1. “Elise is someone I know very well.” Also: “I’m actually not familiar with the comments of Elise Stefanik.” 🤣😂🤣

    1. @Cid Sapient Well they mentioned them in this video which is why we are having this discussion right now.

    2. @evan doe Every WORD IS PAID FOR so She’s Just Another Worshipor of MONEY 💰🤑🤮

    3. MSNBC is So Full of Lies and Made up Stories .. How Much did they pay her for this Bull 💩

  2. We stood up to him & reversed that policy. Er, no you didn’t, the human rights court ordered you to!

    1. @Brandy Courvoisier Shame on you Brandy for contributing such hateful and overtly racist thoughts to society. It’s shameful that you do not hold yourself to a higher standard and think so little of yourself that you allow yourself to sink to a point where your contribution to the world is one characterized by hate, oppression and human suffering instead of holding yourself to a higher standard and having enough self-worth to contribute humane productivity to society instead of putting out destructive and hateful thoughts for the masses to see Brandy. Shame on you. Do better than that and be better than that because I know you can.

    2. I just commented that🤣 like she is either lying to herself or blatantly lying to us

    3. Why would that give you a reason to disregard what someone has to say? Ppls experiences are based on who they are.

    4. @thermite So if someone said “as a republican” or “as a christian” you would immediately disregard whatever they had to say?

    1. I don’t think she has credibility.. to come out speaking against the Florida orange? now.. but she stayed said nothing!

    2. Take note of these ‘reformed’ Trumpists/Republicans, they are evil little snakes who will say anything to get an advantage.

    3. @Mainely so true, there are some interview, where the Republicans say, Trump will ruin the Republican Party and the next day they say,
      we cannot live without Trump, how ridiculous! How can you trust someone like that??

  3. How can one recommend a person for a job and not know what that person is talking about?😕

    1. @Love Bug lmao your entire party leaders are all “rinos” then you dont even have a party anymore. and btw the term “populist party” is the exact opposite of what a political party should be literally the antithesis of it look it up you people are stupid

  4. 0:46 “Strategically unwise and morally reprehensible.” Tell us how you really feel!!!

    1. your party is teaching transexuality to first graders, you have no business talking about moral depravity

    2. and through it all these Trumpists are filled with a twisted evil, literally destroying the country with their toxic conspiracy theories.

  5. ‘ The Truth is in the Details of the Facts ‘ ! ” Responsibility Matters for All Lives ” !

  6. I can’t believe we are still talking about this. Starting to think those who believe the Big Lie will never see the truth.

    1. They have to believe on the big lie, otherwise accept that minorities votes took power away from them.

    1. Would you call the guy in the Whitehouse now a saint? Better read some history. That’s the problem you don’t read you just listen to the brainwashers. The Walking Corpse is hardly a saint do your homework. In the meantime keep paying more for gas and groceries. Unless you’re getting a check to stay home. In that case keep deadbeating on.

    2. Na, the Devil was described as cunning, smart, witty and malicious. Donny boy just had a diet coke call button and threw tantrums.

  7. “…Oh, I know her very very well, she’s a great woman…” “…though I don’t know where she stands on those principles, and I really don’t listen to what she says…”

    1. If she is playing both sides for the Money She’s not a Nice Person She’s just another Greedy liar

    1. Indeed, all of these “reformed” Republicans are vicious little snakes who will bite anyone if you give them half a chance.

    2. Really han? Well, that and her waiting until December 2020 for quitting makes her a two-face and for that, Mehdi Hasan should not grant her airtime.

  8. This actually makes me nostalgic for the times when policy differences got me all wound up! So refreshing to watch a respectful yet challenging debate of ideas based on facts!

  9. They just don’t understand something very, very fundamental and something they can’t do anything about – “truth always prevails.”

    1. That’s the problem the truth doesn’t always prevail the tactics and politics of the last 20 years prove the right wing conservative movement leads to economic disaster every time.

    2. Perhaps it does, but if it does not prevail in the present, does it really matter. Sure, it’s cool to posthumously award some black soldiers their rightfully earned medals 50 years after their deaths, but does it really matter at that point. The truth can prevail too late to matter.

    3. @Ronald Harris Truth like Karma (i.e., cause and effect) is not subject to the limits of what we call “time.”

    4. @Ronald Harris of course it’s not as black-and-white as you’re trying to make it out to be. Even if it was true the exception would be with Trump if you consider him a conservative.
      Can you imagine what could have got done if the Crooked Republicans and Democrats had worked with Trump instead of coming up with scams to get rid of him. A few of Trump’s accomplishment in 3 and 1/2 years:
      Trump: Trump came into slow-growing economy, rolled back over burdensome regulations, gave everyone tax breaks, yes, including the rich. I’m no economic expert but for whatever reason it stimulated the economy caused the stock markets to go to record highs. I know my paycheck increased more in the last three and a half years than it did in the previous six. We had a booming economy, record low unemployment, including record low unemployment for minorities, he was winning the trade war with China, created 7 million jobs, more people off of welfare than ever before, thanks to Trump and him negotiating better trade deals with a little over 50% of our trade partners in just 3 and 1/2 years (which is remarkable) we will be in a better position economically than most countries coming out of this virus, middle-class income went up to $2,000- $6,000 depending on where you live in the country. He secured money for black colleges getting them more money than they were asking for the next 10 years, before that it was on a year-to-year basis. He repealed laws that unfairly put more blacks in prison, that sleepy Joe was a main supporter on. He just signed an executive order a few months ago which gives Hispanics easier access to money for education and business loans. Thanks to Trump and thinking outside the box and implementing operation Warp Speed millions and millions of lives are being saved. First president in modern times there have been no new conflicts started. Involved with 4 peace treaties being signed. He’s been nominated for 4 Nobel Peace prizes. And there’s many more accomplishments that did nothing but benefit you as an American citizen. Sorry, the facts don’t backup your rhetoric or the media’s lies. He’s done more for the USA in three and a half years than the last three presidents combined. And he did it all while fighting a fake Russian dossier investigation, a fake impeachment, and a corrupt FBI investigation. You have nothing against Trump but rhetoric. Does he say things that hurt your feelings boohoo.

  10. Ayyssa wrote for her fathers WorldNetDaily a site known for conspiracy theories including birther stories. Now she seeks the truth when she helped foster the environment of lies.

  11. It looks to me like she wants to have her cake, eat it, and then excuse herself to the bathroom for a few minutes before returning and having another piece of cake. 😉

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