Trump pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Kushner’s father

Trump pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Kushner's father 1


President Donald Trump announced 26 new pardons, including ones for longtime ally Roger Stone, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner's father, Charles.
The pardons extend Trump's streak of wielding his clemency powers for criminals who are loyalists, well-connected or adjacent to his family. While all presidents issue controversial pardons at the end of their terms, Trump appears to be moving at a faster pace than his predecessors, demonstrating little inhibition at rewarding his friends and allies using one of the most unrestricted powers of his office.
The pardons of Manafort and Stone reward two of the most high-profile and widely condemned former advisers of the President, both of whom were indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller, went to trial and were convicted by juries of multiple crimes.
Manafort, who is serving home confinement, admitted his crimes and initially agreed to cooperate with Mueller then lied to prosecutors, while Stone never cooperated after lying to Congress to protect the President. Manafort spent close to two years in prison for bank and tax fraud, illegal foreign lobbying and witness tampering conspiracies before being released because of the Covid-19 pandemic, while Stone's sentence for obstruction of Congress and threatening a witness was commuted by Trump earlier this year days before he was set to surrender.

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78 Comments on "Trump pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Kushner’s father"

  1. An impeached president shouldn’t be able to issue pardons.

    • They should charge him with abuse of power again. Even if they can’t legally, screw it. There are plenty of loopholes in the laws. Trump sure uses them.

    • @Flávio Sousa He was impeached. What are you talking about. Look it up

    • @John haworth Riiiiight.

    • The Senate dishonored the Articles of Impeachment. Just go read it.

    • Why? He was not found guilty of the offenses that he was impeached for, so why are you stupidly saying that he should be “punished” when he was basically found ‘not-guilty’? You do realize that being impeached by the house is basically the same thing as being indicted in civilian criminal court, right? In the impeachment process the house is basically like criminal court holding grand jury hearings. In both processes the house and the grand jury “bring charges” to be tried in a trial.
      In Trump’s case you could equate it to him being indicted by a grand jury then taken to trial where he was acquitted. Do you also suggest that we incarcerate people who are indicted but acquitted at trial? That is the same exact thing you are suggesting happen to Trump: you want him punished although he was acquitted of the charges that the house brought against him!
      I sincerely hope you don’t work anywhere near a criminal justice place. you would punish people just because……..just because you do not personally like them!

  2. Just goes to prove that Trump is the biggest criminal in the States. He makes the Mafia look innocent!!!

    • MrMalcolm MrMalcolm | December 23, 2020 at 10:15 PM | Reply

      The president’s goes to show how brainwash many of you people are. Because you are completely acting like Trump is doing something illegal as well within his presidential powers so pardon folks it’s nothing wrong with that. Again this is CNN and it brainwash cultivist acting like Trump is doing something illegal.

    • He took their blueprint little did we know Giuliani went after the mob cause he wanted to be the mafia

    • @MrMalcolm MrMalcolm Selling pardond snowflake is illegal. Butb the subject is ethical. Are you ok with opening prisobs to allow mass murderers free for paying cash for the freedom. Are you ok letting convicted criminaks out of prison because they can psy for it.

    • @tomtube1012 You can bet it will be revued. Thos scumbag has opened a lot of things to look at. A complete criminal. Maybe the first ex president to be incarcerated.

    • Yet people are calling Biden a mobster.

  3. How the he’ll are you letting him get away with this America? The guys a frickin mob boss.

  4. It’s official, there is no justice in the United States of America.

  5. I get the feeling that Trump is googling “republican serial killers on death row”

  6. The pardoned criminals now have no Fifth Amendment protection. If prosecutors pick them up and sweat them, we could all learn quite a lot.

  7. Its sad that donnies cult members really think that he cares about them. He would sell everyone of them if he could make money on it.

  8. Most corrupt administration of all. These pardons will cement Trump’s reputation as our mobster President.

  9. He scared y’all and this is going to be his army for the coup

  10. Such a proud moment for our country. A criminal President pardoning his criminal friends and allies.

    • Oh you must be talking about bitings pedophile ring in London money laundering

    • Patricia Schoen | December 23, 2020 at 9:52 PM | Reply

      oh you don’t remember Obama and the hundreds he pardened much more then trump

    • @Paul Brown He cares about his 2024 chances. He might not pardon his direct family members if he thinks that the public outrage will harm his chances.

    • @UCnE20D95FazGhe4ODWe01cg You over here talking about this kid protesting on Veitnam. You wasn’t alive then . Now you comparing how The USA was in 69 to this. I really hope you get a grip. This is so
      you think you so smart wow. We’re you there in that time

    • Joseph Kordinak | December 23, 2020 at 10:14 PM | Reply

      @Patricia Schoen Obama pardoned people that went through the DOJ and followed the process. Trump is cutting loose all his buddies that he owed for covering for him. He is just covering his debts with the people who know where the bodies are buried.

  11. Why other Criminals should Stay behind bars then? Let’s Free all Prisoners.

  12. Gladys Behrens | December 23, 2020 at 8:37 PM | Reply

    Oh sure Jared didn’t advocate for his father’s pardon.

    The whole mess sickens me.

    • Jared had nothing to do with the pardon. Charlie already served time. The pardon was just a thank you to Jared, but it was not requested by Jared OR Ivanka! What a terrible lie!

    • @SK ONTHEROAD ok. Jared nor Ivanka requested the pardon. Then it was just 100% Trump, abusing his authority to issue pardons, for the purpose of thanking his son-in-law. A fruit basket or gift certificate to the wine-of-the-month club might have looked a lil less corrupt but I guess looking-less-corrupt isn’t a Trump concern.

    • ashley deschanel | December 23, 2020 at 10:11 PM | Reply

      Is this what a law and order president looks like? 🤔

    • @met mett You are so right.

    • WHITE PRIVLEGE PARDONS.. meanwhile BLACK men ( who did far less than the Blackwater Butchers) were executed by the Feds last week.. no “pardons” for them

  13. He is basically giving all the middle finger…and people still believe he works for a better america, yeah right.

  14. Donald Trump is the biggest fraud in America


  16. Executive Clemency has never been used in such a brazenly self serving manner.

  17. eddie hernandez | December 23, 2020 at 8:50 PM | Reply

    absolutely the MOST CORRUPT president we have ever had in the USA.

  18. Imagine that! The kingpin of government crimes pardons his criminal cabal.

  19. He should pardon all republicans, all of them are TRAITORS or criminals.

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