Trump Wanted Inspector General Who Deemed Whistleblower Complaint Credible Fired | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Trump Wanted Inspector General Who Deemed Whistleblower Complaint Credible Fired | Deadline | MSNBC


The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes, Wash Post’s Phil Rucker, former U.S. attorney Chuck Rosenberg, and Real Clear Politics’ A. B. Stoddard react to the new reporting that Donald Trump discussed firing the intelligence community’s inspector general who reported the whistleblower complaint to Congress. Aired on 11/12/19.
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Trump Wanted Inspector General Who Deemed Whistleblower Complaint Credible Fired | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Not surprised Trump would suggest this, he’s a bit late though. Looking forward to tomorrow’s public disembowelment of Trump.

  2. Trump: “I never actually said the word favor. What I said was, por favor, which is totally different from the word favor. A lot of people don’t know this.”

    1. Nice try, I doubt however that anyone will believe he is familiar with a foreign language. His knowledge of the english language is not advanced enough and he can barely read.

    2. @Okkie Trooy Please allow me to respectfully submit a correction to your insightful comment. Although I believe the gist or spirit of your observation is essentially true, I must point out that our Mighty Whitey Commander In Cheese is in fact quite familiar with a foreign language, and aware of at least one more. Based on his grammar and spelling or lack of same, it appears unarguable that English is in fact a foreign tongue to His Royal POTUS the DUFUSness. In addition, he may will in fact recognize the foreign language (to him) of common decency, albeit his lack of fluency in same.
      No need to thank me, just please continue to send in those prayer donations. I need to repaint the Lear jet.

  3. Dear Republicans, are you so blinded by your hatred towards Democrats, your bigotry and misogyny, that you continue to support a man who has absolutely no regard for the rule of law ?

    1. America has lost respect credibility and Trust. America has lost it’s Grace. I only hope and pray the unstable dangerous narcissistic leader that we have is far away from any nuclear buttons that could toss this nation in total Destruction.

    2. Let us pray that our leader is not close to nuclear button that could do us this nation into total Destruction..

  4. Thin skin Donny doesn’t like anyone that does the right thing. He wants everyone around him to be just like him, be corrupt, lie ,cheat and steal.

    1. Diana Strong it was probably not needed before now, but going forward, post-trump those checks may be put in place. He’s definitely changed the landscape forever- can you imagine previous presidents saying and doing half the things trump has done?

    2. @Kathleen Mitchell He aligns himself with dictators, not democratic allies, for a reason. That’s what he wants.

  5. Trump really doesnt get it does he lol. This would just add to the evidence against him. He cant comprehend that loyalty to America doesnt mean loyalty to a criminal in office.


    1. While waiting for some god to help… what we can do is vote the criminals out. The dems need to go though this impeachment mess for constitutional reasons but the republicans are not going to remove their king no matter what he does, or did…. or attempted to do.

    2. According to evangelicals god appointed trump lol… so if we’re depending on that we’re doomed by their account. What we need is the American people to take a stand. We need government for the people and by the people.

  6. The GOP uncorked the Genie. Now that they can’t control him they either run away (retire) or they bend over an hope he won’t squash them like the bugs they are

    1. interesting because most elected officials HATE trump – and are just waiting to FLIP. Now that will be a sh!t show worth watching.
      Pass the popcorn, Nancy!

    1. @John Beckett I didn’t take your remarks as an attack, no worries.
      The thing is that I am German so even though I speak both English and French there sometimes are nuances that might escape me.
      What the French is concerned, however, “moi” is a stressed version of “je” and, possibly because the stress of a sentence is often at the end, “L’état, c’est moi!” actually also places the emphasis on “moi”! So, I think (even though I didn’t consciously think about that) that “I am the state!” is a good translation. And also less clumsy (at least to my ears, and I might wrong here) than “The state is me.”

      As for the political aspect, following US politics quite closely I am totally with you. Not living in the US it never ceases to baffle me how large his base apparently is and what he gets away with. It seems almost cult-like.
      It’s hard to imagine that people are so isolated from the real events to not see, at least in vague terms, what’s going on. But I here that some folks get their news exclusively from Fox. But still, can one be so shielded?
      Anyway, I hope that you guys put an end to this madness, if not before then at the latest in November 2020! 🙂

    2. @Jens Raab To put Trump’s support into perspective, 65% of the US population has a fiscally challenged imaginary friend with an unhealthy foreskin fixation, that demonstrates love via genocide.

    3. @Jens Raab I think it goes a long way.
      What ties them together is the demand for an explanation of the world that is simpler than possible.
      Nuance is anathema to both Abrahamic religion and Trumpism.

    1. @reverant tangent Which is why “businessmen” are NOT presidential material. Governments are not companies. There was a study done a number of years ago that found most CEOs of companies are psycopaths, with no human empathy or compassion for others. They are self serving and greed is their only ambition. Sound familiar?

    2. He has been raised as a prince, coddled and protected by his father and later on a circle of sycophants.
      As such thinks he is currently the King of the USA.

    1. OMG….that is exactly what I’ve been thinking. So, Dirty Donnie shall we talk about that word….loyalty? Wives have suffered his disloyalty for years. No respect for ANYone!!

    2. @C&B Jones I read somewhere that she (Melania) was going to leave him. Then he was elected and they agreed she would UK lent leave while he is office.
      Have you watched her disgust of him when on public view on camera?

    3. Jens – The only time shows any loyalty is when you are of some “use” to him look at Gordon Sondland. When he first testifyed that Trump had nothing to do with the Ukraine scandal, Trump said “he’s a great man”. Then, when Sondland “remembered” that perjury comes with the added bonus of jail time, and he flipped on Trump, 45 said “I barely know him”. By the evidence comes out on impeachment Trump will claim he “doesn’t know” everybody that works for him. GOP senators better man up and do the right thing for the country. The consequences of the damage they could do to the country far out way the damage from a rage tweet by a 4 year old child.

    4. @christopher weise , he has had many years to perfect the craft learned at his daddy’s knee. Good work Daddy! Now he’s bringing his spawn and spawn-in-law right along.
      The name Trump means nothing short of disgust. If I never had to hear the name again…it wouldn’t be long enough!!

    1. Yeah it’s strange how they want to talk about the Bidens, but I didn’t see Kushner getting huge bailouts from the Saudis and Ivanka getting bunches of copyrights from China until after Drumpf was elected.

    2. @MrBlaktoe Ivanka created more job’s than the entire U.S.A according to Donald Dump. I guess she created the 14 million job’s in China

  7. Public officials should be “loyal” to their job, the law, and the country he serves. NOT a person, even the president!

    1. Except republicans want to be Russians or like Russians. They don’t care about the Constitution. They want to stay in power.

    2. Chel Bolin: You are right. The president is an elected official that was elected by the people to serve the American people, not himself. He is not a King that deserves crime boss level “loyalty” from his lieutenants or underlings.

    3. Chel Bolin They have access to ,TO MUCH MONEY, image do me a favor, get under table..500, to 600,000.00 in your pocket, that’s just 1 deal… your salary.

    4. Richard Alexander CORRECTION, his real name,,German, Donald j Drumpf, but in GA. We call him ,,,TATER HEAD.

    1. I don’t think he does, I think he’s under the impression that the President is like a king, and a king can do no wrong and can demand loyalty. No one has a strong enough personality to push back and make him understand that the President is the ultimate Servant of the People. That’s the difference, he put people in power due to how much they slob his knob and not on actually being able to do the job.

    2. @xen1313 This is vintage Trump. Check out some early videos of him. He’s vindictive and seeks revenge.Nasty piece of work.

  8. How can anyone remain loyal to such a disloyal man? Everyday he proves he is a criminal and obstructing justice, hiding his financial records and lying everytime he opens his mouth.

    1. Reba Henderson He’s the Ugliest thing that’s happened to the U.S. and don’t rule out the possibility of a war with Iran before the election.

  9. Yes, because nothing screams “I’m innocent” like trying to punish the guy who exposed your alleged wrongdoing. Smdh

    1. NO it will not. It WILL, however, bring out the true patriots, and it may mean a very short coup, with some bloodshed. Jefferson said it best …’the tree of liberty is watered with … what?! Remember? I really think we have more to us as a people, as a society, than we’d just bend over and take it without a fight.

    1. Yep
      He was guilty since Birth.
      I faintly remember the prediction, that the Antichrist was already here
      And Trump has Confirmed “THAT He is the The Chosen One”

      But this time he’s setting up his Base, to Hang themselves for Their Sins,
      because they are confused about (which god He is) Hanging Himself Upside Down
      Before the end of 2019 which equals the House of Self Undoings, Which ends in 2020

      Trump has done what he came to this earth to accomplish, and that was to Wake Us All Up,
      To the Mirrors as He Refuses to Do at Himself

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