1. @Texas Trad actually you’re low informed. Idk where you got that Russia Has a low economy when it in fact has a massive economy. Obviously not as big as the U.S but billion times bigger than Texas. Dont lie to yourself and actually look at the facts. Also, Russia and China do in fact beat our power combined. Stop getting your info from fucking InfoWars.

  1. Revolutionary Guard general tells state TV that Iran warned US military drones several times before firing missile.(AP)

    1. Trump is on to the Deep State’s tricks. He didn’t take the bait. He sure got them excited about it. HA! VERY smart man. Using IRAN is old hat as the DS playbook is terribly predicable at this point. Many of those who wrote it are now dead and their predecessors aren’t nearly as clever. When you realize that the USA is in a silent war many things that 45 does and says will make sense. Until then, either go back to sleep or continue to blindly follow the MSM like the sheep that you are.

    2. Did you see the look Bolton the Warmongers face with pursed lips he looked pissed lololololol loser

    3. Bret M – No Deep State this time – he needs look no further than across the cabinet table at Pompeo and Bolton… no love for Trump but thank God he’s no warmonger.

    4. @Bret M Sheep, you sound like all you do is watch fox and praise trump. Talk about sheep ya fool.

    1. @A Fucking Bird nothing. Soon you will learn that the only solutioon to my and your problems is a war!

    2. Truly sad that ppl want to go to war. Has war ever solved anything . They tell you lies, decieve you to think they are the enemy, when you your self is the enemy. If you want war then so be it destroy everything that is here including yourself.

    3. @jason derek thanks brother i was 1/ 6 81s plt…ground pounding mortarman…i still dont hear too good but the nightmares went away some…how bout you?

  2. “Relatively late in THE GAME”??? This isn’t a game pal….Choose your words more carefully young man. If conflict breaks out: many, many innocent people will be murdered by American forces….Is that “a game”?

    1. This isn’t a game, but a regime that poses an existential threat to American ideals and ambitions must be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

      All this asinine talk coming from coward Americans and Europeans regarding peace with Iran should be shot immediately. Only the complete destruction of Iran will bring peace back to the ME.

      A draft must be implemented in order to achieve our objectives. Long live America

    2. @Virtusetviti I think we need to take a step back and recognize that it isn’t America’s job to take down a foreign theocratic dictatorship just because they’re oppressing their people. It’s unreasonable to call those who aren’t willing to give up American lives ‘cowards’.

      Now, that doesn’t mean there’s no reason for America to get involved. After all, they shot down one of our reconnaissance drones in International Waters. That being said, the question that should be asked before the United States goes to war is: what do we gain from it?

  3. Trump just tweetet that the US was 10 minutes away from starting a war with Iran (without the congress’ approval)….let that sink in for a moment.
    You are not currently in another war because Trump, 10 minutes before a strike he approved, changed his mind.

    1. Yeah let’s pretend Obama didn’t start 7 wars, and reject Christian refugees that were being murdered in the Sharia governments they setup. Let’s pretend there isnt an open slave market in Libya. This is so beyond partisan politics. And yet you still watch CNN bemoaning us not being in another war. LET THAT SINK IN.

    2. @Jeannie Myers Brilliant and trump never have gone together. trump is the opposite of brilliant. We are in this mess because of him and his “brilliant” decisions.

    3. Since Abe Lincoln we have been in Martial Law.
      Technically since 9/11 the President has had martial law powers hence why we have executive actions.

      the POTUS (ragardless of the person) NEEDS NO APPROVAL FROM CONGRESS.

  4. United States has a record of being aggressive, not listening to other countries and igniting wars while pointing the finger so it makes sense.

    1. Fk you
      I’m from iran and iran has shot down the drone in international space. Are you stupid or something ?

    2. @Charles Lowe he is right but now america is not starting war because it was afraid of china and russia if there was no russia america would have statred war.

  5. Straight out of the John Bolton playbook. Tighten the noose and poke them in the eye until they poke back so we can justify a casus belli against them.

    1. USA is over in middle east,you have a cowrd president,and cowrd army,USA is home of coward.your plane is down, so what????

    2. El Mismo Sol I think you misunderstand. I don’t want to be pushed into another illegal and offensive war against a country that we provoked.

    3. Americans dont hate other nations so much. In fact all your races are here together and we all love each other. We make babies with each and every one of your races. Daily the dirty style. We pound town all races and we breed to make more american babies. Lmao

    1. This time it was a drone they shot down. Do we wait until they blow up actual Americans next time and then strike back? Not arguing for it, but to say “for a piece of metal” is wrong, because the reason would be to prevent that American soldier from being the First casualty by striking back now.

  6. Either this decision actually happened, or Trump is bluffing. Either way, a “stable genius” he is not. He’s reckless and stupid.

  7. ‘Trump he CRAZY bloodthirsty warmonger tryin to start wars!’

    Moments later….

    ‘Trump he a big coward won’t even start a war!’ 😂💦

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