Trump Organization investigation turns criminal: Here’s what we know | Just the FAQs

The New York attorney general's two-year civil probe into the Trump Organization is now a criminal investigation. Here's what we know so far. RELATED:

ALBANY, N.Y. – State Attorney General Letitia James joined forces with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who has been leading a long-running criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his family business interests, dramatically escalating the potential legal jeopardy facing the former president and his associates.

For more than two years, James had been investigating Trump and his company as part of a civil inquiry after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen claimed they fraudulently boosted property values to obtain tax breaks and better terms on loans and insurance.

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    1. @Daniel Faraday When you are invited to speak at a Nazi conference hosted by a Nazi, and you accept the offer, then yeah, you’re a Nazi.

    2. @Turtle Music Wow, what a compelling argument. Do you have another non sequitur to address?

    3. @Daniel Faraday Are you defending Nick Fuentes? It’s not McCarthyism, it’s just accurately calling him what he is. He embraces his white supremacist views and openly denies the Holocaust. This is not some controversial thing, he’s a straight up Nazi.

    4. @Turtle Music What an incredibly naive and simplistic take on the world. I guess that’s just the reality you’ve chosen to occupy tonight though, perhaps tomorrow will be more rational.

  1. If this is any indication…25 years later we will still be hearing about Trump from the news.

    1. @Coty Guidry ok, ok, ok. I admit it! Happy? I admit that the government couldn’t “do anything” to a sitting president who owned the Justice Department and still holds the Republican Party in fear as they devour each other. But you know what? It doesn’t matter what either of us say, believe or admit because justice is coming and “your guy” is on the wrong side of it. 😘

    2. @K J wacko conspiracies is the claims made about credible sources that go against the “official narrative”

    3. @autojohn2000
      No, conspiracy theory means there’s a cabal of elites with twirly mustaches finding out a way to make your life worse. These beliefs are most often taken up by people whose lives are wrecks and can only cope by playing victim to some evil higher power that’s oppressing them. People need to learn that they’re responsible for their own shortcomings whether they like it or not.

  2. Wow! So original maybe this will distract me from those pesky audits and what they turn up!

    1. @CLASSIC ROCK FULL ALBUMS & CONCERTS as far as proof goes the blind can’t see the proof just saying… You got to find that s*** out on your own

    2. @Carlos Cordova “so in other words you believe everything right wing media tells you because it fits your narrative?”

      Youtube deleted the comment I made and I’m not going to type it all again.

      I don’t believe everything right wing media says. How is that your interpretation of what I said? They feed hopes for justice, but the crimes they point to are real. Whereas, these supposed crimes of Trump are always made up. Big difference.

      And on the extreme ends of the spectrum, while the far left and the far right may be two sides of the same coin, only one has major influence with elected leaders, and only one is trying to destroy the Constitution.

    3. @Mark 975 yea exactly what I said… how is that any different from liberals and msm?do they not blindly believe everything the left wing media tells them because it fits their narrative? Don’t conservatives do the exact same thing with right wing media outlets? What point were you trying to make by copying and pasting my comment? Only thing you’ve proven is that you have no argument because you know it’s true.

    4. @Mark 975 i also like how you completely ignored what I said about Christian sects and churches…. I wonder why?

    1. @Pubbinz The Porg I believe theres 2 different investigations going on. I think the main reason why it’s taking a while is cuz the investigators are treating this as racketeering charges which there going to make a tree connecting all the small fish to big fish (trump)

    2. @Moises Montecillo bro you look so pathetic. Trump is probably the most investigated person in history at this point and still nothing. Hang it up lmao

    3. @Pubbinz The Porg well the same can be said about the Clintons, they’ve been investigated for years and still no charges…. does that mean they’re innocent? Or maybe the system is stacked in favor of the rich and powerful… 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Trumpers do this on all the videos and then people talk about it in the comments. Cool lol I don’t get the point lmao.

    1. @Aleko117 he’s a one term twice Impeached pathological liar disgraced ex president who’d rather incite inserection against our Democracy our Capitol building trying to stop a congressional electoral college certification hearing killing five people in the process…
      I could go on…you people know trump is a criminal but he’s your great white hope Messiah…you people worship him hahaha
      You were conned…

    2. During a recount of ballots in Georgia last year they suddenly found over 2,500 ballots that had not been previously counted. When these ballots were counted the result was 1,643 for Trump and 865 for Biden.

    3. @dragonfly6908 stop quoting trump Big Lies and conspiracy theories maga hat.
      Trump lost…
      Trump lost Georgia!!!!!!
      Get over it snowflake ❄️

  3. Remember when “the free press” reported that Trump ate more than two scoops of ice cream. SHOCKEDDDDD

    1. @blackler_brah I enjoy laughing. And sometimes I laugh hard enough to shed a tear. There’s literally emojis for that.

    2. @COBassin’ Addressing the nation isn’t the same as giving a live press conference on increasing the U.S. military response against the Islamic State in Syria! See the difference.

    3. @COBassin’ Oh I have. But if what you say you’re laughing that hard at makes you cry, YOUR life sucks!

    4. @Bop Sop Boy, if you knew me then you would know, I let a drive by shooter put his bullets on my body & at my face but God used 2 females to keep me from killing them after the last bullet “shot out a back window” to let me know what was happening to me. God was showing me the promise He gave me in 1994 was still truth. Because months after a prophet told me of that promise, I got shot but I still knew God had done something because it was too many holes in coat that didn’t have bullets in my back along with the 1. So 2017, God held me to let him shoot me to show me His powers to allow or not allow bullets to penetrate me. I let him go & I let the police & the corrupt company who sent them, go. When I want to cause amagedon, I can promise if God won’t let y’all kill me but only used 2 black females to keep me from killing them? That means, y’all better leave me alone. I ain’t that neg-a-ro. I fear my anger may not be what you want from me. So I have to be master of emotions or I would mess you people up. Now add to have 2 people in 2 States put their bullets on or in your body & not to go jail? You can’t imagine the kind of anger I have in me, little boy. What you see, is my tone down. Y’all better hope your actions doesn’t cause me to destroy the good in me. I am trying to help you people, but you are continuing to PISS ME OFF!

    5. @Laggy Gamer Because I don’t vote on base. I vote on the heart. And I know evil when I see it. Your policies are evil. I don’t care about how many times you heathens mention God’s name, your actions is quite opposite to His Law. Nor His Son’s Law.

    1. @Ryzerch go ahead. How bout some more voted fraud claim cases that will be rejected. You find any bamboo ballots yet? Maybe Xi Jinping interfered in the

    2. During a recount of ballots in Georgia last year they suddenly found over 2,500 ballots that had not been previously counted. When these ballots were counted the result was 1,643 for Trump and 865 for Biden.

    3. @dragonfly6908 Georgia had the Fake water leak which gave democrats time to truck in the fake Biden ballots

    1. @Joe Rubio Really?
      Because that’s the only attentions you’ll get by acting like that lmao 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    2. @KD How about when trump dropped the MOAB in Syria to play general and injured 100 of our own soldiers, not including the Syrians killed.

    1. @Sumtin wrong you people weren’t worried about tax dollars when trump wanted a wall hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
      Wanted military funds hahahaha for his wall hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

    2. @QueVee maybe one day he’ll lean to think for himself with logic and reasoning but I doubt it.

  4. I threw the first Stone but I didn’t do it, so typical and quick is one to point fingers with a smile … Nobody’s perfect, RIGHT?

  5. Meanwhile the investigation into Hunter Biden currently in the DOJ goes under reported.

    1. @INDELIBLE FAECES I’d put my life savings that Hunter will be prosecuted before Trump. There’s a good chance neither of them get convicted though.

    2. @QueVee trumps going down vro , Allen is flipping, rudy gon flip, there’s too much crime to prosecute is the problem,

    3. @Purplemamba well actually an announcement like this means that they are eye balling for whoever blinks first. They prolly have phone lines tapped for the chance Trump or an associate makes a panicked phone call.

      Trust this. If they had Trump now they’d have leaked it to the press and rushed it all to a grand jury.

  6. it must suck to be so afraid of one person that you are unable to do anything but spend months and money to no avail as whoopi said suck it up

  7. Two years into the investigation still haven’t found shot to charge anyone three years later they’re able to make it a fabricated criminal case

  8. They gotta have something to talk about besides the vote audit. Criminal charges if criminal activity is found? Fascinating news flash.

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