Trump warns that US has ‘targeted 52 Iranian sites’

President Donald Trump that the United States has "targeted 52 Iranian sites" for attack should the country strike "any Americans, or American assets."The string of tweets come after the White House formally notified Congress of the US operation that killed Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani.


    1. @dale murray the actual iraq war lasted 20 days, only the republic guards fought, the army fled the battlefield* because no one wants to fight for a dictator, and the same will happen in Iran if the war happens

    1. Beachdudeca no one will use nukes it’d be a war fought on the ground they’re coming for your tax dollars my man

    2. Spoiler 69 exactly the only people who say wwlll are the ignorant social media users who don’t carefully watch an listen to the news they don’t know the full situation, was there a world war 3 when when killed osama ? Was there a world war three when we invaded Iraq ? It’d be the same thing that’s happening right now

    3. John Doe I’m a teen an I understand politics and about the current situation very well, so please edit your comment an delete that s 🙂

  1. Totally off topic but I love how this interviewer had waited patiently for the man to finish talking other than the other interviewer who talks over their guest

    1. Don lemon and Chris fredo will talk over you if they don’t get the results they are after.

    2. Interesting. I actually found her constants “um-hm” and nods (that didn’t actually follow any points at time) annoying. It seemed like she wanted to get her word in, but didn’t know how to steer the conversation her way. I will say, however, that I enjoyed her much more than other reporters who, to your point, talk over their guests.

    1. هوم … آماده باشید تا با عواقب روبرو شوید ، ما ناشناس هستیم به غیر از ما

    2. @Christo Andrade Good.
      Reporter’s are constantly cutting off their guests in mid-sentence, so turnabout is fair play.

  2. possible war while having elections in the same year , I pray for our troops & this country 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. @Billy Stahl You mean, Iranians just enter Iraq without a Visa when the borders are controlled by US? Did you fail 5th grade? How about the biggest presidential mistake in US history; “International Terrorism” on a visiting DIPLOMAT, holding an Iraqi Visa, in a PUBLIC AIRPORT setting, where who knows how many were killed or injured. Especially when he KNEW that Soleimani killed more ISIS than anyone. And the most UNCONSTITUTIONAL assassination order in history

    2. Megadog So a country spending money on their own military is reason to start a war with them? Am I understanding you correctly?

  3. He is not talking to hitler who’s a little crazier than Iranian leaders but Iranians are much smarter and crazier at the same time.

    1. هوم … آماده باشید تا با عواقب روبرو شوید ، ما ناشناس هستیم به غیر از ما

    1. هوم … آماده باشید تا با عواقب روبرو شوید ، ما ناشناس هستیم به غیر از ما

    2. @Mali Yojez in God we trust. USA is so large you may get a tiny portion. But our great nation will rise and introduce you all to futurism consequences that will last 1000 years. What Iran? God bless America.

    1. Good question, haven’t heard anyone ask/think of that yet. Thanks for making me more paranoid lol there’s a lot of power plants near my area….

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