Trump Rages As Senate Votes His Second Impeachment Is Constitutional | The Beat With Ari Melber


    1. @smart knucklehead I didn’t forget Trump’s call to Georgia Secretary of State, Trump tried to steal over 11,000 votes.

    2. @Iris Hewlett Did you just repeat your ignorance on several channels..
      And do you think it makes a difference?

    3. @smart knucklehead You really want it to be true.. But you end up being a looser AGAIN… Go get an education kid

  1. Let’s be clear, the only reason we’re going through a 2nd Trump impeachment, is because republicans in the Senate refused to do their job in the 1st impeachment trial. If they had had the courage, integrity, and moral fortitude to uphold their oaths, and put the country and the Constitution before their own morally bankrupt party, we wouldn’t be here today.

    1. Now watch, the republicans in Senate will not vote to impeach trump, just like the first time. Those senators are as guilty as trump, if not more. It’s because of them that trump went this far, he was allowed.

    2. @Margarit Pogosyan What’s there to watch 😅.It’s just another simple case of history repeats,n I’m sure every democrat and sensible American knew this right through.Sheer waste of time.

    3. @Chad Simmons You are obviously confused, It was Trump that gave MASSIVE tax cuts to the top 1%.
      As for the stimulus cheques, They don’t just go to tax payers mate.

    4. Also can you imagine how COVID would have been better managed and how many dead souls would still be alive today if those same senators who are still refusing to accept responsibility or honour their oath had voted to impeach a year ago. Just 1 year ago. Shame will walk with each of them for the rest of their lives.

    5. @Peter T you need to take a look in the mirror after you watch that policeman being squashed in the doors & how he was beaten while screaming for help. No amount of money in tax cuts as you call trumps gift to you can make this crime go away


    1. More than once, I read comments from Trump supporters that the damage wasn’t that bad.

      Also, more than once I read Trump supporters calling the rioters Antifa and Democrats. I wonder how Proud Boys feel being called Antifa by one of their own?

    2. Awwww….👈😁…

      The “4 year cycle” of “bunched panties”
      appears to be “extended” this
      election cycle…👈🤣

    3. “Hi !….. I’m Joe Biden !…👈😁….

      ….and if you hate mexican children
      in cages, you ain’t black….👈😁….


    4. We can not ignore this horrific behavior! Never in my 60+years, have I seen such a brazen attempt to forcefully overthrow our democracy!

  3. Trump watched the events of January 6 from the safety of the White House with a gleeful look of satisfaction on his face. He knew that they were storming the Capitol on his behalf. He knew because he had sent them there, and his name was on their lips as they r@m.paged throughout the Capitol. Make no mistake, Trump views the storming of our nation’s Capitol by his followers on January 6, as the single best day of his presidency. He never felt more like a dictator than he did on that day.

    1. @Pat Mahinie no, we didn’t, because Antifa doesn’t exist as the entity you MAGAts insist it does. There were multiple sources that proved much of the violence over the summer was caused by right-wing infiltrators, including the arrests of protestors who turned out not to be BLM protestors. Protesting for social justice and racial inequality is not anything like domestic terrorists storming our nation’s capitol with the intent to murder public officials based on the false belief instilled in them by a craven, lying conman that they had somehow been cheated out of an election that the conman lost fair and square.
      Yes, there is emotion involved because people were terrorized, policemen, who were left without aid or backup, were tortured, beaten, and even killed.
      You know what, Pat? Take your rationalizations and shove them. We’re tired of your type pretending you sit on some moral high ground.

    2. @Pat Mahinie it was not a protest turned into a was incited by trump when he said, ” fight and fight hard” and “not to show weakness”…. theres nothing emotional there…and that’s not a peaceful protest…… no wonder drumpf loves you, you are special to him

    3. @Pat Mahinie Biden was not president then and antifa does not exist…btw ,do you know what antifa means..

    1. @Jack Sparrow
      What are you winning bird brain?
      He LOST the election.
      Good thing he’s got a bunch of ball kissers in the Senate.

  4. I wonder what tRUMP’s reaction would be if a violent lynch mob invaded Mar-a-Lago the way his violent lynch mob
    invaded Capital Hill?

    1. @Console news flash: he was still president when the impeachment started. Just cause he’s no longer president doesn’t mean he can’t still be held liable for the crimes he committed while he was president. We don’t care about impeachment, we care about the insurrection crimes trump committed. If a murderer kills someone and leaves the state, he’s still guilty of the crime no matter where he goes

    2. @Trapkos oh I get it. You didn’t watch the video either? You know, the video above where it was explained in fairly plain English, that the senate voted that the trial was indeed constitutional.

      Maybe you should watch videos before commenting, it’ll add context for when you’re reading other responses to the same video.

    1. @Edward I’m kindly asking you to not include the church to this whole things. I am an active Christian myself and I can assure you that none of these people come even close to being Christian. They can call themselves that, go to a “church”, and pretend they’re holy. But let me be clear, they are not the church, they are not Christian. They are entitled thugs. I hope this didn’t come off as offensive lol. I just don’t want you to believe that even one God fearing Christian is a domestic terrorist. Thank you for reading.

    2. Democrats are straight up scared of trump. Why do u think they want to try to impeach him so he doesn’t run. Too bad. A third failed impeachment , see ya in 2024

    3. @Being Framed & Setup Storm They have no choice. It doesn’t matter what they care or not .MAGATS are done for and nothing will save them or Trump from what is to come hahahahaha

  5. Will you all stop talking and impeach Donald Trump what you all waiting for, and lock him up in the biggest state prison

    1. The Senate can’t punish anyone with jail time – the Constitution is specific about that sort of thing, it’s called a “bill of atainder.”

      The Senate can take away Trump’s ability to run for office. They (and the House) can temporarily arrest and jail non-coperative witnesses, but only for the purpose of compelling testimony.

      Anything beyond those powers must be adjudicated through the courts.

    2. @Jordan Rodrigues Just change the laws. What’s so hard about that? They’ve already gotten rid of the 4th amendment. Get rid of all the amendments that are unconstitutional I say.

    1. Those were his defences lawyers? This is a joke….they were awful..I heard one of them represented Bill Cosby…you know what happened to him…those jelly backed , spineless republicans need to convict Trump. Case closed

    1. Only morons believe in him now. Sadly, there’s plenty of them. Anyone who supports trump essentially is against our democracy. That simple.

    2. @David salo The reality is that nothing is going to happen. He is not going to be convicted and this is just a waste of taxpayer money.

  6. The Republican Party has lost the brilliance of patriotic sentiment and has become a rogue with no education and cultural consciousness.

    1. Yeah but that was back in like 1865. They haven’t given us a quality candidate since Eisenhower (and he wasn’t even really a Republican)

    1. To be fair, there is really no rational argument Trump’s lawyers can make. But yeah, the Senate Rs are too cowardly to do the right thing, but they need to be on the record for it, for posterity’s sake.

    2. @Chris Hardin Who knows. They never show the video of him saying this though: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

    3. @Chris Hardin The election was stolen, from me, from you and from our country. We truly need to understand the meaning of incitement.

  7. Is there ever a time when the Stable Genius is not “raging” like a whiny baby who needs a diaper change? 🤔

    1. Yeah, I heard about the “rage”…👈😏…

      The “rage” is “all the rage”
      with y’all…👈😆…

      …cept’ I never saw him “rage”…👈😏..

      I read plenty of MSM vid titles
      TELLING me, that he’s “ragin'”…👈🤔…

      But I never saw him “ragin'”
      and I’m pretty sure every dweeb
      in here is gonna dump links on me
      that purport to show “rage”….👈😏…

      I’m 100% sure it’ll be
      IN THE TITLE !…..👈🤣.

    1. But they need 67 votes, which means they need 16 republicans to vote for impeachment. That isn’t going to happen.

    2. So, this is just another “reality”
      show with bad players ?…👈🤔…

      Perfect, for you mindless dweebs…👈🤔

    3. @Joe Johnzo You’re scared shitless of democracy and a changing demographic that has had it with old white men like you.

  8. The senate republicans, in 2019, allowed this insurrection to occur when they let trump off the hook for the bribery and coercion of Ukraine.

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