Trump’s ‘Out-Of-Power Agenda’ Includes Retribution Against Foes: WaPo | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump's 'Out-Of-Power Agenda' Includes Retribution Against Foes: WaPo | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Over 100 days after his election loss, and he’s just got to the anger phase of grief. Only two more phases until we get to acceptance.

    1. @evan doe the lease for the building runs out as it’s booked for graduation ceremonies. Something you never got obviously…..jabroni.

    1. When Trump golfs they call him Pele after the famous soccer player because he kicks the ball where he wants it! He even cheats at golf! Go figure!

  2. Good, that he is single-handedly destroying the Republican party. They were to stupid to realize that when you sit with the devil you feed him out of a long-handled spoon.

    1. @D S thanks for clarifying that. Maybe I need more coffee.
      Are you hostile to liberals per se, or just their leadership??

      I know folks, Left or Right, that I would love to see in office, instead of their leadership.

    2. You are right. They are looking to an evil savior for short-term survival, not thinking of the coming catastrophic, existential perils.

    1. Why I couldn’t vote for him … he’s a bully. My attention was drawn to a 5 million slander suit he filed against a beauty contestant because she complained to friends on Facebook she dropped out because she found out it was rigged. Her lawyer didn’t show ( bought off? Threatened?) So she lost and for years had that ruining her life! He’s hurt SO many people!

  3. Simply ask yourself; “What would a spoiled rotten rich 10 yr old who was NEVER help responsible for his actions do?” and you can easily predict CONald’s behavior.

  4. I think he will pray to get out of prison when SDNY is done with them. Hes GOT TO PAY .HIM AND BARR

    1. @Tomas Stacy the border was never closed …..the wall trump built was only 49 miles long …..out of a 2000, mile long border . Who’s watching the other 1951 miles .

  5. I suspect this post-presidency period has been very painful for Donald – having to beg and scream for attention always – very reminiscent of his childhood.

    1. Not painful enough. He and his boot lickers are the biggest danger we’ve ever been up against. I can no longer listen to the news while they drone on and on. The same “breaking news”. Run it next to the narratives of 4/5 yrs ago and it’s the same ‘ol talk. And still, they interview pathological liars, presenting them as having anything real to say. I’ve had it! I’ll check in on YouTube but other than that, I’m off the grid.

    1. @Matthew Thompson Because we know the difference when our tax money is being spent to help Americans including our children and our children’s children instead of being spent to make the rich richer, corporations more corrupt, and so the president can play golf at his own resorts and use our tax money to pay for it so he can put it directly in his own pocket, rent out Trump Tower to foreign dignitaries again the money going into his pocket (many of whom didn’t actually stay there, but paid to get favors from Trump). All of this is verifiable but I’m sure that’s the last thing you want to do.

    2. @Butch Einsel and the fake POSOTUS one term twice impeached orange fascist crying to his white grievance white nazionalist Nazis from Kremlin a Largo

  6. I believe his influence is waning and when criminals & civil indictments start appearing against him , he will be gone. There is no way he will be standing again,.

    1. If he does go to prison his deluded cult will make him a Saint or martyr. Then they’ll elect Matt Gaetz Margery Greene or Ted Cruz assuming they aren’t in prison too.

    2. @Ronald Harding he’s the first ex president to attack Congress. He’s going to prison. They will get him for tax evasion.

    3. @Gary Cooper I get the feeling it might take a few years for all this to iron out – hopefully Biden’s policies will improve life for all and help with that. However, Junior is waiting in the wings, which may prolong things somewhat, and, as you said, other right-wingers who think they see a path forward. A major concern is the new voting bills …

  7. So Joe is the only one that can go off script, but if Mika so much as says oof, he gets so triggered and goes on and on about it? I was going to also say “and he interrupts her”, but he doesn’t need an excuse to do that

    1. @Robin Lillian It was Trump who called the press the enemy of the people. Of course unless the press agrees with Trump, you are perfectly fine with that. Isn’t it the Republican party that wants to exclude Liz Cheney for exercising her freedom of speech? Unless you tow the Trump line in the Republican party you get excised from the party. Who’s against freedom of speech?

    2. I mostly stopped watching because of Joe’s constant interruptions. And I like the show……….but Joe is just plain rude.

    1. If the day comes when Trump thinks he can walk on water…I’ll pay for the charter boat to the Marianas trench.

    2. And brings down a government…..historical examples abound. He is LITERALLY dangerous to our national security. HE IS INSANE.

    3. No, a 9-year old has a conscience and the associated emotions. Trump cannot feel ANY human emotion with the exception of anger. He’s more that willing to trash the country just to stay in person power. He also a sociopath.

  8. Reps have chosen to put their own political careers and the party ahead of concerns for the country. That’s all we need to know

    1. Term them all out they have all become tooo comfortable. All have become Career politicians. They don’t want to work with anyone. Just selling out to keep their jobs .

    2. @Rook Worx You understand the game they’re playing with us. I wish others would remove the partisanship from their eyes and see how low they’ve brought the country down.

    3. You can build a GQP party as long as you have uninformed cult followers who vote these same idiots into government every election cycle

    4. @philosophicalreason True, except Republicans are proven liars who tried to overturn an election and install a con artist dictator but other than that they’re exactly the same.

  9. Do anybody remember when Donald Trump said you have to have them in your pocket and you have to have some things on them therefore I’m assuming that he dug in his bag and pulled out the things that he has on them and that’s why they all looking and kissing his ring .

    1. @Cindy Pomerleau Now, THAT makes sense!! 👍👍 And confirms that Donald Trump simply can’t do anything meaningful on his own 😅😂🤣 Chances are Putin has a dirt on Trump himself and keeps dangling that before his eyes to keep him on track in destroying the American democratic system of governance.

    2. @may wilson Not really. There are Republicans who don’t kiss Trump’s “ring.” Liz Cheney and Romney come to mind. And it’s too bad that McCain is gone, you know he’d have been a strong voice against this madness.

    3. Yeap….you are totally right….but….Dumpster is not the only one thinking like that….there is a lot of dirt on HIM….a d I will have fun to watch HIS dirt destroying Dumpster….someone has HIM in the pocket and it’s just matter of time, that that one will use it……

    1. Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Paul Johnson, Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Josh Hadley would all be the ones to grab a little girl and beg their way onto a lifeboat when it’s women and children only.

  10. He has a fear that his criminal stunts will land him behind bars and wants to make sure he brings as many as he can to keep him company.

  11. I’d like to say “get a life ” but this is his life and I now want him to take the republican party down with him. They deserve each other.

    1. @B Bodziak Trump doesn’t care about “party” affiliation. He wants one party – HIS. He was a Democrat but realized he could never get Democrats to support his agenda. So – he switched to the Republican side knowing he could take them down – they were and are weak. That’s why the “party” can’t move forward without him according to Lindsey Graham. Trump is a dangerous man.

    2. If the day comes when Trump thinks he can walk on water…I’ll pay for the charter boat to the Marianas trench.

    3. @Robin Lillian “You must love dictatorship”….. You must like to drink RoundUp while smoking tobacco rolled in asbestos sheet, and think that FDA is a branch of Gestapo.

    1. @Eric Klaus Oh, studying cults is a hobby of mine. Cultists believe their leader is their only true source of information and everyone who disputes what he says is “fake news” and everyone who is not on board with what he does is part of the “deep state.” Sound familiar?

    2. @Eric Klaus What do you call those clowns who attacked the Capitol. The idiots who said, they will vote for Trump no matter what. People in church leadership saying, Trump is from god. No, not everybody who voted for Trump is a cultist, but his MAGA base is basically a cult.

    3. @Eric Klaus …and you need to get a job that uses your skills as an English speaker in Russia but doesn’t involve spreading disinformation online. )That’s bad karma). Just a suggestion

  12. Spanky J Bonespurs: “Oh please oh pleeeeease, will they let me back on FB? No? Fine, I didn’t want to be on their stupid platform anyway!” 😭🍊

  13. How’s this for some famous last words: ” You KNEW that I was a snake when you let me in!”.

    If it looks like a snake, hisses like a snake, and bites like a snake, then it is undoubtedly a snake.

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