Trump Tries To Link COVID-19 Surge To Black Lives Matter Protests | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. He’s just now claiming its not like the flu and lots of people are dying. With that response time I can’t wait to hear his response to falling poll numbers in February

    1. It’s Obama Clintons, fault ok or is that Hillary Barack ,? This is getting so confusing ,,,! Time to go back Down to the Bunker ,! Where’s my Blanky, ?

    2. @Michael Fitzgerald I don’t think you understand how polling works. It’s just a sample. Hillary was ahead but within the margin of error, but she did win the popular vote. Polls were correct. The outdated electoral college meant Trump won. But this time he’s behind by 10-15% depending on the poll, not just 3%. One problem was not enough people voted. People sure want to vote now that Trump is creating a fascist dictatorship, but Republicans do everything they can to stop voting. What a wonderful democracy you have

    3. @Brian Dunn Umm Trump was the one who ran to the bunker remember? He taunted protestors then hid like a cowardly child throwing insults then hiding behind their mom. Absolute joke of a president

    4. @Michael Fitzgerald – “So you’re another fuckwitt from 2016, who believed the conman tRump. Stupid then, still stupid now 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪”

    5. kris you keep your head buried in the sand. You’re brainwashed, to late for you. Been to Venezuela lately

    1. @Scotch Morrison Project much. Best you follow all of Trumps advice including medical advice, what have you got to lose?

    2. @Scotch Morrison For a Disinfectant Donnie Disciple you’re full of alternative facts and full 💩 assumptions are the mother of all f**k ups.

    3. @Scotch Morrison What virus there is no virus, it’s a Democrat hoax, magically disappearing. For a Disinfectant Donnie Disciple you’re not doing a very good job keeping up with Trumps latest backflip. We’re going to have to start referring to you as the Dunce Disinfectant Disciple.

    1. Scotch Morrison well, when you’re a sociopathic compulsive liar that is a very hateful person to everyone around (still acting like he’s on a gameshow) you get what you put out in the world. And he barely didn’t have Alzheimer’s according to his little test, so yea he’s wrong ALL THE TIME .

  2. Doesn’t he mean “Cases began to rise shortly after the Rally in Tulsa.” He might have added, “That’s when so many of my staff and helpers came down with the “sickness.”

    1. @nobody 2 u oh yes they are ! ” I do not need to socially distance because I am washed in the blood of Jesus!” ……” I am here to protest against the virus!”. ……”name a country and point to it …..Points at.. Africa ! No that’s a continent”! oh right… some people are really dumb and unfortunately Donald Trump is one of them . ” it will just disappear. .it’s like a miracle ” I rest my case . X

    1. @Emily Hart
      mad Trump wants you all DEAD,and crazy Trump will escape to RUSSIAN TSAR PUTIN,maybe to EMPEROR Xi

    2. Get someone hot and a celebrity to model in a mask ! Tell em there is going to a shortage of masks !

  3. The question that preceded t’rump’s incoherent rambling about the flu was “How are you today?”
    Apparently, the answer is “Not well.” 😜

  4. this guy is ordering federal troops to kidnap people just to say that he’s protecting american lives? unimaginable stupidity

  5. The US once the envy of the world has now become a lawlessness, virus-infested unappealing country

  6. WTF is this the same guy that was saying it’s just like a flu, people die every year from the flu, so its no big deal. Now all of a sudden he has turned the other way? What a response, so now he thinks this is a dangerous virus. Wow, bunker Boy supporters, are you sick of winning yet?

    1. @Bud Fudlacker NY full of liberal Democrat morons? Man that must be why we handled the virus so well. Governor Cuomo, a liberal Democrat moron, took it upon himself to lead his state through the challenge despite constant barriers put up by the president. He set an example of how other states and governors should handle the situation when the virus inevitably spreads. And in the end, despite NYC being the most densely populated city in the country, it is doing pretty well. Thanks to all those liberal democratic morons. Because liberal democratic morons listen to the advice of the scientists and take charge of the situation instead of listening to Trump, a guy who knows next to nothing about pandemiology, and just saying the virus will “disappear.” Gotta love those liberal democratic morons.

    2. It insane isn’t it . I would not want this man in charge of the stationary cupboard! It’s what comes when wealth is the only thing that can get you the job . Too money orientated! Too under qualified! Does not give a fig for the people ! It’s a case of confidence not compitance.

    3. @JoshR Gaming no of course he would say that he has done more than anyone else! And better than anyone else in history has done …he has done things noone thought possible and person man woman chair camera TV. !!!!!

    4. @Bud Fudlacker not sure what Biden said makes Trump any better? Has the voting slip got non of the above on it !?

  7. The Gyna virus is because of “the blacks” sounds like a trump 2020 campaign slogan.
    OR a neo nazi pamphlet

  8. The President who lives in a dream, driving a golf cart and thinking nothing of the people who died. R I P America.

  9. Isn’t it pretty obvious that Trump is right about this link? Every Democrat and Republican I know believes that the period of time with thousands of arsonists and thieves rioting in the streets cause the Covid spike. My question is who doesn’t believe that the protests didn’t help the spike? Find that one moron in the US and educate them.

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