Trump’s Impact On The Secret Service Was ‘Corrosive’

In her new best-selling book, 'Zero Fail,' Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post Reporter Carol Leonnig details the history of the Secret Service, Trump's impact on the agency, and so much more. Leonnig joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss.
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  1. Wow. This would make a great thriller! The problem of the Secret Service in a presidential transition never occurred to me but I certainly would not want people unquestionably loyal to Trump to be in charge of my life if I were Biden. Fascinating.

    1. @hillside if they had any evidence, he would have been charged by now. Wanna move on to biden crimes as long as your so honest in you muli- billion dollar empire

    2. @ms operator “now after the scandalous behavior under trump” implying trump is responsible for it

    3. @nigel Foggin
      So, calling someone’s comment idiotic isn’t an insult? Happy trails, hypocrite!

    1. Maybe not. The two issues may be related. Many Secret Service Special Agents started out as police officers and sheriff’s deputies from all over the country who put in the work to meet the grueling selection process. Basically, if you fix one, you may end up fixing the other.

    1. @Jimmy Jams That doesn’t mean anything I mean look at what trump does to people’s minds they have gone insane republicans and supporters Its a disease they need a vaccine for it 😁

    2. @Maureen Awty , I don’t care for the Cheeto one bit. And it’s the left that losese their mind. He showed america how much double standards. The left has… Now we have a true Racist Dictator president. And no…. I’m not a republican.

    1. Get used to these sorts of stories exposing the ways in which Trump damaged our democratic institutions. We’ll be hearing an alarming number of them over the coming decades. 😢😡🤯

    2. @squadric Your issue is you listen to media that serves one purpose to discredit Trump and Republicans. They don’t report information they twist your opinion

    3. @squadric Like this idiotic report endangering secret service by him covid positive. How far do you really expect the secret service to stay. They don’t scatter when there’s gunfire , it’s their purpose. But twist it

  2. The agent in the car may have been medical protection but I wouldn’t doubt that protection was costly. Regardless of how you see it, his life was still at risk unnecessarily.

    1. Afaik (quick research on the local health organisation’s advisory for medical transport of positively tested patients) you’d still transport them with 1 or 2 people in the same vehicle. Both patient and personell are required to wear masks if possible, at least FFP2 for the personell and you’d wear one-use coats and gloves which seeems to be the case with the guys in there. Now, I don’t know how much worse the specific car would be compared to a transport ambulance and there’s still the question of disinfecting the car afterwards and all the other procedures and not sticking your gloves into your face and whatnot. But overall the fact that there’s still multiple agents in the same car doesn’t seem that crazy to me. At least not compared to lots of the other stuff that happened during his office.

    2. @David Wilson The only necessary trip that Trump ever made since becoming president was when he left the white house lol

    3. @Paul Bird Trump did not use protection and he was real active with women who were not his wives. Many medical doctors have said on the record his behaviors and physical actions lead them to think he has long term untreated syphilis. Not my expertise, but his brain is surely fried and he makes no sense on so many levels. Only other person I have seen act as strange is Rudy, whose extra martial activities are no secret.

    1. @Frank Cabanski Oh, what dipped-in-gold BS; there was NO fraud in the election, none whatsoever, you have NO proof, just a lot of phony claims that evaporate in sunlight. Our guy won, your guy lost, fair ‘n square; just GROW UP, why doncha?

    2. @Joe Strike Check out the AZ audit. They’ve found that ballot info was deleted, 10’s of thousands of invalid ballots counted. That’s just the tip.

      Why did officials trick observers into leaving but then start counting again? Why were windows boarded and blocked. The election for Joe was as fake as his little driving appearance with a guy actually driving from the passenger seat.

    1. Thankful for people like you that are fully aware of what’s going on and not pretending that everything is ok. Fascism is knocking at our door.

    1. The secret service has problems with professionalism under Obama also. Let’s not forget the agents that were fired for visiting prostitutes during a trip to Columbia

  3. A security agency that can’t admit it’s failures to itself and address them… is fatally flawed to the point of being broken.

    1. @Jimmy Jams They were caught and 11 of them were removed. Under trump, they’re rewarded.

    2. @ProfessorDBehrman You’re right—“its” is the possessive pronoun.
      I haven’t had to review that since I was in grade school 60 years ago—gee, thanks for giving me flashbacks of the nuns! I owe you one.

    1. People that want power, and people that want to use guns, are basically the same people. So of course police/secret service and political corruption go hand in hand. They didn’t take the job for the right reasons in the first place. They just want to hold power over people at the point of a gun. Basically mini dictators to go along with the GOP’s wanna be dictators.

  4. Secret Service?……There is so much to rebuild trust on. Seems the are a bunch of maggots who let things go to their heads. Replace the entire detail. Get them out of service. We don’t know what they will do going forward.

    1. @Don Winslow and its arizonas right to audit when ever it feels like it. Sham or not. Most honest election ever right? so why does everyone care what arizona is doing? scared?

    2. @daniel banks well you are obviously a well educated man of the world danny, probably a graduate of the trump university, and you prove that people can convince themselves of just about anything, to bad it’s all just a lie that is just like your famed university, just a big scam, I wonder if your one of the dummies who donated to this craziness, got scammed, but just don’t believe trump knew🤔

    3. @charliej and yet ya cant give a shred of fact. oh you can run your mouth, parroting your overlords the media. ya got nothing and ya never will. maybe change your name to charles jung un, for your bed buddies and president, china.

    4. @daniel banks no danny they didn’t, but you keep trying danny boy and maybe your election dreams will come true😃😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. James M Murry….Just empty words to me. I have lost all faith in this organization. I feel we cannot trust them to do the right thing…..OR to do things for the country and not a person.

  6. Truth really is stranger than fiction. Who could have imagined that one day we would elect a malignant narcissist as president, AND that the majority of his party would support him in every evil act, conspiracy theory, lie and and crazy whim he contrived … and “kiss the ring” rather than honor their oath of office and putting their country first. It is an unbelievable nightmare that refuses to end. Wake up America!

    1. The issue is- does the GOP tear itself apart before the 2022 midterms ? The in fighting has begun. . The GOP cannot decide which Democrat to blame or attack, and many are turning on each others. Biden is popular, effective and scandal free. The Biden attacks are not working.

    2. @Max Smith The GOP is purging descent and steeling themselves for their all out assault on our democracy. Them “tearing themselves apart” is not a good thing. Not even close.

  7. Everything 45* touches dies. It’s still an open question whether US democracy will survive him/his GQP cult.

  8. They did not swap ALL OF THEM, unfortunately! They have a few more to swap out! It should be done immediately!

    1. None we’re swapped it doesn’t work that way. Your assignment is for 6 years no matter who is in office

    1. @The Riff Writer what’s the hardest thing about being a cop in America… Remembering to turn off the camera before u shoot 📸😂🤣

  9. Swapping out all secret service members during the transition was SUCH a smart move. Refreshingly smart.

    1. @pahwraith Precisely! I’m just glad we followed suit. This country has been so very dumb for so long; reactionary instead of responsive, and it was nice to see this “no-brainer” tended to. ☮️

    2. Except that the current assistant director of the secret service is the man they speak about who was the senior member who became an advisor during Trumps campaign before becoming assistant director after the election…

    3. @Mitchell Willey I think that could be solved (and should be) by two short words. To coin a phrase: “You’re fired”.

    4. @Ronnie Marion I hate to say it but thank God for 1/6. Without that failed coup, who knows what would’ve happened. At that point those in the know hopefully knew what we were up against.

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