fly. If that were the case, no one would ever go down for evading taxes. “I didn’t know” doesn’t fly for 30 years. If his accountant is like my ex’s he or she would have made him sign a contract every time acknowledging the types of things that might be considered income. To not claim $1.63M in income over a 30+ year period saved him what? $30k in annual AGI? A $12k annual tax savings is not worth spending all of your remaining years in prison. Given the length of time he did this, I’m sure every one of the 12-15 employees did also. A 30+yr grift.

    2. @B Bodziak What a fool. Trump & Weaselburg both remind me of that Scorpion that stung/killed the tortoise that kept them from downing. Nature is more powerful than logic (for sociopaths), even to the point of self destruction!

  1. Let’s see trump’s charity trump University now trump organization all found guilty of criminal activity does anyone see a pattern here? Lol

    1. Trumpo slept like a baby when he stole from a children’s charity. I’d be insulting snakes if I said Trumpo has the morality of one.

    2. @ Mike Hall
      Privet troll,
      Q- Nut puppet .
      Your canned speech is getting old.
      Dasvidaniya ‘ Lidl Comrade.

    1. @Bianca Culpo No, laws don’t seem to apply to any of the Democrats and Biden, his son and his brother in particular. If these mainstream media outlets could report news instead of offering their baseless accusations and opinions, the USA could start to heal.

    2. @Curtis Goss
      You forgot the word ‘race’ in the theory. I’m pretty sure we had good education throughout the 80’s and beyond. Computers came out mid 80’s and look what’s been done since. You think learning to see color before character will make people smarter? Lol being a skin color doesn’t make you smarter, if you think it does then you must’ve schooled with AOC at Boston U, she sees color but has no idea what tax rebates are or that Palestine was never a country..but a region. Crossing the border illegally isn’t a crime…remember.
      (hince..illegally …crime)

    3. @guibox3 More than 70 million KNOW that Biden didn’t win the 2020 election, and there’s plenty of proof that votes for President Trump were FRAUDULENTLY given to Joe and Kabala.

  2. Weisselberg is going to crack and flip now that he realizes he’s armed with a squirt gun facing a forest fire.

    1. @Bruce Aitken It’s not a tax error when you do it on purpose for 15 years straight my friend.

  3. Pleaded not guilty even though he obviously didn’t pay taxes on his none monetary compensations. Good try and good luck with that.

    1. Everybody pleads not guilty after all this is not a movie only on TV does anybody walk into the courthouse and say guilty only if you have a Plea agreement to plead guilty the first and your attorney tells you in any case whether you’re guilty or not is to plead not guilty so this means nothing

    2. Well, actually he has a point insofar as he is innocent until proven otherwise. The way they’re going after Weisselberg for failing to report the financial perks from his job rather than Trump himself indicates he might not personally be charged especially because his liability as a member of the Trump Corporation is limited since corporations are legal entities unto themselves. The one thing that could turn this around is Weisselberg agreeing to work with the prosecution and divulge details as to how he was acting on Trump’s express instructions.

      Still, the charges against his organization are thought to be a lethal blow inasmuch as Trump is already up to his neck in debt, and banks and investors won’t be willing to give their business to Trump. As it is there’s a long list of business affiliates who have already cut ties with Trump.

      We shall see.

  4. The beginning of the end for Trump.
    Takes time to roast turkeys. Hope the prosecutor does a full family meal for Americans to enjoy.

    1. @Terry Adams First, there’s no reason for W to play his cards until he actually knows the charges, right. He knows that he’s the biggest fish after trump (and likely the children). Until the indictment comes down and he was arraigned, there would probably not have been a deal offered to him. The DA already had Cohen and the daughter-in-law directing where and who to go for the evidence. Personally, I hope the DA offers them NOTHING. Ive thought about W’s position after he pleads “not guilty”, and he really has little to nothing to lose by just waiting to see what the new DA, who will replace Vance in January, offers him. There is always the slim possibility the next DA will decide not pursue the case at all. Doubtful, but possible. With tax evasion, people also don’t get off on technical issues. So, he IS looking at never walking out of prison. If had to wager, I’d think the DA has the evidence to indict every employee of trump org — I believe there are less than 15 in total anyway — and doesn’t need any of them to testify to the grand jury. Anyone who testifys to a NY grand jury automatically receives immunity. I think the first to “flip” will be Ivanka, at Trump’s insistence, just so she stays out of prison, but the DA may not even offer that to her. I hope not, because we know she doesn’t mind lying for her father, either

    2. @Terry Adams • He doesn’t seem like the suicidal type. I would be very suspicious should that happen.

    3. @Kat loves dogs “He doesn’t seem like the suicidal type”, lmao, EVERYONE is the suicidal type. All it takes is the right conditions.

    4. Its finallyyyy over Trmp off to The Slammer, he’ll get 2, serve 1, deserves life/HARD LABOR, NOTHING LESS

    1. Didn’t he already receive immunity? THEY will do what they know…lie, cheat & thieve! That’s all they know! Expect it!

    1. @Lilly Anderson yes there is evidence that Jimmy Carter said not to ever vote with this system yes we’ve had absentee ballots however when you get an absentee ballot you got to prove who you are to receive the ballot there is evidence that the Democrats counted illegal balance there is evidence that the Democrats kick Republicans out of the voting counting process and continued to count votes when the when the Republicans were not there and many many more atrocities that they committed on this boat the proof was there was put out by ABC CBS and NBC that’s why I seen it on their newscast where there is no evidence such as the hunts that have been perpetrated on Trump the charges have been thrown out every single one now stop acting like an infant quit holding your breath and falling to the floor and stomping your feet cuz that’s all you’re doing

    2. @Lilly Anderson one other strange thing reported by the major neck networks is the fact that Donald Trump was winning by a landslide before they counted the mail in votes

    3. @Lilly Anderson these mailing votes were never vetted properly you seen on film when people counting the votes as questions about the signatures they were told to never mind just to count them

    4. @Lilly Anderson there are people that fill down affidavitas and and if they get caught wine they can and will be charged with perjury which has a jail sentence so you tell me why a person would subject themselves to go into jail to ruining their family’s lives if they weren’t telling the truth

    5. @Shawn Whitehead tRump was ahead but not by a “landslide”. Red states had more in person voting, ignoring Covid19. The mail in votes came in later as they always do. Historically, no president with such low overall approval ratings as tRump had (and his were the lowest) has ever been reelected for a second term. tRump lost. Accept it.

  5. Trump’s next dementia test: Conspiracy, grand larceny, tax fraud, falsification of business records.

    1. Bank fraud… Money laundering… Mail fraud… Wire fraud…
      Shall I go on? Little RICO And Big RICO Donald…

  6. Soon to be “Allen Weasselberg” by Trump. “My dad should have never hired him. I hardly knew him”.

    1. His stupid supporters say “Trump can’t release it because he’s under audit” even though an audit doesn’t prevent you from releasing tax returns to the public, and even though audits NEVER go on for years & years, even in the most complex cases.

    1. @Mdlclassguy Mdlclassguy he actually had full right to do what he did. i was waiting for january 6th since october.

      because its part of the process.

      but i think the people that actually tried to overthrow the democacy are the people who claim there is no voter fraud only when it is being accused of them.

      Voter fraud was real when trump got elected.

      Then it was magically not real when it was bidens turn to get elected.

      does that not at all seem fishy to anybody?

    2. @dbspaceoditty he had no right to do what he did, he lost fair and square and resorted to violent treason to stay in power as though he were the actual president….

    3. @GigiJones your deflecting right now, not me.

      im just confused how one thing is a riot. and the other is a protest.

      yall like…dont seem to understand that yall are literally the most biased people ever.

      so when white people peacefully enter a government building its a riot.

      but when black people burn down car dealerships its a protest?

    1. “Only the ‘little people’ (i.e.: the poor) pay taxes.” — Leona Helmsley.
      He’s going to prison just as she did. He might as well fess up and on Donald Trump.

    2. He’s a rat in a trap, No escape, they got him, FINALLY,,after 20 yrs of cheating the system.

  7. Prosecutors would not have indicted Weisselberg, if they weren’t sure of finding him guilty. He best consider his options. There aren’t many.

    1. @Paul Keating Except this time they have thousands of pages of evidence. Cohen himself says it’s damning enough to make Weisselberg reconsider cooperating with the prosecution, and he knows first hand that trump does not have your back!

  8. “Trump will tell you that everything will be ok, that he’ll take care of all legal fees and that this is just a witch hunt. Then he throws you under the bus! ~Michael Cohen~

  9. Remember, the weasel’s ex-daughter-in-law has been talking to the DA. And turning over documents. You know she has the dirt on the weasel.

  10. All of this explains why Trump fought so hard not to reveal his taxes. This is just the beginning of the end.

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