Trump Tried To Fire Her For Telling The Truth; Biden Wants To Give Her A Promotion 1

Trump Tried To Fire Her For Telling The Truth; Biden Wants To Give Her A Promotion


Rachel Maddow looks back at how Christi Grimm incurred Donald Trump's wrath when she spoke up about critical shortages in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, casting a shadow over Trump's lying about his administration's handling of the crisis. Grimm has now been nominated by President Joe Biden to be inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services.
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    1. @Art Turnas Not sure how to respond . It’s close to midnight here in Australia , there’s a wild party going on outside , sleep impossible , so i may as well reply – a little . “..Trump is so mean etc . ”
      Anyhoo , the only thing he has brought up which is true is vomit . Sorry mate . I left my parents ( no basement ) over 60 years ago . The way things are going , if it were possible , I would like to go back and live with Mom ( mum ) and Pop ( dad ) — but they’re dead . Party heating up . Time for the ear plugs . Bye

    2. @Billy Pardew none of what you say is true. No one knows the true origin of the virus. It could be that the virus came from the lab. Even proficient and prolific liars are right occasionally. But none of it really matters, whether from lab or wet market, once it got here our lack of leadership caused many more deaths than would have occurred under a president that wasn’t a severe narcissist. All this propaganda is merely a way to try and rehabilitate Trump’s sorry record. Dr Fauci will be remembered as a true American hero and Trump as the guy that thought lying to the American people would somehow win him reelection. Research will clearly verify all I’ve said.

    3. @Billy Pardew Complete nonsense; Dr Fauci did not create the coronavirus. That is garbage that was put out there by Fox news pushing the conspiracy that Fauci created the coronavirus. It is interesting to see people who believe Fox new’s and their propaganda. Other conspiracy theorists out there have garbage they are putting out, plenty for those who like propaganda.

  1. Well Trump is illiterate so he wrongfully said, “I HIRE the best people” when what he intended to say is, “I FIRE the best people”.

    1. Like with Putin. He said the one thing and meant to say the opposite.
      Such things happen. (If you are a moron).

    2. @nand nicarrabla let’s hope Biden won’t be as inappropriately sarcastic as trump then – if trump was joking

    3. If Trump ran want ads it would say:
      WANTED – to work for the absolute best person ever. Must be a liar. Must give complete loyalty no matter what. Must be willing to sell your soul.”

    4. @Ryan E.Smith You are a fool, full stop. No, there is no conspiracy theory, made up story that you can show me to feed your lack of grasp on reality that will change my mind. This has been investigated, the courts have looked at it, even Trump appointed judges. You have no standing and are believing lies told by idiots. End of discussion.

  2. The worst scandal of any president in American history is when Trump lied about Covid and let 500,000 Americans die

    1. @Rick Simon Not all of us. Only the weak minded that were brainwashed by the orange demon. Unfortunately, it was tens of thousands if them.

    2. Why would the most shameless, devious, corrupt, and unpopular POTUS try to stop a pandemic that was certain to help him in an upcoming election by scaring some voters from the polls and killing others?

    3. ​@Buff Straw you must be a comedian for sure. Fauci admits live for the entire world on congress that he funded gain of function research, imediate consequences of that were all social media stopped censoring the “conspiracy theory” of lab made virus and you quote something from marshable????? . “The fact of the matter is there is no significant new information” hahahaha look at this trash quote, dude quotes this when theres live footage on youtube of fauci admiting he funded.

    1. @Surprise623er From March of 2020 to January 20th of 2021. All over our country. I noticed you didn’t ask how he killed our fellow citizens. Weren’t you paying attention last year when the USA led the world in covid deaths. How is it that all other countries had far fewer deaths than our advanced medically served country? Anyone that follows current events saw that Trump knew in January that the disaster was coming but did nothing until the stock market dropped over 7 thousand points. Experts say that unnecessary delay was a killer of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Then Trump undermined governors orders to stay at home, for strictly political reasons. And by refusing to wear a mask and encouraging others to do the same, many of his own followers became infected and died. Herman Cain died simply because he supported and believed Trump. It baffles me that so many Americans failed to see through the con man but whatever their reasons for supporting him, they didn’t deserve to die. That’s the truth of what happened and it can be easily verified, should you care to do it.

    2. @Gerry Swaim I believe that had to do with alot of people, but if singling Trump out makes you feel better, then that’s your opinion. And trust me, alot of what you’ve said is false…open your eyes and see the double standard, the democrats thought it wasn’t that serious, they even said this.

    3. @Surprise623er it’s easy to criticize when you offer no proof of what you say. If you truly believe that something i have said is false, why not be specific? Where do you believe i am wrong? I’ve found that trumpies are long with bluster but short on actual facts. I can refute any actual claim you make. You people like to claim a double standard as your fellow Republicans go to jail but those people were found guilty during a republican administration. You just can’t accept the FACT that Republicans committed real crimes and democrats are being blamed by propaganda and nothing else. So either run away or back up what you say with specifics and allow me to prove you wrong. You don’t want to know the truth because it would show that your beliefs are wrong. You would rather live in the fantasy world where Trump is a good, honest and capable leader and democrats are to blame for everything. You choose, fantasy or reality?

    4. @Gerry Swaim Herman cain died because he believed and supported Trump….thats also a lie…you are just full of assumptions and not actual facts

    1. Trump being a pathological liar third world country leaders especially dictators including the current European President of Belarus were his admirers!

  3. The typical move by the Combover Caligula, get rid of people who tell the truth, even it isn’t what you want to hear or conform to your expectations.

    1. @Erich Nussbaum
      _”There is no use to hate Donald Trump. He ain’t worth it. We just want to finally get rid of him.”_ – You are joking, right? The GOP have been a criminal organisation for more than 30 years, and you people absolutely refused to accept that fact. Trump finally made you see just how rotten the GOP is.
      The best insurance that the 81 million will vote again in 2022 and 2024 is that Trump stays around reminding people who they are up against.

    2. @luigi lomazzo
      The BorderFence is a bipartisan project. Saying the DEMs are against the BorderFence is simply a lie.

    3. @Sean Byrd
      Ummm … rich white old guys do not go to prison in the U.S. Best we can hope for is that Trump gets an ancle bracelet.

    4. @Rick Simon Lou Pearlman raked in millions while the Backstreet Boys were struggling to pay bills. When they found he was ripping them off, they sued then settled and what happened later, he went to prison. If he got in trouble for ripping off the best selling boy band of all time, I’m sure Donald Trump will suffer the same fate.

  4. Trump will lie and be like, “Christi who? Never heard of her, never seen her before, and never knew her.”

    1. @Surprise623er

      There are those who lie because they are afraid. And there are those who lie because they enjoy the feeling they get when their lies are believed and when it increases their power

    1. He got them and they are still there. Can we trust them to actually do their job in an honest and unbiased manner?

    1. @Sarah Shah there are many reasons the wealth gap is getting larger. Who we elect to the Senate is the biggest one

    2. @Sandy Allen Only when Americans elect people, who can actually represent their interests, will they be able to enjoy a better life. The rich only ever benefit the rich and thus the laws they put into place, when in government, will never benefit middle class or poor Americans!

    3. @Sarah Shah, look at what just happened in the theocracy of Iran. People are so demoralized that most of them didn’t bother to vote. In Israel it’s taken them forever to get rid of that murderous grifter, Netanyahu. Nobody knows if their situation will get better or worse. Britain, Poland, and Hungary are all treading into dangerous territory. The rightward shift of politics worldwide is dangerous indeed.

    4. @Bruce Barber Is it any wonder why there are thousands people, all over the world, protesting out in their streets. If the rich and powerful are not careful, then they will witness another revolution, just like the French and Russian revolutions, because they are pushing people to the brink!!!

  5. Never forget, this is the same man who tried to alter the projected path of a hurricane by drawing on a map with a sharpie.
    Simply OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

    1. @Chooch Coleman trump has been accused of forcibly raping a 14-year-old girl and his accuser was threatened into silence. If you’re not ok with at least an investigation into her allegations, then don’t waste your time pointing hypocritical fingers at Biden.

    2. @Concrete Lightbulb Close your eyes and cover your ears when you see the multiple videos of Biden touching and commenting perversely with regard to adolescent females.
      Anyone can be accused of anything — but as Dementia Joe says–the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Watch the pervert in action. Hiding in plain sight.

    3. @Viper Fan, writes _”Trump is a very stable genius.”_

      … Who was able to figure out, all on his own, that Healthcare was a complex issue.

    4. @Chooch Coleman *”Close your eyes and cover your ears”* – Isn’t that the method you use to ignore and excuse trump?

    5. @Concrete Lightbulb Do you watch Biden day after day when he makes a total fool out of himself?
      ” The guy who runs that outfit over there”– that’s his Secretary if Defense stationed at the Pentagon but Joe doesn’t know who he is or where he works.
      Try to be honest— the man belongs in a home where he can play checkers all day.

  6. Truth hurts, it takes a strong person to say it, also it takes a strong person to listen and act upon the truth, only the weak will run and hide

    1. Was there any appointment by Trump who was qualified for the job and interested in being a public servant?

    2. @Joyce Duncan Not a One and those that were speaking truth whether He appointed them or not He tried to shut up and He punished them.

  7. If she is the kind of person who is not afraid to tell the truth regardless of who it upsets, that is the person you want for the job, not a sycophant.

    1. @omi god calling Republicans Russian names is less accurate than calling Democrats Chinese names, Wang. You’re a fool who’s played by the media and doesn’t realize it, Zheng Wei. China is are real enemy but since democrats like you are still stuck in the Cold War you think it’s clever to call people Boris. People like you are the reason we have an electoral college, otherwise your ignorance could have an effect on the country.

    2. @J.H. Cool LOL there’s nothing funnier when you knuckle dragging right wingers call liberals “tards”

  8. Even today speaking the truth is forbidden in the Republican party with the consequence of removal…ask Cheney and the others who spoke out against trump and his lies.

    1. Lol… yeah right what about the hunter Biden story or all the money China Joe got from China.. you people on the left are pathetic

    2. You cant handle the truth!
      The majority of this country is living a lie.
      Turn off your TVs, its all a bunch of bull

    3. @Beer Man… how about the 18 trademarks that Ivanka got worth 10’s of millions in 2018 in China when her father was president. Talk about abusing his power to enrich his family. You seem to forget or refuse to remember the very cozy deals the trump family received while 100’s of American farmers struggled and went bankrupt with trump’s tariff war with China.
      Open your eyes and your ears to the facts before you speak.

    1. You mean Chris Krebs, who was the head of one of the departments that dealt with election security, CISA I think it was called. Tr** fired him for saying that, I expect. He’s probably got a better job, now. And he was a Republican.

  9. “ he’s not going to be president is he?” “Don’t worry we have a plan.” ——one fbi to another

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