Trump Unlikely to be Removed - says Foreman - January 8 2021 1

Trump Unlikely to be Removed – says Foreman – January 8 2021


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  1. Question are persons going in to be tested for the corona virus? The reason for asking is that how the virus has been portrayed, i would think persons would be afraid to find out. And also the 90 plus that are hospitalized, is this islandwide or in just one hospital in jamaica?

  2. Authority is still getting pay to work in office and at home with equipments provided for them so why there is so much back log only people with power and authority are benefiting the rich is getting richer and the poor is under there control cannot even seven or eleven

  3. It’s people like Buchanan who caused the craziness that is going on in the nation. Anytime they drop someone close to him he’ll change his tune about SOE.

  4. Ok councilor, so therefore present a lawfully responsible suggestion for containing the crime situation no existing in Jamaica:

  5. It is in my opinion that the impeachment will continue after the inauguration of Joe Biden in attempt to stop Trump from being able to run for the office again.

  6. Court hmmm no court time remaining remove him then resignation from THE OFFICE OF THE president of USA TEAM IN PROCESS FOR…########### de Baby boys

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