Trump Unleashes On Hillary Over FBI Email Report! The Kelly File 9/8/16

Trump Unleashes On Hillary Over FBI Email Report! The Kelly File 9/8/16 1


Trump Unleashes On Hillary Over FBI Email Report! The Kelly File 9/8/16

Fox News – The Kelly File – Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton over her Private Email Server Scandal – September 8, 2016

29 Comments on "Trump Unleashes On Hillary Over FBI Email Report! The Kelly File 9/8/16"

  1. The polls are still bullpucky.

  2. We’re still not going to talk about the turnout factor? Trump should turn
    out 10-15% more voters than Clinton.

  3. Hillary is dead, watch DAHBOO777 video

  4. No way Hillary at that %?! Rigged

  5. Traci Richardson | September 13, 2016 at 1:11 AM | Reply


  6. Fox you’re completely out of touch.
    That’s why your viewership is shrinking by the day.

  7. What a bunch of bullcrap. Trump is filling stadiums with lines a mile long
    waiting to get in. Meanwhile, Hitlery is paying people off the street 50
    bucks just to sit in her rooms with hundreds of seats vacant. It’s more
    like Trump 75% to Hitlery 20% with the rest undecided.

  8. ScotsmanForTruth | September 13, 2016 at 3:58 AM | Reply

    Do not believe these silly poles that they do. The media in the UK was
    doing the same when voting on EU membership. And they got it wrong every
    time. The world is going through a huge cultural change, thanks to the
    internet id say. Politicians are not in touch with the voters, they live in
    a different planet to the majority of us.

    • Yesterday on a USA poll it showed Trump in 1st, Stein in 2nd, Johnson in
      3rd, and Hillary in 4th.
      Media didnt let you know that.

  9. Who’s getting polled?? No land lines, and my cell phone isn’t ringing.

  10. Trump/Pence 2016.

  11. It’s now wonder that Clinton has more offices for longer than Trump. She
    has so much money from mohammedan countries: money as an incentive to
    support the infiltration of people of an alien culture in the civilised

  12. It is amazing, I live in Michigan, I know maybe 10 people that plan to vote
    for Hillary and I know well over 250 people planning to vote for Trump. Who
    are they polling? I saw one report that said they are polling 65% Democrats
    and 35% Republicans, and this was on the polling companies own website.

  13. Jeffrey robert-dicken | September 13, 2016 at 9:45 AM | Reply

    it tells you the polls are rigged

  14. B/S media polls, Trump draws 10′ s of thousands EVERYWHERE he goes, up to
    80, 000, meanwhile hillary can’t fill a school gym, Trump is crushing it
    and setting records along the way

  15. If Hillary gets into office, I want to defect from America and go somewhere
    else. It would prove to me beyond doubt that America is NO LONGER a nation
    united under God and country and I want no part of that my friend. It would
    also show that the American people are Godless and believe as Hillary does
    and I want no part of that either.

    • Good point. Dr. Ben Carson exposed this at the RNC and claimed “Hillary’s
      mentor is Sol Lewinsky, a guy who acknowledged that Lucifier was the
      biggest and first radical of our time to inherit his own kingdom (Hell).”
      This nation was NEVER under God, but under the guise to prevent people from
      questioning the rather satanic and anti-Jesus Christ doings of the elected.
      It’s time we take our nation BACK and elect a president who wants to do
      right by the people and ONLY the people and support us with our unalienable
      rights, attained to us by God himself.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am serious though. If I can NOT trust my
      neighbors, or other Americans I may have to deal with to treat ME better
      than a Hiltabeast then no amount of Ammo or guns I may have would ever
      protect me from a few deviants as that number of deviants would be 51% or
      more of my neighbors.

      I may be able to defend my family against a FEW evil bastards, but against
      51% of ALL Americans is not feasible. My family would be safer moving to
      Syria at that point.

  16. How can Roland claim to Hilary to “focus on the issues” when 75% of her
    issues REVOLVES around her lying about CONFIDENTIAL e-mails on her own
    private e-mail server? I mean the sheer hypocrisy of that guy to saying

  17. Why is she at the least not being charged with obstruction of justice?
    She’ll make Obama look like an angel.

  18. It should almost be a criminal offence what these liberal apologists do.
    That Roland dude equating a loose understanding of Donald Trump’s
    inconsequential opinion on the Iraq War some 15 years ago to Hillary
    Clinton lying under oath about crimes she committed recently should be
    embarrassing at the least – it’s no better than farting at the dinner table
    and it’s tantamount to aiding and abetting a criminal.

  19. This file is from 9/8/16. This is from last week. I have a feeling the
    polls after 9/11/16 is going to show a different story. “Wikileaks
    Apocalypse 2016. The beginning of the end.”

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