1. Remember Trump in 2015/2016:
    “I will release my tax Returns as soon as the audit is complete.”
    6 years after and we still haven’t Seen his tax Returns

    1. That is as far as the IRS can go on fraud. And remember the reason Trump would not share his tax information, despite the fact when ran for President, his taxes became public. He has been hiding the big lies of fraud for years. He will be in prison soon enough.

    2. . . . . . . It doesn’t affect President Trump at all, just the people that worked on his tax work. The accounting firm may go bankrupt after all the people sue them for all the damage that they did!!!!

    1. @Drealskero I’ve said the same thing. Trump told his followers essentially “you can’t believe anyone but me”. They fell for it. They fell for it hard. Hence the radicalized right and Jan 6th.

      Trump has always known. If he controls the narrative, they’ll follow him anywhere. Even if it’s into a dictatorship. He’s a brilliant con man………

    1. @Business Man
      Turns out DONTHECON was doing urine therapy research for covid with the Moscow hookers not colluding 😁 lock him up

    2. @Startrek1965 It doesn’t affect President Trump at all, just the people that worked on his tax work. The accounting firm may go bankrupt after all the people sue them for all the damage that they did!!!!

    3. all you people do your own taxes. you never signed the release of liability letter required for all accounting firm clients to avoid what happened when enron tanked they took their accounting firm with them.

    4. @Business Man ABSOLUTELY “AGREED” , add to that the MSNBC big FIND by rACKAEL madCOW on TRUMP’S tax returns. That find turned out well for DEM 😂. Add the extraordinary of Stormy, guided by that DEM , publicized by none other, their PATREON SAINT 😇. mICHAEL AVANETTI. That went well 2 😂 and where is he “NOW”… Let’s add their full MISGUIDED disdain on the DisPeachment. That FARST was a shame to our DEMocraZy 👈. This is nothing more than a CONSPIRACY and lot more can be ADDED to the DEM lunacy. At the moment WHERE ARE WE /”U.S.”NOW. But to DEM and FAKE NEWS, misguiding these glutinous FOOLS, furthermore these 🐑🐑🐑’ eat it up like 🤡’s that DEM are.
      In addition inflation went up ONE % (1) in January, in the addition to 7.9%, now to the total 8.9%, since the ERECTION of our incoherent pResident BuyDEM. What DEM don’t realize is that PERCENTAGE means a PAYCUT from every paycheck. The interesting thing we still have “TOO” (2) more years 2 DROWN. Many many more issues to cover on this MISadminitration, but for another “TREAD”.

  2. For nearly ten years, no one at the Mazars accounting firm realized that the math just didn’t add up, but they were more than happy to do business with DTJ organizations and made money from their services? Really?!🤨

    1. Wonder how trumpies gonna talk around this one?? It’s been a true spectacle watching them strain themselves to twist all the evidence Trump is a criminal.

    2. And ^^^herein lies the real reason CNN is dying.
      Non stop persecution of DJT, years of reporting an outright lie (Russia, Russia), as confirmed by John Durhams conclusions and indictments.
      Yet, they ignore that and move on to another round of slander.
      And this is why their audience had dropped 80%.

    3. ​@Johnnyerm The point is the value of real estate can’t be determined as an exact value until somebody buys it. They aren’t going to put anybody in jail because the IRS doesn’t require a certified appraisal. If that’s all they have they have nothing…

    4. @Business Man I think it’s a little bit more important that the Durham report showed that Clinton’s campaign spied on the then presidential candidate and that same presidential candidate while he was the sitting president I think that’s a little bit more important than whether trump his firm had a taxing but you’ll never see that news on CNN you’ll never see the fact that Justin Trudeau or we say traduce is calling the people having a peaceful protest terrorist yet he took up me with BLM during the pandemic the same BLM that burned down the city’s caused death damage and destruction everywhere in the United States those people aren’t terrorists but truckers who are standing up for their civil liberties and their freedom just a trido considers them terrorists I’d like to say CNN goto hell

  3. The fact that that company held out that long tells you what scum they are in the first place. This country is going through a long long moral famine.

    1. @Braden I’m guessing by “not worrying about gender” and “letting racism go” you mean pretending like there’s no problem because those things aren’t impacting you personally.
      The rest sound good to me, though, not to be cynical or anything, I’m also guessing we’d disagree about the details there as well.

    2. wrong they did nothing wrong. when they rewad Letitia james 115 page indictment they saw the tr uth. they immediately took action. you wish you had ethics like they do. not only that they turned him in to law enforcement with another letter. that is unheard of.

  4. We should have these sorts of investigations for Presidents before they take office.
    That means we’d probably have to vote two years ahead of position though, with alternates – in case first pick – etc – fail ethics check.
    But hey – if that’s what it takes to start getting honest, ethical, decent people !

    1. @Mary Thompson Hepler Are they REQUIRED to ? I don’t think it’s a requirement actually. I think it’s been precedent. But if it is requirement – – how in the world – once again – did the destructive one get away without doing so ?!?!?!!!

    2. @SMS that’s weird then because Biden has lower polling averages than even trump after a year. Sooooo tell me again about what Americans like? Record breaking crime and inflation?

  5. If only Al Capone had come up with the defense “This is all political, they are just out to get me” perhaps things would have worked out so differently for him!

  6. That accounting firm should be shut down and carved up like what happened to Arthur Anderson and ENRON. CROOKS!!!!

    1. they did not have the letter back then. Mazers are not crooks. trumpty dumpty is the crook. you have never had an outside firm do your taxes have you . so you really do not know how this works. the letter puts all of the liability for fraud on the client.

  7. The fact that so many still believe that this guy has any credibility, is more a reflection on Americans unwillingness or inability to discern fact from fiction.

    1. haven’t you heard of a “PARTY REGULAR”? These are people on both sides who can’t understand Normal thinking

    2. @JamesGU4 OK. So its okay to infiltrate peoples servers and a sitting presidents servers and try to extract data to push a fake narrative that a sitting POTUS is a Manchurian candidate. That doesn’t seem dangerous to you that this can happen to a POTUS let alone a private citizen? Conversation over. Bye clown.

    3. that’s the pretty strong cool aid. once they drink that there’s no going back. trump base is mostly white men.

    1. Pence can definitely brag that it only took him a year to admit he a liar. It took the accountants 20 years lol

    2. He is a hidious liar himself…… i recon when you investigate everyone in congress there are a LOT more crooks….. if not everyone

  8. This is hilarious…he’s gonna be hitting up his kids for money out of their grift-funds from their White House scams…and they’re not gonna want to give him any. Luv it.

    1. the Kushner’s owe the fat gas bag form fla a favor. he did pardon Charlie. then he has his real banker vlad . vlad takes care of his own. snowden seems to be just fine.

    1. @Stephen Nunn yeah 11 hours straight testimony numerous investigations. more GQP disinformation misinformation but jan6 was a tourist ting, a love in, the cops were hugging the rioters. uh uh huh. play me a few more bars i got the rhythm i just cannot seem to hear the music. so why are these benghazi folks not saying anything about jan6 , fake electors and the Willard hotel. nothing all that stuff must be okay right.

    2. Hunter Biden gets three and a half million dollars from a Rich family whose politically connected to the Kremlin. Hunter Biden got this friend a half-million well because he is Hunter Biden. Joe Biden used Air Force 2 to take his son to communist China and somehow get a couple of million dollars from the CCP to invest in Hunter’s investment scheme with absolutely no other investors but the investor from the CCP on that day. It’s a shame under didn’t do his painting on Air Force two this way he could have collected the $500,000 he sold his painting for to the CCP. Joe Biden told the leader of Ukraine that he has a couple of hours to fire his country’s leading prosecutor if he wants to get the check that Joe Biden has in his pocket for a billion dollars which was and approve loan to the Ukrainian government. Jill Biden said you don’t believe me call Barack Obama. What Jill Biden didn’t mention on this interview while he was bragging about it is the fact that the state prosecutor he wanted fired was investigating a fraudulent company that Hunter Biden sat on the board of . while Donald Trump made money in China that’s not strange being he’s a billionaire who invest in real estate and he made this money before he became president. Also the fact that Donald Trump hurt China with his policies is evidence of him not being bought by China. Donald Trump is the only president that I know of that became less Rich after he became president, what’s the old saying if you become rich after becoming a politician your crooked. How much has Barack Obama increased his wealth since becoming president. How much is Joe and his crooked family worth now. How about the clintons. PS I’m sending this without proofreading if you have any problem comprehending anything let me know and I will gladly clarify.

    3. @Dean Romanado yeah just over there in Brighton beach. they probably have a branch near mar a lago. good suggestion.

    4. @Business Man no their cover letter to every client signs each and every year bars thier liability. a well established time tested practice to limit their liability. as long as they just put the numbers sn buckets and dont massage them too badly they shroud be in the clear. you say youa re business man do you do your own taxes. no letter then.

    1. mazers been the family’s accountants way long than 10 years. it took a scotus decision to get them to break their oath to their client to keep his affairs provate. i think they amy have a fiduciary duty.

    1. i sure wish we the people could shut that RNC thing down. McConnell is working on it i see. He is working for the old GOP. Mitch is a crook and his wife is worse but so what. i want the GOP back i will never vote for a GQP candidate. they dont want to lead they want to rule.

  9. I possess a Masters in Accountancy degree from a top accounting program in the US. My concentration during that program was financial reporting and attestation services. So I am highly qualified to opine on this matter. His former accounting firm does provide a wide array of various services, so it is unclear to me the exact role they had in his financial statements. But based on a review of their website and based on how the news is reporting it, this company was likely an auditor for the Trump Organization. If this is the case, the firm would be correct in stating that they had to rely on what their client gave them. Though it is possible the accounting firm itself could be on the hook if they were involved in helping to manipulate the numbers. Or if they were aware of the problems and not confronting Trump about them. The bigger problem, though, is that this could have a tremendous impact on Trump and his net worth. Depending on the nature of covenants for debt the company has, this could result in some or all of those debts coming due immediately which could create a massive liquidity issue for the company. And good luck getting some other lender to put up money when you can’t rely on a decade worth of financial statements. It is virtually impossible to overstate the seriousness of this problem for the Trump family. Not only does it open them up to possible civil and criminal matters that could result in significant jail time and fees, it poses a significant risk to the existence of the firm. I have seen publicly traded companies declare bankruptcy because of matters nowhere near as serious as this. I have been saying for years that this kind of problem could be the downfall of Trump and I am ecstatic to see it playing out now.

    1. God Bless you. most of the folks here do not understand that the letter holds the accounting firm harmless from the lies of the client. didn’t that occur when enron took thier accountants down with them or did the firm manipulate the numbers as you suggest? yup trump is now fucked. Charlie owes him a favor he did pardon then old man Kushner. The Kushner’s could bail him out or buy him out. I think Putin will come through again. allegedly trumpty dumpty has been a loyal soldier for many many years. Vlad takes care of his own. snowden is still alive and well.

    2. Thankyou for your insight wonderful news if this can finally bring this nightmare of a man into justice🙂🙂🙂🙂😞

    3. Hopefully this will finally break the back of Trump. But America still has a wee little problem… Tens of millions of Americans who believe in Trump and all his lies.

  10. Didn’t Trump BRAG about not paying his fair share in taxes, during his Rally’s, claiming he is this SMART, and his supporter’s laugh and gave him big approval for doing so?

    1. @Prittsy Its not a loophole.. it actualy is spelled out in the tax code. It was put there on purpose after the government failed at housing like it does with everything it touches.

    2. @Just Aguy You need to turn on the news.. she was just caught hiring a hacking group to hack into an elected official. Thats a violation of quite a few laws and is getting really close to espionage. This came out about 3 days ago

    3. @William Arrington Durham is in REAL trouble with this investigation, and you should know it. He knows this data preceded Cheeto being in the White House. In fact Michael Sussman, who is named in this filing, began working with the cyber security in the White House in order to secure data for Obama. He’s pleaded not guilty, because this is going to crumble completely. And you want to blame any other news organization for “yellow journalism?” You have your Cheeto Jesus calling for the death penalty, like he did for the Central Park 5 (remember that, champ?) without real evidence of their guilt. And the evidence here is wilting fast.

  11. He put himself in this spotlight when he could have just quietly retired from reality TV. The corruption could have gone unnoticed, but he drew attention to himself.

    1. Interesting! I wonder what kinds of DUTIES Mazars has breached during this 10-year run? Conflict of interest – I wonder if they advised the Trump family to do (fill in the blank) and NOW Mazars has immunity in exchange for testimony – Conflict of interest indeed!

    2. yup i say the second worst thing he did was win he actually lost. the first worst thing was not pardoning Cohen. then having his probation agreement revoked because Cohen wrote a book. Trumpty dumpty used presidential power to do what any mob boss would do. He locked cohen up for revenge. that didnt go well.

  12. Now that it has gone public, it has become a conflict of interest. The BS that goes on behind the scenes with the rich and powerful never fails to nauseate.

    1. . . . . . . It doesn’t affect President Trump at all, just the people that worked on his tax work. The accounting firm may go bankrupt after all the people sue them for all the damage that they did!!!!

    2. Trump is bleeding money fighting. good thing he has a grift going with the RNC. as Mitch pecks away at trumpty dumpty his relevance will fall and the suckers at the RNC will finally realize they have been had.

    3. And ^^^herein lies the real reason CNN is dying.
      Non stop persecution of DJT, years of reporting an outright lie (Russia, Russia), as confirmed by John Durhams conclusions and indictments.
      Yet, they ignore that and move on to another round of slander.
      And this is why their audience had dropped 80%.

    4. @Steph J . . . . . . . .. . . . . . I will give a million dollars to anybody that can provide me of video of Hillary Hitler Clinton cleaning toilets when she goes to Federal Prison!!! Hopefully they will get Bill Weinstein Clinton for all his rapes and sexual assaults and he can join Hillary Hitler Clinton in Federal Prison!!!!!

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