Trump Threatens Valuable Tool For Spreading American Ideals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Threatens Valuable Tool For Spreading American Ideals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @Independent Voter hey keep it up your repping the left and being racist i love it i hope more people realize the left is racist if you don’t argee.

    1. I don’t think he’s following orders, I think he wants to be up there with the total rulers of their countries – look out America or you will all be subservient to the Trump dynasty

    1. @Jaak Savat Trump is not a racist. There is no “racism,” except from Black Supremacists like Derek Bell and Louis Farrakhan.

    2. @David Lafleche are you ok in the head? or just too ignorant eg inbicilic to understand facts or most likely just being like your idol demagogue trumpet, an altright fascist

    3. @David Lafleche Trump was a “birther” and the KKK and the broader white supremacist movement support him for a reason. He is supported by racists like you.

    4. Jaak Savat Facts????🤣 She droned on for two entire years about “Russian collusion”. And cried when it wasn’t true. And you STILL watch her?!?! Can’t fix stupid, I guess.

    5. @Rod the only reason why it wasn’t proven is the fact trumpet refused witnesses to testify and documents to be presented and that’s fact, trumpet is a demagogue liar the moment he open his big gob playing the the ignorant like the fools they are

    1. It’s actually CNN/MSNBC that is the propaganda outlet. It’s easy to see….unless you’re blinded by TDS.

  1. Putin took 1 year to rid Russia of free media, 4 years to dismantle their electoral system and their Judiciary collapsed unnoticed. Sound familiar?

    1. @Russian Bot I figured, thanks for confirming (you are very up front about it, as is obvious from your channel name). Most trolls deny it… I hope for your sake you are paid appropriately. This gig seems like an effort in futility, but I appreciate your honesty.

    2. @Rod And yet you’re here for your dose. Best you stick with your Trump Disinfectant Strategy and stay off MSNBC

  2. Now that Trump has installed his very own ‘information minister’ at VOA to push out Trump-approved -propaganda- news, he’s taking the US further down the dictatorial road. Maybe Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un will give him a pat on the head for being a good boy, and he’ll get that warm approval he never got from Fred Trump.

    1. Definitely following you man, saw your post on the other video, this is an intensely terrifying time for this country. And nearly a third (the cult) of the population refuses to see reason…

  3. America ideals, money, more money ,do anything for money, think that just about sums it up

    1. @Paul
      Yes I’m crying, I’m crying because Donald Trump and his administration are destroying our country!

    1. @Lisa Elissa at least it’s not anti-American like you liberals would have burning down building’s beating up old ladies on the sidewalk

  4. The United States needs to come out with a bill that stops presidents from unnecessary firings with no valid reasons. Trumps already doing it and there’s no guarantee that the next mad man who becomes president won’t as well. This is getting way out of hand and it’s gotta be stopped. Jesus Christ!

  5. Remember that weird photo op with the glowing orb in Saudi Arabia, the country where they murder and dismember journalists? This is all part of the plan for world domination cooked up there by Dictators Are Us.

    1. It’s funny how Fox News and other right wing outlets convince their followers that Trump is anti-globalization. The truth is that we are closer than ever to a global superstate with Putin, Trump, Kim Jong Un, MBS, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Duterte, and possibly Xi.

    2. @Jason Thompson
      Other right-wing Outlets? Name 10.
      Only thing is there’s only one…. Fox News and they’re not even completely right wing.s

    3. @Deplorable Try also Breitbart, Info Wars, OAN, Epoch Times, New York Post, Sinclair Broadcasting, etc.

      Plus there are plenty of pundits on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter who will tell you the same thing.

  6. I told y’all a couple of weeks ago that we’ve already been kicked out of the G-6. trump alliance with Russia, China and North Korea is almost complete. And the drooling nuts in Tulsa are all good with this.

    1. @Logan McLean LOL, sure. He’s really gonna go to war with the country that makes his crappy branded products where his daughter has patents on voting machines right before an election he desperately needs to win to stay out of jail.

  7. Censorship and media manipulation, an old favorite of the Dictator’s playbook.

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