Trump’s Policy Causing Pain On Both Sides Of The Border | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump's Policy Causing Pain On Both Sides Of The Border | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Child service agencies are grappling with caring for children separated from parents arrested during the ICE raids in Mississippi. Cal Perry tells Ali Velshi about the strain that the overflow of migrants and deportations from the U.S. is putting on Mexico. Stephanie Valencia and Joyce Vance also join.
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Trump's Policy Causing Pain On Both Sides Of The Border | The Last Word | MSNBC

62 Comments on "Trump’s Policy Causing Pain On Both Sides Of The Border | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. There are people taking his message to action. This is not funny, but real folks. If he said jump off a bridge, they would do it. Separating families? Yeah because Christ would have done this. This is the work of Satan. Better, well thought out solutions for 2020.

  2. So why weren’t the employers arrested for knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants? Oh, right, because he supports big businesses at the expense of these children left without their parents.

    • The IRS will be quite interested in those companies employing undocumented aliens. If they aren’t looking into them then clearly it’s an avoidance of fiscal law. Maybe there has been no word of what is happening with the employers because they are under investigation/being interviewed. Although I haven’t heard about any FBI present during the raids; just ICE. They might have the shield of the president but they are not a proper security force so have no obligation to pass any information to established bureaus. Thus there will be no will to officially investigate the employers as they have had plenty of time to destroy any evidence. It’s tricky Trump’s fascist plan to get what he wants before the law of the land can stop him. Not that there is much will there either as he owns the legislature. I wonder if those employers have been given a choice dependent on who they will vote for?

    • angelinshagows | August 10, 2019 at 11:31 AM | Reply

      And tax payers expense not the companies.

    • They were. But the tabloid you watch won’t tell you that.

    • @Walt Schmidt What’s your source?

  3. Trump’s organizations had purchased fake citizenship papers and social security numbers for some of his favorite undocumented immigrants at his resorts. Perhaps fixed his foreign wife Malaria Melanoma paperwork? 🤔Hmmm

    • Dittzx : Let’s be clear, here? Trump knew there would be an influx of Asylum Seekers, if he withdrew Aid from Venezuela and other, key, South American countries. He did it deliberately, giving his voters the opposite of what they, “want,” knowing he could put on his show of cruelty with Concentration Camps, give people a clear target to hate, and, “justify,” his monument (Wall). He CONNED his fans, and they don’t and WON’T listen to the truth. Probably, because when they pause to think about the facts, they feel like idiots. Prosecuting the employers would END the problem, eliminating economic migrants from the picture. The only rational conclusion is that Trump NEEDS mass migration; NEEDS this crisis, NEEDS America DIVIDED . . . I know you know this. I just felt like saying it ✌️👍

    • Melanoma came to the US on a visitors visa, so she was working illegally. Throw her back to Slovenia, along with her chain-migration parents!!!

    • Scaffgal : Why not, indeed?

    • @Ash Roskell You got it, sadly it’s a profitable business for the private detention center that are reporting record profits in 2019.

  4. BbetrGODczU L | August 10, 2019 at 2:22 AM | Reply

    Pretty bad when UN is investigating US for human rights violation and we have now been put on list to use caution traveling to US. This is $hit that 3rd world countries are accused of and cautioned about.

    • BbetrGODczU L : The ONLY way to end economic migration is to indict the EMPLOYERS. No JOBS to come for, NO ECONOMIC MIGRATION. Then there are ONLY Asylum Seekers, who need to be sifted from the criminals trying to exploit the situation? Much easier to sort them out, if you take remedial action, to lower the numbers, right? WHAT am I missing, here? Trump doesn’t WANT to solve the problem. He NEEDS the HATE and the DIVISION, to stay in office

    • Yep! What an embarrassment!

    • david cottrell | August 10, 2019 at 9:56 AM | Reply

      @Ash Roskell it’d a very effective two prong system. Hardcover torture in multi generational North Korean influenced political internment camps, and plenty of cheap labour in the form of undocumented immigrants flowing over the border. This immigration system satisfies the needs of the base and big bussiness. Nothing to fix.

    • BbetrGODczU L
      Its just fair. The US state department routinely issues travel advisories or even no-go zones for US citizen in European countries when there is trouble afoot in a city or some such. For example, it happened quite a few times for a number of cities in the eastern part of Germany, were there are a lot of nazis, white supremacists and other assorted racist pigs around. Its clear that the US is a much more dangerous place these days if you’re not white – but really for anyone with these mass shootings.

  5. christopher burleigh | August 10, 2019 at 2:26 AM | Reply

    Trump has said that MS 13 is evil and has described the ways they torture their victims, yet he chose Gina Haspel to head the CIA. It seems he likes torture when the U.S. government does it but no one else is allowed to do it.

    • bonnie duncan | August 10, 2019 at 4:35 AM | Reply

      christopher burleigh – he also fails to mention that ms-13 is a gang that was started in america…

    • Wendy Pastore | August 10, 2019 at 7:21 AM | Reply

      christopher burleigh

      And instead of targeting MS13 he’s targeting working families.

    • christopher burleigh
      Well, he said so much as that he believes torture is fine. Most likely, as long as the victims arent white americans who vote for him.

  6. Vote Trump out of office and watch him get arrested. America would be great again.

    • Basil McDonnell | August 10, 2019 at 6:42 AM | Reply

      @John Dough Wow, you like cruelty against little girls? Get a thrill from people being murdered in a Walmart? Warm and fuzzy feeling at backing an outright racist?

    • John Dough he going to lose anyway. And go to jail for crimes he’s committed. Remember Michael Cohen is jail right now for Trump.

    • I’m voting for Trump too, democrats have moved too far left and embraced socialism. Joe Biden wants even more undocumented immigrants and he wants to flood our country with more illegals which is encouraging people to break the law and will only strain the system. Democrats favor illegal immigrants over American citizens and even legal immigrants.

    • Trump will be lucky to get out of office alive. If so he’ll see a long prison term.👍💩🍄

  7. Trevor McKenna-Williams | August 10, 2019 at 2:36 AM | Reply

    I’ve got news for ICE the moment they got into the business of arresting parents leaving their children at risk they became a Social Work Agency.

    • Race Pace Masters Swimming | August 10, 2019 at 10:20 AM | Reply

      Local/state police would get internal neglect of duty charges if they just arrested a parent and left little kids without care. Why is ICE allowed to say “not our job”?

  8. Francoise Loffler | August 10, 2019 at 2:44 AM | Reply

    Just look how many BODY GUARDS ARE SURROUNDING TRUMP when he speaks…HE IS SO AFRAID …!

    • @Francoise Loffler
      All dictators are afraid.

    • Francoise Loffler
      Even if its difficult, but we have to be fair here and acknowledge that the Secret Service is in charge of security, not the president. They decide how many agents are present at any given time and – according to the lore – they can override a presidents wishes if they deem the risk too high. And they will not allow him to do certain things like driving a car by himself.

      The residence private rooms and a toilet (stall) is probably the only place where a president wont see an agent at all. So, I doubt he can demand “I wont 10 more agents buzzing around me!” without the Secret Service telling him that they have exactly as many agents on scene as there need to be.

    • Jumping Jackjeebs | August 10, 2019 at 11:07 AM | Reply

      Once he is behind bars he will end up like his “SWELL GUY” buddy
      Jeffrey Epstein

  9. tanattecnocraft | August 10, 2019 at 2:55 AM | Reply

    His heart does not exist, being the Antichrist and getting the church to support him. Cruelty to children can never ever be a deterrent to anything EVER!!

  10. Traitor Trump and Moscow Mitch will feel human suffering when booted from office in 2020 , mark my words

    • Richie Tattersall | August 10, 2019 at 3:37 AM | Reply

      “National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections,” 2016 was the lowest it’s been in 20 years, 13 million American Republicans voted for Trump, and he lost the popular vote by just under 3 million. 2018 was the highest Mid-term in the history of the United States, just over 50%, 113 million, and the Republicans lost by 10 million. Congress: The House of Representatives is 2 year terms of service, 2018, the Democrates took it back, the Senate is 6. 9 Republicans and 24 Democrates were up for re-election, only 2 seats flipped, Democrat to Republican. 2020? 22 Republicans, INCLUDING Moscow Mitch, are up for re-election, only 12 Democrates. It’s 2019 and there are already Republicans announcing that they have no intention of running for re-election. They are going to walk down the Gangplank while “The Trump” is tied to the dock, instead of having to jump off a sinking ship wearing a life preserver.

    • @Richie Tattersall and Obama has 2 of the worst midterms in history so what’s your point

    • Richie Tattersall | August 10, 2019 at 9:01 AM | Reply

      @Stone Men YOU’RE A FOOL! Trump’s 1st Mid-term was the highest Mid-term in the history of the United States of America and TEN MILLION MORE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VOTED FOR DEMOCRATES THEN REPUBLICANS!!!!

    • @Richie Tattersall I don’t care Obama still lost more seats and trump kept the senate

    • @Richie Tattersall Obama lost 63 house seats in 2010 63 seats bud Democrats gained net 27 seats with 10 million more votes that’s pathetic

  11. What’s to stop Division of Social Services from pressing child abuse charges against Trump?

    • You mean Their Parents. If you or I were to have babies just to get to the US or put our children at Risk like leaving them in cars, we would go to Jail. If they want a better life, why want they hold Protests in their own Country? The reason is their government wouldn’t allow it.

  12. “Hispanic invasion of Texas”; umm… weren’t they already there??

  13. Typical – they never used to arrest the “johns” only the prostitutes. Cuz they are the privileged party…MEN. Here it’s the business owner that are above the law!!!

    • Wendy Pastore | August 10, 2019 at 7:16 AM | Reply

      Laura Lucky

      I was thinking that too. It’s still very much like that. Making the exploited the criminals.

  14. Richie Tattersall | August 10, 2019 at 3:50 AM | Reply

    If a person can be charged with inciting a riot, why can’t a former President be charged with inciting mass-murder?

    • Richie Tattersall | August 10, 2019 at 11:47 AM | Reply

      @amanda flohr The out of office saga that a sitting President cannot be charged with committing a crime is NOT in the Constitution, it’s not even a law, it’s a “policy” that has never been dealt with by the Supreme Court. Nixon tried pulling “Executive Privilege” and not turn over the tapes. The United States Supreme Court shut him down on that one, they do NOT have the authority to block an ongoing investigation, it would be an “Obstruction of Justice” which IS dealt with in the Constitution. Clinton tried pulling the same excuse as the reason he didn’t have to testify to Congress, Executive Privilege, the Supreme Court shut him down for the exact same reason. Obstruction of Justice only applies to the actual investigation, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the results.

    • @Richie Tattersall, i understand that. All i am saying is that, given all of the obstructionist nonsense that this administration is trying to pull, for the average person, it probably makes more sense to wait rather than to try and navigate the justice system in its current state.

    • Trump’s an accessory and accomplice to the murder of 31 innocent American lives. Another WTF moment. Had Enough people?!? Impeach Indict Imprison.

    • These are the questions that keep us awake at night.

  15. It happened in my country too between 1940-45. They called it “razzias “and the Nazis were looking for Jews, to be send to the concentration camps and men, that could work in Germany factories.

  16. America is becoming a “Shithole” glad I moved to Australia years ago.

  17. So Melania was not an undocumented immigrant working illegally in the country? Hmmmmmm.

    • angelinshagows | August 10, 2019 at 11:39 AM | Reply

      Yes she indeed was. Trump fixed her paperwork and helped bring her parents on visa. Double standard Trump.

  18. Gary Davidson | August 10, 2019 at 6:28 AM | Reply

    Why didn’t trump enforce the law as written for its a 10000 dollar fine per illegal hired he just goes after the famlies like the border 😥

  19. Steven Miller should be charged with hate crimes and deported or locked up forever. Pinhead weasel.

  20. Traitor trump has a lot of nerve,considering he is married to an immigrant call girl…

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