Trump Winning in Ohio & Florida! Trump & Clinton Dueling Speeches 9/21/16

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dueling speeches: Donald Trump is winning in the latest polls for the most important swing states of Florida and Ohio. 9/21/16

Fox News – September 21, 2016 – Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in swing states of Ohio and Florida – Donald Trump Speech – Hillary Clinton Speech – Analysis


  1. Well done for increasing the poll numbers Trump, you have worked really
    hard. You also doing great with the teleprompter.

    1. hey I thought she did a good job of staying awake, not throwing up, not
      laughing at all the B.S.

      in all honesty hillary has a point at 6:54 tho. too many people have lost
      their lives, 4 of them in benghazi come to mind.

  2. Clinton may have said some nice things about the police but it doesn’t come
    from her heart, mainly because she doesn’t have a heart.

  3. Why is Hillary taking about the police….everyone knows she is a BLM
    supporter. Look at who she had on stage during DNC…

  4. Hillary rodent Clinton, just copied Trump speech , I noticed her nose
    growing….so I’m switching to TRUMP !!!! get smart.

  5. He didn’t “mock the disabled.” The left is bankrupt! This is the first time
    I have ever vote GOP. Thank Trump for exciting voters with imagination,
    honesty, and empowerment.

    1. Just another example of Clinton’s disregard for the dignity of ordinary
      people. Everyone is a commodity on Planet Hillary they exist merely to
      serve her quest for power.

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