Trump Supporter Found Guilty Of Threatening To Kill Members Of Congress After Jan. 6 Insurrection 1

Trump Supporter Found Guilty Of Threatening To Kill Members Of Congress After Jan. 6 Insurrection


MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissman and Courthouse News reporter Nina Pullano join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the guilty verdict against a Trump supporter now facing up to 10 years in prison for threatening members of Congress after January 6 Capitol riot.
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  1. “Donald Trump is a murderer. Trust me, I know. He killed me and used me to cover his scalp.”

    – A Caterpillar

    1. @Cicakkibin Amen! My phone and I combat constantly about predictive text. So far we are tied.

    2. @Tamaran Bender No, I’m just using it to mock people who think it’s okay to be brazenly entitled, hypocrytical, narcissistic, sadistic and sociopathic supremacists while attempting to label everyone who displays a shred of decency, empathy and intellect a “snowflake” and try to belittle and degrade them as being weak. It’s the tried and true method of calling someone out on their behavior by force-feeding them their own medicine, so to speak. It’s also core principle in the martial art discipline of Judo, where you’re trained in the technique of using your opponent’s own motions against them.

  2. Lock up the inciters. Start with Trump, Stone, Ghouliani, Sleepy Cancun Cruz, Hawley ,Crazy Greene and Coke Jr.

    1. @Uriah Heep Slight correction. He’s not working for Russia, he’s working for Putin. Most intelligent, decent Russians don’t like Putin, any more than we do.

    2. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! Your Forensic Audit thingy is all made up, just like QAnon, just like “Antifa”, just like “Pizzagate”. All of it, made up, just like Orange-utan’s face.

  3. Thank God! What a relief! Now now let’s do 300 more!!They dont deserve Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Leo Dawn Try to keep up, Leo. He hasn’t been sentenced yet. He’s facing a maximum of 10 years, but under federal sentencing guidelines, if he has a clean criminal record, he’ll probably get five years or less. So you’re a proud American? Have you served in America’s military? I have. And if you *REALLY* want your child to be safe, keep him (or her) away from Catholic priests.

    2. @Jon Stone I was generalizing in my comment I tend to lump together every single person who was at the capital that day.
      and you’re superior and more proud and more patriotic than me because you’ve served in the military? A lot of X military were the ones who stormed our capital, I watched them on TV for three hours! I don’t need a lecture from you Mr. And yes I absolutely will keep my children away from Catholic priests can’t disagree with you there!

    3. @Leo Dawn You can’t generalize about the defendant in this case, Brendan Hunt, because he was *NOT* at the Capitol on January 6th. He didn’t participate, and he didn’t incite. I didn’t lecture you or give you any valid reason to get defensive — unless you feel defensive about the fact that you haven’t served in the US military. When you start waving the flag and telling everyone that you’re a proud American, you can expect to be asked if you’ve served in the military. Even though I’ve served in the army, I don’t talk about being a proud American. That’s just virtue signaling.

    4. Awh, what a dummy. More fake news. What was his name? No name because then they would have to issue a retraction.

    5. @Jon Stone OK but if I was in the jury I wouldn’t want him on the streets because he’s a loose cannon, radicalized, probably owns guns and is totally the type we need to protect American citizens from!!!just judging by his own behavior and what he says and chooses to post.

    1. @Gee Lee Indeed It would definitely be nice to see someone like that in office again, but I suppose time will ultimately tell.

    2. Man good use of Trump’s words to make you relevant here. Probably the only way you’ll be relevant.

    3. @Derek Russell I’m not your son. Move to Nashville so we can see them laugh you off of the stage.

    4. @Christian Thatcher you liberals think so simple….you will never see me….it will be over before you realize what’s going on…..I will use technology to harm you….

  4. The “wheels of justice” turned a little faster in this case and that’s great, but more importantly, they ran him over as they were supposed to. Next!

    1. Exactly, quick and speedy trial. This is what we need for all criminals especially these insurrectionist clowns.

    2. @Rod Exactly, it was a crime how Biden defeated trump from the comforts of his basement. Meanwhile trump was giving his supporters Covid on the campaign trail. Next! Biden 2024

  5. Graduated top of her class at Trump University. Masters in life changing self destruction.

  6. Keep it moving quickly just like this! Everything regarding trump please keep justice coming quickly.

    1. @Kim Deese The only thing Traitor Trump has won is a permanent vacation in prison, we are all just waiting for them to award the prize.

    2. @William Springer we all saw him do it. We are very informed. That’s why he is not president now.

    1. @Christian Thatcher im not a dreamer im an american!!!! served 2 tours to durning 911 what have you done for this country

    1. No way they’re getting him for that. It’s already been decided. If anything, he’ll be indicted in his NY criminal cases.

  7. Give him the max sentence. These people must be made an example. They should face the consequences of their actions.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith I did object…it implied a threat against a sitting US president. She should have done jail time.

    2. @Cliff Long
      I am glad you said that.

      Lots of double-standards out there.

      If the women’s threats were serious then she should be prosecuted

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith Actually it was trum and the republicans that went after Kathy Griffin not the Cops and prosecutor …You are still right though, the hypocrisy is staggering amongst these wingnuts.

    4. @roberta clark brr is probably a 10 yr old…well, the mentality of one anyway…wait a minute, actually a 10 year is probably smarter then brr….10 is brr’s IQ…

    1. Everyone follows and associates with trump are indicted imprisoned Los of position or threatens democracy or lives or kills or damaged their own house in D.C. Deplorabled still worship their cult leader.

    2. @Lou Smith I wonder when someone was gonna dust off the “but Clinton card” congrats!

    3. absolutely priceless ! Unfortunately it is the truth . The only difference betwee Donald J Trump and Jim Jones is the Kool-Aid and The Bugle Boy is far more dangerous . Perhaps even on a Biblical scale . Why isn’t he being tried for treason ??? ! .

  8. Acts of hate speech and violence have been a hallmark of trumps time in office and beyond.

    1. @Reuben Riojas you need to get better friends if politics changed the way they act in life. Take for instance the 5 on Fox. Jesse and Juan argue politics all the time and they are good friends. Just remember that it was a very little number of people that rioted the senate that day. And remember republicans love life freedom and god and country. Just like Democrats. NEVER FORGET ITS THE GOVERNMENT THAT IS EVIL. POWER POWER POWER.

    2. @Marc Lewis I didn’t say it changed the way they act… I said his gaslighting intensified their anger which is why I never really talk to those friends, many of whom are ex friends now which btw they chose. Also, I don’t have a problem with Republicans but I do have a problem with Trump Supporters who put him on a pedestal above American Values. The Government isn’t Evil; the spreading of lies and misinformation is what is Evil.

    3. @mike briganti July 31, 2020. Trump frequently accuses the far-left of inciting violence, yet right-wing extremists have killed 329 victims in the last 25 years, while antifa members haven’t killed any, according to a new study

    4. @Marc Lewis July 31, 2020: Trump frequently accuses the far-left of inciting violence, yet right-wing extremists have killed 329 victims in the last 25 years, while antifa members haven’t killed any, according to a new study

  9. Make sure we vote a dem again for president in 2024 so these traitors don’t get pardoned.

  10. Finally good things are being done in the world. Finally evil people are being punished. The country is going on the right direction.

    1. Too bad people are that evil and haven’t got anything to add to a positive productive future for the country

  11. Another domino falls. If I was a Capitol Hill traitor, I’d be very worried right now. I hope he gets the full ten years.

    1. @Jon Stone Some people do not have common sense and take anyone’s word literally. That’s what happen to January 6th. If you can find Hitler’s speech which has a deep impact on regular folks in Germany at that time. No one took it seriously back then but sooner reality came to be.

      Why I said of finding Hitler’s speech? It’s difficult finding it now as it’s been censored by the media. It used to be easily accessible but now, it’s hard to find. I use it as a study case.

      Words do matter given in today’s time. Cancel culture and political correctness are just plain awful. That’s the problem of today’s time.

    2. @tr1bes I am extremely grateful that Hitler stuff is hard to find you have to agree that his words in the wrong ears would have serious consequences

    3. @Sharon Watters the problem with that is that no one could learn from history and not repeat it. If you look at Trump’s last speech, it has vibes of Hitler’s speech.

    4. @tr1bes I do get that then how do you keep hate speech from getting to the wrong people

    5. @tr1bes I’m well aware of the correlation between Trump and Hitler — I’ve referred to it many times — although I think Trump is more like the buffoonish Mussolini. When Trump gives speeches, his posturing, posing, and facial expressions are eerily similar to the old black-and-white newsreels of Mussolini’s speeches. When Trump was in office, I sometimes referred to him as the Orange Mussolini (or Cheeto-lini) but more often as Trumpty-Dumpty.

      Trump is an authoritarian who wants to be an autocrat. His MAGA followers are obsequious sycophants who eagerly swallow all of his lies. The Republican party has moved so far to the right, it has become the Fascist White Nationalist party. But the Democratic party isn’t much better when it comes to economic policies, corporate domination, and wealth inequality. The US is moving inexorably toward fascism, and I’m not sure anything can stop it.

  12. This insurrection must never be repeated and the sentences must balance the severity of the crimes they committed. Do the crime, do the time and don’t whine about it just deal with it.

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