Trump Winning in Ohio & Florida! Trump & Clinton Dueling Speeches 9/21/16

Trump Winning in Ohio & Florida! Trump & Clinton Dueling Speeches 9/21/16 1


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dueling speeches: Donald Trump is winning in the latest polls for the most important swing states of Florida and Ohio. 9/21/16

Fox News – September 21, 2016 – Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in swing states of Ohio and Florida – Donald Trump Speech – Hillary Clinton Speech – Analysis

29 Comments on "Trump Winning in Ohio & Florida! Trump & Clinton Dueling Speeches 9/21/16"

  1. Well done for increasing the poll numbers Trump, you have worked really
    hard. You also doing great with the teleprompter.

  2. Trump all the way! Trump 2016!

  3. Shame the girl behind Clinton is like “get me outta here”….

  4. TRUMP has a gold heart! God sent HIM for such as time is this.. WE the

  5. Clinton may have said some nice things about the police but it doesn’t come
    from her heart, mainly because she doesn’t have a heart.

  6. CounterChronicle | September 22, 2016 at 4:46 AM | Reply

    pandering to disabled people? New Low for Hillary

  7. This poor handicapped girl is being exploited by Hillary :(

  8. HRC has lost it and will likely IMPLODE!

  9. What a liar!! How cold she can be… God bless America, this lady is
    venomously dangerous

  10. Why is Hillary taking about the police….everyone knows she is a BLM
    supporter. Look at who she had on stage during DNC…

  11. Hillary rodent Clinton, just copied Trump speech , I noticed her nose
    growing….so I’m switching to TRUMP !!!! get smart.

  12. Clintons venue sounds empty. You can hear the echo.

  13. No way clinton “hil LIAR y” can be even close in any non biased polls.

  14. He didn’t “mock the disabled.” The left is bankrupt! This is the first time
    I have ever vote GOP. Thank Trump for exciting voters with imagination,
    honesty, and empowerment.

  15. How many times over the years has Hillary hung her self, she cannot handle
    the truth..

  16. alexander robles | September 22, 2016 at 10:29 AM | Reply

    TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!
    Tear down Obama’s legacy!

  17. The handicapped girl is totaly being used by clinton. This is very

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