Trump’s COVID-19 Response Had ‘More Missteps We Just Narrowly Avoided’ 1

Trump’s COVID-19 Response Had ‘More Missteps We Just Narrowly Avoided’


Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire and global health policy expert Dr. Vin Gupta discuss aspects of the former president’s pandemic response facing fresh scrutiny, described in a new book by Washington Post journalists, who detail the depths of dysfunction in the White House when it came to Covid-19

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  1. And yet….he demanded parents put their children in school…during the height of the pandemic….and threatened to cut all funding to schools if they do not comply to his demands.

    1. @fly by B/c like I said,,,,, Trump spoke out of BOTH sides of his mouth. If you can’t see that, sorry for you. He would say one thing one minute and the antithesis the next.

    2. @Kathleen Snowden Full of Paid Shills. 98% of the comments are paid shills. I know them all by heart.

    3. @Carrien Mckennan You’re right. You realize though, that 98% if the commenters here are the Paid Shills, right? Thats just one more thing that irritates the life out of me. OUR tax money being spent on these useful idiots to support the covid lies and to support the vaccines. All of them are scum of the earth.

    4. @Blue Lagoon
      Yes, you and your month old account know all these “paid shills” by heart…
      I wonder why that is?

    5. @Civil Villain Well, Civil Villain, IF you could think for yourself, it’s b/c I get reported for telling the truth. The nazi’s who can’t stand the truth report people. I can’t understand why it bothers people.. how long an account has been in effect. Please, tell me, in your infinite wisdom… how the duration of an account has ANYTHING at all to do with the content of the posts.

  2. The former cheeto-in-chief has inspired a philosophy: WWTD? What would trump do?
    And whatever you decide he’d do, you do the exact opposite thing. Live long, and prosper.

  3. ” ill prepared ” like to the max ! WORST PRESIDENT EVER! And I’m being kind . Fake president. So sad !

  4. Jared putting the (by then) totally dysfunctional CDC in charge of creating a COVID test when the WHO had one that worked was a very bad mistake. Jared telling Trump to put the governors in charge as soon as he understood that it was mostly Black and Brown people who were dying was a very serious criminal act.

    1. @Ninjakitty News A sad but predictable effort. Donald still loves the gullible but he still lost.

    2. The only friends Trump ever had he paid for. He was never the cool kid at school he was the rich boy.

    3. I don’t like trump or Biden both are fools what happens to th decent presidents instead of this endless conflict over these fools

  5. One more time this kind of huge failure in other countries that caused the lost of so many people because someone wanted to be re-elected is insane, unimaginable ne criminal So the word that we have to use is crime against humanity simply he downplayed it all the time and it is sad.

  6. Trump would have still called victory if 1 million people had died, and he almost hit that quota.. He didn’t care and still doesn’t care.

    1. @sharon olsen instead we have a bumbling puppet, economy crashing, world peace fading, world trust diminishing, but no mean tweets, Yayyyyyy!

    2. @Yuck Foutube right, you’re a back to front trumpleton. What’s it like in reverse world? Is Putin a good friend? Has 45 actually got a vocabulary? Are republicans born with a backbone?

  7. The irony is if he made sure testing expanded immediately, and if he told the truth, and made people isolate and accept the five alarm fire facing us in March, we might be looking at a second term of President Pumpkin given the responsibility in fighting the pandemic. And that makes me throw up a little.

    1. For real, all he literally had to do was take Covid seriously and be truthful. So glad he is an imbecile and caused his own demise. Thank Zeus!

    2. The WHO stated on July 15 202 that there was no clear evidence of human to human transmission of covid.
      Nonetheless, Trump formed the covid task force & restricted travel from Chyna & other countries BEFORE the end of January.
      . Meanwhile, Pelosi & Cuomo were telling people to get out & enjoy Chinatown
      Biden & his cronies were calling Trump xenophobic.
      Its almost as if they were in cahoots with China.

    3. @janette masiello So… you’re going to try blatantly lying now with things that everyone already knows the truth about? Really?

  8. Concerning the chickens eating ballots in Arizona… how does someone tempt a chicken to eat a ballot?

    If they’d eat paper wouldn’t chicken farms get into document shredding?

    1. How do they even come up with stuff?? And why would you still count ballots (again) if the ballot-eating chickens have had their evil way??? I mean, either they ate them or they didn’t. Or maybe it will turn out the chickens only ate Trump ballots because they will be the ones that don’t turn up in the audit?????
      Far out, you made me think about that far more than it was worth.

  9. ‘It is what it is” is NOT the way to deal with a highly contagious deadly virus unless you’re FORMER President Donald J Trump.

  10. Least we forget ( no chance of that ever happening!) how Little Donnie Milkduds’ mega stupidity was a deadly issue! Deadly!

  11. Moscow Mitch and Dump set this country up for Failure by destroying The Pandemic Response Team

  12. “Missteps” ?? He cost thousands of American lives! Ignored the warnings for months while he played golf. What a callous traitor

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