Trump Warned Woodward About Coronavirus In April | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Warned Woodward About Coronavirus In April | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Despite publicly downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, President Trump spoke to Bob Woodward during an interview and attested to the severity of the virus, Woodward's tapes show. The panel discusses. Aired on 09/15/2020.
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Trump Warned Woodward About Coronavirus In April | Morning Joe | MSNBC

98 Comments on "Trump Warned Woodward About Coronavirus In April | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Hey, If Trump really wanted Hillary to go to jail,
    he should have just hired her.

  2. brilliantly said, ty ms brzezinski, mr scarborough, mr geist.

    • @mary jones Your wrong again, you doubled down on stupid, now you want to bring conspiracy theorys into it? I remember where l was when JFK was shot, where were you? Wait, you called be little again, you tripled down. Lets talk about Zbignews books, pop your head back up, flap your lips a little more. Hurting this thread, Sheeesh, Ignant maroon.

    • @mary jones Karen Please, your way out of your league

    • @Jake Roberts isn’t that just so cute of you. well, if that is what you must tell yourself in order to face another day then you go ahead little one. poor baby.

    • BELLA ! 26 y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! | September 16, 2020 at 10:33 AM | Reply


    • Ricco ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! | September 16, 2020 at 2:34 PM | Reply


  3. Trump, you were warned at the time of presidential exchange by Obama.

  4. Make sure you are eligible to vote and then make sure you do. I believe you can check at

  5. impeached trumpee is an old fart also. He did let 17tons of ppe be donated to china in FEb and Jan. Then he told the states to get their own.

  6. “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”-voltaire
    None of this will make a bit of difference to trump s followers

    • @William H Saw the videos, it only shows how low is your intellect.

    • 👺Remaining Trump supporters and enablers are the most UnPatriotic, Vile, Disgusting, Treacherous Creatures! We must leave them to their own devices and do what is best for Our Country! Do ya think these Fools will follow Trump to Russia when all the Trumps seek asylum next year!? No. WE are going to be stuck with these ghouls, living in our communities and being near our children!

    • @William H Troll

    • @88Gibson LesPaul “After Trump is gone…” The thought of that is like a fresh breeze blowing across the country. Blue skies, songbirds twittering. And one ex-president tweeting from his dungeon hideaway in Mar-a-Lago. Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham, Jim Jordan sweating in his kitchen preparing a steady supply of Big Macs.

    • @Noe Berengena such a lovely picture you re painting for us.. thank you for that ! 😀

  7. They’re flat because of the pressure put on health officials to not divulge the real information!

    • When you’re at 1000 deaths a day remaining flat is awful and not success in any way…

      I have zero trust un what’s coming from the WH now, so if Trump is admitting, in public, that the number of deaths is the same today as yesterday than it can’t possibly be true. What has his team manipulated to keep us just looking like we’ve made zero progress on day over the next?

    • @DATING HARLEY QUINN Yes, and it’s only to be expected from a liar who started this with lies. Now he’s on a smear campaign against the experts ,painting them as “anti-trump”. This is such a classic script .I grew up in Eastern Europe behind the “iron wall” and I can tell you this is exactly the same strategy. I could never dream that all this time later I’d be seeing this play out in the “free” USA. It will only be free if we all demand it for ourselves, period.

    • @Thomas Armsworthy Jr You already have a worse virus, sadly-idiocy.

    • Republicans are traitors and terrorists and murderers 😈

    • @Thomas Armsworthy Jr I hope you do,too….But thatrespirator doesn’t know a repug from a dem–…Just like the virus…#stfu!

  8. Anyone who wants a test gets a test. Which is to say, if you come within 50 yards of me, The Royal Emperor, you will be tested. Over and over. The rest of you peasants? It is what it is.

  9. American know Trump lied & Americans lies but he keeps lying still Americans are dying! Disgusting

  10. In Indonesia, they’re making the anti-mask people bury the dead.

  11. Trump cultists :
    “He didn’t say that.. He didn’t do that.. And if he did, he was only kidding.. And if he wasn’t, then you just don’t understand.. And if you do,it’s not a big deal anyway.. And if it is, it’s for the best.. And if it’s not, I still don’t care.”

    • @long nose His last year in office. Perfect for his head stone.

    • @D1agram the CDC guidelines changed as we began to garner more knowledge and understanding as to how covid19 spreads and how it affects people. That’s how science works kiddo, it’s constantly evolving.

    • @D1agram The CDC has to take a lot of things into consideration, including the overt selfishness of the American people. Since these cloth masks were not “a thing”back then, encouraging mask wearing would have meant throngs of people rushing stores buying up all of the N95 masks and other PPE that medical personnel needed. They did it anyway but it would have been far worse. I was fortunate because I still had some on hand but it was a real problem for many. Some bought up the masks online and sold them at elevated prices, just like with hand sanitizer, to turn a profit. The other thing is that it’s quite possible that they were not sure if cloth masks would be effective in preventing the spread of the virus so types of cloth masks, thickness to be effective, etc, needed to be tested before they could make the proper recommendations for the public. Once they had facts to support cloth mask wearing, they encouraged it and people and companies started making them. So, I’m not blaming the CDC.

      As for the CDC being to blame because they encouraged mask wearing a short time later, I don’t see that as a problem especially this far down the road. I live in a canyon area in SoCal. Several years back we had a fire that came to be known as the Triangle Complex Fire. It had a different name when the fire first started in Corona. We could see the fire nearby but we were told that evacuation wasn’t necessary but we could leave if we felt uncomfortable. Then the winds picked up about half an hour later and we were told in no uncertain terms to get out. No one lamented that we were lied to or blamed the OCFA for lying to us. The situation was fluid and as it became obviously more severe, they adjusted their stance on what we should do. That happens all the time.

      The problem with Donald Trump is that he not only downplayed the virus and lied about it severity, when he knew how bad it was. Then he undermined the experts and tried to discredit them. Then he forced the CDC to provide misleading information that supported his false narratives. Fauci wouldn’t play along after a while so he had to be silenced (excluded from the briefings) and villanized (EVEN doctor Fauci said…). He discouraged mask wearing even when it became clear that it helps prevent the spread of the virus. He politicized mask wearing to make it about being for or against him, freedom and his version of the American way. Trump also made it harder to get tests because he things that it causes the numbers to go up, which makes him “look bad”. More testing means we find out who has the virus. Those people are isolated and therefore can’t spread it. As the spreaders are taken out of the general population and those with whom they’ve been around are quarantined, the numbers would start to go down considerably. We can’t even get some people to cooperate with contact tracing.

      Bottom line is that Trump is very much to blame for the severity of the virus in this country. If he didn’t hate Obama so much, the Pandemic Task Force, that he disbanded, would have been all over this. If he had actually read the Pandemic Playbook that the Obama administration left for him and his administration… If he had listened to Joe Biden when he tried to give him advice…. If Trump and the wealthy grifters in his administration didn’t equate their ill gotten wealth to having superior intelligence, they would have listened to the experts instead of son-in-law, Jared, thinking somehow HE was going to be able to come up with something, while ignoring experts that have made infectious disease prevention and control their life’s work. Trump knew before anyone else what was going on. He could have chosen to get the Task Force back together, but he didn’t. Instead, he chose to try and protect his reelection potential by downplaying the virus to try to keep the stock market up. So, I do blame Trump for where we are now. We still would have had the virus, but we’d have had a better summer and would be bracing for the second wave coming in the cooler months if he had tried to protect the American people instead of his reelection.

    • @D1agram you are so dumb take, care of yourself dont listen to what others says.

    • The sleepy super spreader is slowly suffocating his stupid sycophantic supporters.

  12. do you see how he can make it woodward’s fault… 😁

  13. Frederick Dixon | September 15, 2020 at 8:08 AM | Reply

    How many died needlessly talking about dereliction of Duty and to think He and Fox News said at one time this was a democratic hoax

    • @Andrew Jackson the True Democrat 👌

    • @D1agram Trump didn’t close down the borders 😂. Trump enacted a partial travel ban for the Wuhan region of China. People were still capable of entering the US and thousands did. Get your facts straight or stfu.

    • @D1agram Troll

    • @Andrew Jackson the True Democrat Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV…..Nahh,we’re pretty smart.

    • @D1agram Toxic Trump on April 13/20 to Bob Woodford: “This thing is a killer if it get you, If you’re the wrong person you don’t have a chance”…”so this rips you apart, it is the plague”. While telling Americans it is no worse than the flu and that it is going away. So far, the only thing going away are 200,000+ Americans who are gone or going away forever. Kick the lying coronavirus conman to the curb on Nov. 3rd.

  14. Trump didn’t want to scare people with the truth, but he was obviously okay with killing them with lies!

    • @Taylor Keane Dude sorry…. another graduate of common core no doubt.

    • @Taylor Keane TRUMP 2020 – Pence 20204

    • Chris Hillman yes he is a monster. He could have prepared the USA better. Instead he lies saying it would be down zero and then a few weeks later we are going taking steps that eventually becomes a full on US quarantine. Think about that. He limited travel from the UK but it was easy to get around. He should have block off borders and had options for people outside the US to get home and quarantined. Canada was flying people out of other countries to come home. Plus, Trump kept dodging everything about the coronavirus when it was at it’s worse. The guy left a press conference like a child, stomping off in the middle of it. He threatens anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Give us this bs stories and whatnot when it’s proven that he is a shady person who deals with shady people. No one can say the US is better with Trump. Even without the coronavirus he was awful.

    • @Jamie Cox He’s not even 100% correct that China is the origin. That’s just where it was discovered. There’s been traces in Europe as early as March 2019. Trump and his goonies’ whole blame China thing falls flat now. They have no one else to blame but Trump himself, but they won’t.

    • Еmmа 21 [f.u.с.к мe] ТАР 0N МY РIC | September 16, 2020 at 12:04 PM | Reply


  15. Donald lying to the American people Again – Resign Donald.

  16. *The Commander Bully in Chief Need to Go In November* 👌

    • @Taylor Keane Hey Taylor, Trump is winning. What a day today. Such a greaet day among the middle east. OBaema and biden could never do this. Trump will keepo winning. Hopefully he can also win 2028

    • @Taylor Keane Biden came out of the basement and saw trumps shadow, so we have Trump 4 more year

    • @tatosmc Biden came out of the basement and saw trumps shadow, so we have Trump 4 more year

    • @Larry Toxic Trump on April 13/20 to Bob Woodford: “This thing is a killer if it get you, If you’re the wrong person you don’t have a chance”…”so this rips you apart, it is the plague”. While telling Americans it is no worse than the flu and that it is going away. So far, the only thing going away are 200,000+ Americans who are gone or going away forever. Kick the lying coronavirus conman to the curb on Nov. 3rd.

  17. Imagine if a head teacher or director of studies quietly confided to a friend that there was a highly contagious and potentially deadly outbreak of viral meningitis at school, then when kids started getting ill or dying later said “I downplayed the risks because I didn’t want to create a panic”, would nearly 40% of the parents say “Fair enough, let’s keep this person in charge.”?🤔

  18. Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas | September 15, 2020 at 10:07 AM | Reply

    “It’s funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality.”
    ― Rick Riordan

  19. When he speaks to his followers the virus is a hoax, they don’t need masks and their state should be opened up. He has contempt for his own supporters and their lives.

    • Donald dump is a cult And his followers are idiots Just like Jim Jones and that syringe needles they put in their Children’s arms I cared then but I don’t care now!

    • …which is, if you think about it…poetic justice….fitting….

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