Trump ‘S**t Show’: ‘Anxious’ GOP Fears Trump Impeachment Evidence | MSNBC

Trump 'S**t Show': 'Anxious' GOP Fears Trump Impeachment Evidence | MSNBC 1


As democrats prep impeachment vote, the GOP worries "worse" evidence on Trump is yet to come. One republican senator telling The Washington Post defending Trump amid the Ukraine scandal is "like a horror movie" as Trump is greeted at the World Series with impeachment banners and loud boos. Aired on 10/28/19.
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Trump 'S**t Show': 'Anxious' GOP Fears Trump Impeachment Evidence | MSNBC

84 Comments on "Trump ‘S**t Show’: ‘Anxious’ GOP Fears Trump Impeachment Evidence | MSNBC"

  1. To all the people saying we have to ‘Respect’ the office. I say once he starts respecting the office of the president of the United States of America then I may consider. Until then Lock Him Up!

    Side Note: I thought that was Steve Carell standing in front of Trump for about 3 seconds. I was like Steve Noooooooooooo not you too! (It’s not him lol)

    • @T BonedI got nothing but love for you, please stop the hate,

    • @T Boned see you in love with Trump,you believe in Trump , I’m don’t believe in trump

    • @G Manloh
      I understand they are hard to ignore! The request was made knowing the likelihood of the source would be from a conspiracy theorist and not facts. So, yeah, sometimes we have to call a bluff.

    • @T Boned Just how stupid are you? Actually, let’s just cut to the chase……. you’re a f**kwit.

  2. He probably thought the red hats and red shirts was his base.

  3. Lock Him Up, is exactly what needs to be heard right now. Honor your oath to to the Constitution. Worry not about your pocket.


    • Think hard. Take away emotions. Look at results. Write down only facts. Highlight in yellow the positive things in 3 years. There’s only one rational decision in the end. TRUMP 2020. (And I’m a Democrat – so save the bias stuff for the mirror).

  4. 45 and the GOP are so completely finished. Only traitors will ever vote for them again….

    • @The Boxing Fan Mitch McConnel is really the biggest obstacle. I would trade a guaranteed loss of the presidency back to Trump over a guaranteed majority of a Democratic or a Bi Partisan Senate

    • T Boned I bet this guy is an incel too. MGTOW, perhaps? 🤣

    • JamieLan2011 A traitor is someone who works for another country’s interests at the expense of our own. Trump is a genuine traitor. He’s been working for Russia’s interests this whole time.

    • 45 meaning TRUMP. Do you get it? You poor deranged individual that can’t see you’ve been living in the best economy ever in history right now. Only a terrorist would attempt to stop it. Ya, that’s you. Add treason to yourself, too.

    • @olobar5 Sure champ, the “economy” is sure a good reason to ignore the fact 45 and the GOP are the biggest traitors in U.S. history….derp..

  5. Melania only comes out of her shell to clap for orange Henry the 8th.

  6. Half Sissy Republicans. Worry more about your party than the Country.

    • @Kathy Weis yea they have been doing this for 3 years and they know they dont have strong candidate so only way to win is treasonous

    • Moscow Mitch blocked timely election protection. Works for him and his GOP Cult! Gerrymandering of all the dictatorships of the whole Bigly world. Moscow Mitch collects breaks all Ethics and worships his proud criminal moments.

    • Is that right? What have the Democrats done. Pass USMCA? Pass anything for that matter. NO. They will do only what is good for them and their Bank Account.

    • Half sissy from the ppl that litterraly cryed for 3 years about Russia and now it’s Ukraine that’s rich


  8. America I vote for blue and you too America 💙💙🙋

  9. LMAO! Trump’s Administration is a Sh** Show!

  10. Boooooooooooooooooooooooolock him up! he doesnt deserve to be president of our great country.

    • jc jones 🇺🇸👍

    • If you think its so great, why do leftists want to change everything about it?

    • President Trump has made it GREAT again! If we had your party in charge our America would be one big Chicago or San Francisco! We were on our way and going down further under Obama’s leadership. The only Americans who were profitting were Michelle and Barry and all the Democrats in Congress. They all got filthy wealthy! Wake up!

  11. Trump’s facial expression has been changing. He’s very anxious.

    • AXLExGREASE jensen | October 29, 2019 at 6:47 AM | Reply

      @Wilma we all saw and heard the chants your chosen one has been publicly humiliated

    • @AXLExGREASE jensen Humiliated? They booed Bush and Reagan, too, in 94% black/leftist/liberal
      DC, although at those prices, it was mostly out of work lobbyists. Remember me when a record percentage of WORKING minorities vote Trump next year.

    • @Wilma you may want to stay quiet for a bit before you say vote for Trump next year. If he is removed from office he can never run for president again so considering he is going to be impeached and he is making it harder every day as the evidence mounts for his Republican congress to defend him he very well could  be removed from office. And your pathetic little displays on youtube won’t influence the outcome. It is better to remain silent and thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Advice every Trump supporter should be heeding right now.

    • Since the sixties we have not been this devided. All Americans want what is best for the country not just the True Patriots title that Trump supporters have bestowed on themselves. America is changing evolving to a better country not going back to the less than perfect pass

  12. Now trump feels the heartbeat of America and knows why he lost the popular vote. Too bad the stadium wasn’t filled with his paid base to stoke his ego. Impeach trump!

  13. Trump will be ‘impeached like a dog’.

  14. Also he loves tonsay how many people cheer him on at his rallies. Well he got booed by 40,000 people. I think the congreess republicans will start to worry.

  15. The sooner Trump leaves office, the sooner he goes to prison.


    • @G Manloh It’s a typical GOP tactic to keep moving the goalposts. Pelosi knows this which is why she didn’t hold a vote to start the impeachment inquiry. If she did, the GOP could have stalled and contaminated the process. As things stand now, the only way #45 doesn’t get impeached is a blessing from the Pope.

    • Key Ukraine “witness” who probably didn’t even exist, didn’t show up today for testimony. Hahaha🤣 Silly lieing libs done it again. You’re through! Haha.

    • @JasnoGT Just 1 more log on the impeachment 🔥 fire for obstruction of justice . Keep them coming!

    • I did not know they let people at the asylum use the internet.

  16. Putin’s puppet show is almost over.

    • Corrine Vermette | October 29, 2019 at 6:43 AM | Reply

      @Rod Allen ….where have you been not to be informed on traitor trump? Remember when he said Russia if your listening….well they listened, that why Wikileaks Julian Assange is going to prison. Trump is going to prison and so are his kids. Get use to it. It’s happening.

    • You can watch fake news all day long and all night long but if you think Trump will not win again in 2020 it shows how pathetic you have become with no touch with reality, basically you are a moron with an education worth nothing!

    • lima leaf frog | October 29, 2019 at 10:08 AM | Reply

      @mark balmer …it wouldn’t be the first time he got something he didn’t deserve. One day he will get what he really deserves. God is not mocked

    • @Rod Allen I mean… Trump literally told Russia about Bhagdadi’s death before he told Members of Congress who approve actions of war

  17. Richard Johnsen | October 29, 2019 at 2:43 AM | Reply

    You could literally see his smile deteriorate….Enjoy..

  18. He got a taste of his own medicine. Good.

  19. You can see that Melania caught onto the reality before Dumbo Don did.

    • She is capable of using her head.She’s only got one. Trump has 2. I think he has a hard time – no that’s wrong- difficult time choosing.🤔😐😶


    • Robert Alker can you imagine the tantrum Melania and the Secret Service would have seen on their way home.

  20. Conjurer Woman | October 29, 2019 at 8:25 AM | Reply

    The look on his face when he realized those weren’t MAGA hats, LOL!

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