Trump W.H. Blocked Condemnation Of Russian Aggression: Diplomat | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump W.H. Blocked Condemnation Of Russian Aggression: Diplomat | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow highlights reporting on a piece of impeachment inquiry testimony from diplomat Christopher Anderson in which he reveals some backstory on the Trump administration's failure to condemn Russian aggression toward Ukrainian ships in 2018. Aired on 10/30/19.
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Trump W.H. Blocked Condemnation Of Russian Aggression: Diplomat | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

67 Comments on "Trump W.H. Blocked Condemnation Of Russian Aggression: Diplomat | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. United States of America in Russia

  2. All roads with Trump lead to Putin.

    • @Councilman Les Wynan LOL, does that also include the people hired by President Trump? You do realise the man who gave this statement today, works for President Trump?

    • Councilman Les Wynan laughable little Lessy the tool. Try again. Btw tool I remember my former party understanding the threat of Putin until Trumpy the turd came along. You have no argument

    • Crimea River.

  3. “Russia’s delighted” has been their motto since January 2017

  4. All roads lead to Putin. I still can’t believe how naive trump supporters are.

    • @Regina Fetty We’re hoping that AG Barr and his associates will pull through for us. The patriots who have been following the case for the past 3 years, are getting impatient. We need to see the perp walks. Just think. They abused the powers of government agencies in an attempt to overthrow the President!
      That effort failed. Now these swamp creatures are on to another scam – the ‘whistleblower’/Ukraine hoax. It’s a kind of preemptive strike. They knew the results of the Barr/Durham/Horowitz investigations were rapidly approaching. The walls are closing in for sure, but not on the President.

    • @Emily Xiong If they aren’t stupid they must be traitors.

    • Eastwood Unforgiven | October 31, 2019 at 12:16 PM | Reply

      Have you watched any videos of them, the reasons why they voted for trump? They are completely brainwashed and stupid!

    • @Maharajji NKB : Mr President, Air Force One is awaiting boarding of thee greatness. The greens await your temper tantrums and cheating. Hurrry along now. You can resume tweeting in the middle of the night tonight.

    • @phillip daugherty trump hates people that aren’t white, and disabled all of them. He was sued for blocking blacks trying to rent his apartments. They won.
      He wanted the braille removed from his trump tower.

  5. Russia, if your listening, if you can find the phone recordings between trump and zelensky on 5/25/19 I believe the congress and the media would reward you quite mightily.
    I swear it seems as if I’ve heard this before. Uhmm. But where?

    • Putin love Amerika… WTF?? No way Jose Take America back.. I
      Am tired of all this tyrants in our W.H. one easy solution ship them all to Seberia adios oh and put a wall there.

  6. When it comes to Trumps actions Russia always calls the shots. Trump is a Russian asset and has been for years.

  7. “All roads lead to Russia with you”
    ~ N. Pelosi; 17th, October, 2019.

    • @Glenn Leahey The trial isn’t held in the House. It is held in the Senate after the House concludes its impeachment inquiry and draws up Articles of Impeachment and has a vote that approves impeachment.

    • @RhondaH yere, the Democrats will vote today on impeachment. All those republicans who have decided to step down in 2020 rather than stand behind tramp, I wonder how they will vote! 😂🤣😂⚖️

    • @Maree Keay The vote is merely to formalize the impeachment inquiry. Nancy would never hold a vote unless she knew she had the votes to pass in the affirmative. Public hearings will be next. Should be explosive and will raise public opinion on the impeachment and should get people motivated to call their senators and demand conviction and removal in the Senate.

    • @RhondaH thanks, I actually jumped ahead… Wishful thinking I guess.. ⚖️💙

  8. Peaches Williams | October 31, 2019 at 2:25 AM | Reply

    Trump really is Putin’s Puppet!!

    • @Kevin stevens I’ve heard all the adverbs and adjectives from your kind. Add that to the lies and you people will believe anything and it’s hilariously pathetic. Have at it🤣

    • Demetrius Evans | October 31, 2019 at 11:42 AM | Reply

      @Richard T Thanks for the warning

    • David M yeah keep trying little Davey. Just more empty noise coming from an empty head. So 90% of the news organizations out there are all FAKE news? It isn’t just MSM discussing this topic. PBS news hour, NPR ETC are all Fake news?

  9. Sort of reminds me of Trump’s Charlottesville remark: “There are good people on both sides.”

    • WH insiders say Trump plans to reveal a new American flag. Options include 1) the hammer and sickle 2) a skull and cross bones, or 3) a huge $ sign.

    • Tim Countis at this point it wouldn’t actually supprise me that much which says a LOT!

    • @Tim Countis Don’t forget his brand– it wold have to have a giant red T in the background.

  10. Well said Rachel, Trump is Putin good boy!

  11. Trump can’t displease his sugar daddy, Putin. Where else is he going to get laundered money if he gets cuts off?

  12. ignem enim in inferno olim im chorum sus. | October 31, 2019 at 2:33 AM | Reply

    Trump is a mole and needs to be surgically removed from our democracy….immediately.

  13. This is all so very depressing really.

  14. Arthur Schnapka | October 31, 2019 at 3:01 AM | Reply

    Hillary was 100% correct when she stated trump was a Russian puppet.

    • ​@Councilman Les Wynan If you watch the video, and you understand English, State Dept. official Anderson’s comments just begin to allude to that very topic. These brief comments, from an expert on the region, represent of course only a tiny drop in the vast ocean of easily accessible knowledge on Russian hegemony, including their well-honed expertise at destabilizing democracy, which is something they unfortunately have in common with American—particularly Republican—administrations. (See, for example, Operation Condor, as well as a little shindig called the the Vietnam War.)

      Just because you’re too dumb to understand it or to avail yourself of the reams upon reams of information on the subject doesn’t mean it isn’t a real, or even well and widely known, thing.

    • @savabeel 77 yes both of them are Garbage , I’m glad your getting up to speed here .

    • @Dan McFarland Haa ha ha! You just pooped your tighty whities. The fact that you threw homosexuals in there shows you don’t have any argument. Name calling shows just how scared sh_tless dumpsters are. Haa Ha.

  15. Usually when people commit treason and are foreign assets they try to be less obvious than Trump & Friends.

    • He has not the wisdom to save himself , but he possesses the knowledge to destroy everyone else .

    • Richard Stretton | October 31, 2019 at 12:28 PM | Reply

      He doesn’t need to be less obvious though – because his supporters have gotten so used to putting their heads in the sand, they now have to carry bucket loads of sand around with them….

  16. Trump: There were bad people on both sides

  17. Putin Owns trump and the GOP and fake christians dont mind….LMAO !

  18. African Music Tv | October 31, 2019 at 4:03 AM | Reply

    Rachel Madd should teach at Harvard University. She is an amazing story teller. She gets your mind ready, expand your views and then put you in to critical thinking. A story of the #fadedglory . I cry for USA 🇺🇸

  19. Wassily Kandinsky | October 31, 2019 at 4:15 AM | Reply

    I see it like this: actually Putin is sitting in the Oval Office.

    • @will crow…and Putin’s hand up Trump’s…

    • Wassily Kandinsky | October 31, 2019 at 11:41 AM | Reply

      @will crow . Or kneeling under the desk …….

    • and since they got away like bandidts destroying a few pegs of democracy..the cyber attack will be more intense and other countres may be taking the cue. I will be only on fb once a day to save my own sanity—join this with no regulations on lies, propaganda on all the social media sites…this magnificent communication tool (INTERNET) can easily turn into c chaotic disater

    • correct

  20. Trump’s repeating pattern of stating a “both sides” opinion.

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