Trump Supporter Confronts Van Jones Anti-Trump Statements!

Trump Supporter Confronts Van Jones Anti-Trump Statements! 1


Trump Supporter Confronts Van Jones Anti-Trump Statements!

21 Comments on "Trump Supporter Confronts Van Jones Anti-Trump Statements!"

  1. Trump for the Nation. My niece asked who is ttrump i told her he is a real
    leader and sshe ask me and who is hillary i told her she is the one that
    being annominated for 2016 corruption sshe asked me what u mean i told her
    well my cuntry being forced by her to pay to her fundation 16 million,
    which could save many poor families from not having a clean water and food
    to eat. My niece cried and say i dont want her she is bad women evil!!!!
    future generation reflection….on their future accrodning to my neice.

  2. Van Jones is an admitted commie

  3. when will somebody with balls start to make laws against news networks
    pumping out lies for political gain and start executing these( Van Jones
    motherfukers) or at least putting them in prison.

    • All that’s really necessary is to STOP WATCHING them. Hitting them in the
      pocketbook speaks the only language they really hear. Van Jones is an idiot.

  4. Gotta love it when the Tsars of character assassination accuse others of
    being “killers”. Ha. Ha. Ha. Sorry, shill-boy we recognize soviet Communist
    propaganda technique. Save your pig-slop for the 20-IQ-point crowd of your
    regular audience.

    Yeah, Van Johnson and we know what Obama was signaling to the world when he
    brought in his corrupt wall street buddy Eric Holder, who then went on to
    disgrace the office of the AG.

    Two-faced hypocrites, all. LUDICROUS two-faced hypocrites, at that.

  5. CNN is total BS

  6. these people have the balls to say that trumps decisions have to reflect
    what the people want and not trump himself then why don’t they have a word
    to say about 90% of our senators becoming millionaires after being elected
    to office talk about double speak as long as they try to make trump look
    bad thats all they care about if im wrong i challenge any person on this so
    called pannel to respond to me directly

  7. Dewey DEWMAN Brown | November 16, 2016 at 3:25 PM | Reply

    CNN i believe is doing everything it can to destroy Donald Trump and all of
    us that voted for him. For to destroy Trump, you destroy the millions of
    Americans who voted for him. To state Trump is a racist is to state we are
    racists due to the fact we voted for him. Anderson Cooper seems to relish
    in glory every time somebody States negative of Trump. JUST my take on it.

  8. I am impressed with the blonde who thrives in the belly of the beast.

  9. why dont you stupid people go do something meaningful with your lives. i
    don’t remember anyone talking down on who any other president picks. if
    this is who mr trump wants then that is all that madders. you people need
    have a good cry then suck it up buttercup

  10. black women not good enough for van,

  11. Michelle Martin | November 16, 2016 at 4:05 PM | Reply

    Congress just passed a lifting of the ban on propaganda and governments
    stories and that’s what this is

  12. so Van Jones says that by the cabinet that surrounds the president shows
    what’s important. So does that mean that Jews are what’s important to the
    Obummer administration?

  13. Celestial Apples | November 16, 2016 at 5:28 PM | Reply

    She is so brave to take on these salty men.

  14. If your going to keep showing CNN that has been putted for its lies. I’m

  15. There have been only 44 presidents in our history before Trump and most of
    them are dead. How the hell does every damn pundit that shows their face on
    MSM believe there are an expert on how to be a president???

  16. I will try to put it mildly :
    also :

  17. This is the Alt-Left…

  18. These people are disgusting

  19. Trump is the president

  20. I don’t know if I will thumbs up or down! But CNN evil media is ganging up
    on this woman!

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