Trump's GOP Challenger Bill Weld On The House's Impeachment Vote | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Trump’s GOP Challenger Bill Weld On The House’s Impeachment Vote | The Last Word | MSNBC


Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Bill Weld joins The Last Word to discuss the House's vote on impeachment and his primary campaign against Donald Trump. Aired on 10/31/19.
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Trump's GOP Challenger Bill Weld On The House's Impeachment Vote | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. they’ve always been a cult, even Ike warned us about it. The military industrial complex was/is largely supported by republican chest thumping and no-bids contracts, including the so called “war on drugs” which has cost us multiple TRILLIONS

    2. @Mo Fungo Yeah republicans don’t like the war on drugs. Also the military industrial complex isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened not good but not the worst thing.

  1. Trump: “Read the transcript.”
    Translation: “Amazing how I can get away with gaslighting you so easily!”

    1. Give us the actual transcript to read or better yet, release a recording of the call. By the definition of transcript, we didn’t get a transcript. We got a cherry picked version that was a fraction of the actual call and that is even pretty damning.

    1. It has to be…. with all the gerrymandering, we MUST vote in large numbers for the American people’s will to be heard.

    2. I think he’ll win again, frankly. His supporters are too stupid or wicked to care about any of this. People really do need to get out and vote, but there will be barriers set up to prevent that.

  2. The GOP doesn’t want Americans to hear the truth. Instead they ran “whimpering, crying and screaming all the way” to Mar A Lago

    1. Kim Jong-un aka Little Rocket Man why did you launch 2 missiles the other day in spite of love letters to & fro between you & Dotard tRump?

    1. ​@no name Well then you’ll never enjoy FREEDOM. To bad, if you look around the world many of the people are trying to overthrow their DICTATORS. Old Putin is afraid he’ll lose his grip.

    2. @Vammek Opinion and yet in America, they are all voting for a dictator TRUMP to run America – try to keep up hun, you seem to be living in a delusional reality. YOu can’t be against Putin while supporting Putin – you just look insane now

    1. @Bjorn Santens which is why the US needs to immediately draw up laws against the broadcasting of misinformation and start regulating fb.

  3. First of all it’s a precis and not a transcript. It is not a word for word transcript of the call. Secondly, we have all read it !!! And it’s a perfect example of corruption.

  4. No way could I ever support and protect human filth like Trump. F that guy! I’d rather go down in flames.

  5. *Republicans ARE the Deep State!*
    *#CriminallyComplicitGOP* *Vote them ALL into Political Extinction and let’s truly MAGA! *

  6. Astounding. We are heading towards a theocracy led by the Anti Christ and his Republican demons. Happy Halloween.

    1. cattigereyes1
      the reality is the Democrat’s in Washington love playing the fool for their base while
      continuing their journey on the road of failure ending in November of 2020.

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