Trump’s Legal Mess: New Testimony In Criminal Probe Ratchets Up Pressure

Two members of Trump’s inner circle went under oath before a New York grand jury in a move that shows DA Cy Vance is not done with his investigation into the Trump Organization, according to reporting from The Washington Post. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by Trump Organization insider Barbara Res and attorney Maya Wiley to discuss where the case is headed. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Rick Simon I agree 100% with you. Trump IS responsible for Covid being politicized, but there are some things easier to prove. SDNY has a paper trail longer than the Smokey Mountain Trail… It’s a start

    2. @recycled365 and that’s scary. He’s a HUGE national security threat. Now I’m glad he never read his security briefings as well as his staff removing papers from his desk if they thought he’d make a dangerous or illegal proposal.

    1. @Donna thanks Donna. But the Republicans has people like him so brainwashed that truth and common sense can’t get in.

    2. @Leonard Harrison actually it does. That’s why they keep us divided and fighting amongst each other. Together we can make a difference, but divided, well you see.

    3. @Mitchell Kovacs normally regular people would go to jail for a small portion of what he’s done. Like starting fake university or not paying people consistently

    1. @tuck979
      I’m pretty sure any hard working American would love to pay only $750! Did you pay more than $750 for tears 2016 and 2017? 🤔😏🤔😏🤔😏🤔😏

  1. Many Trump loyalists and followers have ended up in jail directly because of him. It’s about time he joins them.

    1. It’s about time you wake up to the fact that they have NOTHING on Donald J Trump. They have been at this for how many years? But keep holding your breath because when you idiots pass out, we will finally have some peace.

  2. ‘We don’t rely on American Banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia’
    – Eric Trump 2014
    aka The Dim Son and then Sum

    1. @Joe Mama My point is that you conservatives always change the subject… it’s “WhatAbout-ism”. You don’t address the bad cr@p that Donny does, you just point a finger the other way and say, well so-and-so did this. Come up with a solution instead of blame… oh wait, you have none.

  3. Isn’t it ironic that during his rallies ,his supporters were always chanting lock her up. Trump is a con man 🤔🤔

  4. This investigation and the January 6th committee need to ratchet up their speed. It’s already approaching 9 months after January 6th and these folks need to produce some newsworthy exposures of these traitors.

    1. @M Make that ,95 millions!!!!!! Lots of people in the US may not have higher education, but they are not stupid. Democracy is not forced, it is voted upon.

    2. @Kevin Knerr They are holding hundreds of people in solitary confinement without bail for misdemeanors in hopes of getting them to cop a plea. That’s very Lavrenty Beria of them. Where is their right to speedy trial, and protection from cruel and unusual punishment enshrined in the Constitution?

    3. 1/6 commission is getting together their documents and interviews!!!! Good things come to those who wait!!!! Why do you think McCarthy is soooo afraid of even phone records!!!!!

    1. First fake impeachment the Muller flop
      Then Democrats busted for entering fraudulent evidence after stealing the election trying to make sure he could never run again. Didn’t work

  5. He belongs in jail for the rest of his life. It’s not like he’s got parking tickets and seat belt violations, for Christ sake.

    1. @F CHIANG
      By comparing the numbers to those in Western Europe. The numbers were the same in Spring 2020 and in the last winter. But they were much higher in both 2020 and 2021 during each summer. Hence, 200,000+ who would still be alive if Trump had not been POTUS. And that number increases by 1,000 every day now.

    1. @Elmer Reed One of the people that was trying to extort $25m from Matts family has been arrested. It is expected at least 2 other people will be arrested soon. ( you wont get that info on MSDNC

    2. @Carl os (chuckle), that’s where I heard that news… my question again,, however all that says is 1 vulture is preying on another vulture. My question again is who in any law enforcement has made the announcement that Gaetz is not guilty?

    1. Swampy My clothes hide a lot tooo, but from target and Walmart!!! Cheap clothes hide the same as well made clothes!!!!!

  6. If I stood on stage, and incited ANY kind of mob, I would have been arrested THAT day, been to court, and locked up in prison by now.

    1. And nobody would have cared. But the people that incited the insurrection are now trying to block it’s investigation. It isn’t going to work.

    2. @Jose Orellana The Justice system was intentionally designed that way. Just as in Israel, where they have two different justice systems, one for Israelis another one for Palestinians!

    3. @Dan Chanquin Americas history of violence is written with the blood of unarmed, overwhelmingly black victims, who decided, NOT to follow police orders!

    1. are you people for real? You have been begging for trump to be jailed for 5 years now. maybe you should try and concentrate on what the WH is now doing and how the USA allies are not as Loyal as they used to be after what has happened in Afghanistan

    2. As the movie went and you need to watch this it is called white house down well now it should be called trumps house down 👇 to make it to he keeps losing everything til the only house left for him is jail house kind of like Elvis Presley jail house Rock but a lot different a few changes will do

    3. @Smoke Rise guilty of what? Where is your proof? Stop wasting my time you have no idea your just vomiting comments that have no substance.

    1. When things were at their very worst:
      2 Suns, Cross in the sky, 2 comets will collide = don`t be afraid – repent, accept Lord`s Hand of Mercy.
      Scientists will say it was a global illusion.
      Beware – Jesus will never walk in flesh again.
      After WW3 – rise of the “ man of peace“ from the East = Antichrist – the most powerful, popular, charismatic and influential leader of all time. Many miracles will be attributed to him. He will imitate Jesus in every conceivable way.
      Don`t trust „pope“ Francis = the False Prophet
      – will seem to rise from the dead
      – will unite all Christian Churches and all Religions as one.
      One World Religion = the seat of the Antichrist.
      Benedict XVI is the last true pope – will be accused of a crime of which he is totally innocent.

      “Arab uprising will spark global unrest – Italy will trigger fall out”

      “Many events, including ecological upheavals, wars, the schism in My Church on Earth, the dictatorships in each of your nations – bound as one, at its very core – will all take place at the same time.”

      The Book of Truth

    2. re​@Ash Roskell
      answer to why Trump is still at large ?: Three words: AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM and a justice culture which the whole world is laughing at!!!!

    1. The Trump era is a demonstration of the power of money. Trump has Been a criminal for decades. Clearly he has greased a lot of palms over the years. They KNOW he committed fraud. I have no hope that we will ever see Trump do time.

    2. @Trolling Them Softly I understand your skepticism, and it’s borne out by the Trump’s history… but – but! – change does sometimes come out of left field and take us by surprise. Here’s hoping the law can be brought to bear against the Trump “organization” this time round.

    3. Your so right rich get richer and they could buy what ever they want but even if you’re doesn’t mean you should have it easier then the poor

  7. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” the essence of this very apropos quote can be traced back to the utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill.

  8. “Criminal Probe”

    You really need to be more specific. Aren’t there like 15 criminal probes into this hack?

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