1. From a distant shore.
    The American justice system must deal with this malignancy, for the sake of democracy everywhere.

    1. @Safe & Effective control over sheep (Andy peltola)There are several types of republic… including ” banana.”

    2. @Safe & Effective control over sheep (Andy peltola) we are a democracy on a Republic because we vote democraticly

  2. How one man can demand so much from so many sources with no accountability.Its stuplifiying.The Insanity of it all!

  3. Thank God, it’s about time! Time to snowball all the impending charges. I’m calling for a national celebration

    1. He “effed” with a stripper and they going to arrest him for that , meanwhile the real crime family is walking around free Please!!!

  4. Its going to interesting to see the GOPs posture after the indictment. Itll be like they never heard the name Trump.

    1. Its sad if this really bottles down to a payment case. Out of all the sh*t that he has pulled – if America cant do better, its sad!!!

  5. That’s probably because his attorney got a notice that his client needs to turn himself in by Tuesday. He’s not psychic.

  6. Here in NYC, grand juries don’t convene on Tuesdays. So I’m guessing he’s being indicted on Monday and was given Tuesday as the date of surrender.

    1. @Eu, ora pois sure is, I mean the evidence is overwhelming.

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