Trump Trails Biden By 16 Points In Michigan, Poll Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden, 39 to 55, in Michigan, according to new polling. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 06/17/2020.
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Trump Trails Biden By 16 Points In Michigan, Poll Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I hope Bunker Boy gets Demolished in this election! From a 58 yr old, Republican! I didn’t vote for him in 2016 either.

    1. Ahh…….a thoughtful and wise Republican at last ! Hope there are thousands more like you out there. He is diminishing all our liberties, not just red and blue issues.

    2. Well thank you for that lol he’s a full blown shame to what SHOULD still be “the conservative” name… Him and his psycho supporters – They made the republican/conservative name a foul one.

    3. Bunker Boy??? So you’re voting for Brain Dead Basement Joe?……..Ok Boomer, whatever ya say.

  2. This scares me because people think we are going to win at voting him out! But, we thought he would never win!

    1. @waltzguy14151 scary to think of, the americans have absolutely no right to elect their own president. They have the right to elect a guy who do that work for them

    2. That’s right! Trump WILL be getting back in. Double down, bet on it, recoup your 2016!

    3. He won the electoral vote!! But of the big number are in swing states!! Let think positive and Vote in big numbers!! Family members, young voters this is your futher, older voters. No healthcare, Climate change and so on!! We the people can get it done!! Vote

  3. If Trump loses, he may have to be forcibly removed from office. I sincerely hope the Secret Service will “escort” him out.

    1. Doubt the orange turd will lose, Hillary lost and she wasn’t a dementia talking fool like Biden. And Biden packs smaller audiences than Hillary. We really should have picked anyone but Biden.

    2. The comments above, besides my own, reflect double digit IQ’s of whning little children who rant and rave because they can’t come to grips with being losers. Thing is, they can’t comprehend that.

    3. District of New York gat them handcuffs waiting on him.This is why trump won’t to stay in the Whitehouse.

  4. He’s going to try to get everyone sick with his rally in hopes of delaying the 2020 election. #TheVirusIsOrange

    1. @Deiter Czerwinski How’s the weather in Moscow comrade ? A lot of you playing troll tonight ?? GTFOH . I’m not sick .

    2. @Loyalist Rose I’d say you were dumber than a box of rocks, but I’ve more respect for boxes of rocks than to use such for comparison.

    1. @Pitbull18 Every single person that leaves POSITIVE track in history is a Liberal. Scientists, writers, philosophers… Hint: limbaugh, and suchlike scam don’t count.

    2. @Pitbull18 It’s easy. Thornton Wilder, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Noam Chomsky… – all those who will be remembered when your bones turn into dirt, those whose actions did not result in chaos are positive.

    3. @p0613v what do you call private gains with shared losses for large corporations? Americans love corporate socialism.

    4. Mike Bernard I think that makes his supporter smarter then Trumps. They are going to a really on Saturday even with this virus spreading in Oklahoma. What does that say about how smart they are?

  5. Remember Clinton was up front of him as well in the beginning. It’s important to keep that on mind. Don’t get to comfortable. Go and vote in November

    1. Clinton As Always Been A Dirty Person , Along With Barak Hussain Obama…. And All The Clan Of Them.
      Clapper, Brennan , Comey , MacCabe , Rosenstein, The Two Lovers From FBI…Stralk, Page…
      Lynch… All Of Them And They Have All Been Found About Out..
      But This Is What MSNBC, CNN , Have Never Told To You The People.
      You Need To Know What They Have Been Lying To You.. Just Look Out For Yourself .

    2. @linda incera Surely you are not spewing this and defending Donald Swamp!!!!!Whatever you smoking or drinking it please stop it is not healthy!!! This dude is committing crimes in real time like it is as simple as riding a bike in central park on a sunny spring day in a romantic comedy.

    3. @linda incera the only thing that came from Obama was wearing a brown suit. Can you say that about Trump????

    4. I think Biden has a much better chance than her, all he has to do is earn 80,000 more votes in three states and he wins. The difference is also that Hillary was HATED, Biden isn’t hated per say he’s just mocked about his ‘dementia’. And also Biden racked up huge numbers in the primaries- case in point, Michigan. Sanders narrowly edged out Hillary there and many counties Sanders won he won them by landslides. Wasn’t the case this time around as Biden performed FAR better than Clinton, and Sanders lost a lot of voters.

  6. “My biggest regret in life was impregnating Donald Trump’s mother” King Louie -Jungle Book Orangutan

    1. He couldn’t have had a mother, he lacks all of the things a mother gives her children, but his father was definitely not an evolved critter, at least his grandfather knew enough to emmigrate to the US illegally to avoid the draft – not one person in the Trump family tree (magically appears in 1860) has ever done military service… I’m guessing bone spurs, but could be white elite privelege, not sure. The Drumpf family (actual name) might be whoremongers but they ain’t fighters (unless you count bullying and schoolyard taunts) but everyone has their hero archetype, some people think he’s the best thing since sliced koolaid. Some say they aren’t the sharpest marbles in the box, but I’m not judging, just saying

    1. He can have it..can’t remember who else has copies.. I love the U.S. Miltary..the ones that stand for our country..
      He can search there first

    2. @E S Thank you. As a veteran, It pains me to see this draft dodger as president. Fake president, but president nonetheless.

    3. @Hexal One Your welcome.. I have been blocked from posting my evidence and my Gpa was so proud to have been of service..he taught me a lot and I took care of him till he passed at 97 last year..He was my best friend and we still never received his flag.. After Trump said that after watching my grandpa go thru Maria..have no access to his life saving meds I knew something was off..I was 30 secs into Veterans hospital as he went down..he made it with no help from Trumps 2 week long help..Please stay safe Sir, I wish you the best and Thank you for your service.. made my day!!

  7. “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!” “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” “Happy Days are Here Again…” So good you can taste it. (and see, there’s no need to clarify) lol Best wishes for your good health, ALL.
    To anyone who f’d with America, who sent propagandists to confuse and divide us… the abyss stares back. You told trolls to dive in? Well, now that you’ve got them paying such close attention, here’s their lesson in “ousting putin 101” “ousting Kim Jong Un 101” “ousting Erdogan 101” you get the idea. Welcome to democracy ALL! 🙂

    ETA: spelling

    1. If your kind cheats sufficiently, and the orange clown gets re-elected, you won’t need to go anywhere – you’ll be enjoying Venezuela right at your alabama trailer park!

    2. @M. Woller Don’t be a tiny fool. The anti-democracy attackers online WANT us to think that their attacks are happening in our own nations ONLY. See how that works for them? (you?)

    1. what is 100% real reality fact check.
      is that { United States District Court for the Southern District of New York }
      is awaiting for trump once trump goes public, no longer president.
      on the bases as follows…

    2. @ThinkingBetter An old overweight Russian woman with big hands and feets, a heavy voice and wiskers with thin flat greasy hair that flatuate with every step she takes and carries a body oder. Did I mention her shoes squeak.

    1. @Michael Wachendorf Read comment by me above a couple coments..that’s why they are voting for him..I have proof from his meeting with authorities in Texas..telling it all..He needs to get back in that bunker and dig his tunnel to see the the light..

    2. Most of the money to “help the farmers” went to corporate farms and not independent farmers. (I live in Iowa)

    1. Ridgid Rand What do you expect of a country where the population is still living in the 1850’s (and proud of it), where making money is the be all and end all and where the Law is just a plaything for the rich

    1. Repsychler 808 he may not stutter, but Trump can’t string 2 sentences together coherently and he needs a full time person to pry his foot out of his mouth. I won’t even get into the walk down that ramp.

    2. Lily 56 TDS on steroids. I’d look into that if I were you. Like him or not, he’s your president, assuming you are American. That alone desrves respect. He won the election fair and square. Get over it.

    3. Kara cast the first stone you who have commited no falsehood. Self righteousness is ugly as sin.

    1. One way to heaven : Christ I am Republican but will absolutely vote for Biden… Trump and Trumpism should be expelled from our party … The Republican party can survive 4 years but another 4 years will destroy our reputation forever.

  8. Donny boy just keeps digging himself a deeper hole, lets do him a favor and get him a bigger shovel.

    1. R A oh I dgaf about Biden either this countries 2 party system is the biggest scam since the inception of the “backed by faith “ US Dollar since 1913 the fact most of you think everything is black and white got you idiots so divided on every issue cause you can’t even criticality think.

    2. @cruz silva Trump got 8% of black votes in 2016 and still won. Now his polling among black voters is more than 20% because they are waking up, leaving the Democrat plantation and joining the BLEXIT movement.

    3. @Cornelius Gal, finally, our forefathers gave us the ability to remove a piece of trash when we saw it. Exercising that right IS patriotic. Trump should have been removed from office. Come November it is payback time. All the Republicans who kept the criminal in office, we’ll remember you.

    4. @R A, your comment has not an iota of substance. You simply substantiate the stereotype of the average Trump cultist. Pound sand.

  9. “Hes losing women in record numbers.” Don’t worry, he will cope, that’s been most of his life anyway.

    1. Women will vote for safety, especially the safety of their kids. His handling of the pandemic has cost him dearly.

    2. @A Thought Crime He already shut down China and Europe while WHO still paraded China’s lies on Covid’s non-human transmission. The DemocRATS were also busy w/ their Impeachment hoax and even have videos of their leaders encouraging people to go out, mingle, and party. Don’t watch Fake media reports.

  10. It’s a crime that we’re forced to jump through hoops to vote in this country. I’m taking a lawn chair, and I’m staying as long as it takes.

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